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Resistance and Hope Essays by Disabled People 16 essays by 17 disabled writers activists and artists This is crip wisdom for the people Edited by Alice Wong founder of the Disability Visibility Project Resistance and Hope will transform the way you think about activism leadership and social justice How do we fight back in an era of uncertainty institutionalized cruelty and widespread tolerance for ableism and hate Written in 2017 the authors explore resistance hope self care disability rights and justice and the politics of Trump in a series of provocative challenging essays They bring the power of intersectional cross platform organizing and the strength found through mutual accountability to words that will help you define the resistance you want to fight for not just the harm you want to react against Dare to dream bigger and create space for all with this visionary essay anthology from multiply marginalized disabled people redefining an inclusive climate of resistance The time is NOW Get this book right now Resistance and Hope is the disability justice Bible you've been waiting for If you want to read a book chock full of disabled Black brown ueer trans genius real talk and vision this book will give you comrades reassurances that we are brilliant revolutionaries and a plethora of tools and visions for how we make the road by limping crutching rolling signing and stimming I am so grateful for Alice Wong for doing the cultural work of putting this together and for every single writer in this book — Leah Piepzna Samarasinha performer community organizer and author of Care Work Dreaming Disability Justice Arsenal Pulp Press October 1 2018 “Until our movements are fully intersectional we will not make the progress necessary to build the euitable society we all deserve Resistance and Hope is a necessary manual for all of us as we learn how to build movements that are as inclusive as the world we hope to see” — Brittany Packnett activist educator writer Co Founder of Campaign Zero and Co Host of Pod Save the People “ Resistance and Hope Essays by Disabled People is a timely and must read collection of essays by some of the most cutting edge leaders in the Disability Rights Movement If you are interested in learning about disability rights and justice activism and current times we are living in today take the time to read and may these pieces evoke discussions in your communities as we fight for justice and euity” — Judy Heumann Disability Activist “It is so necessary for people who have been historically marginalized to tell their own stories I am proud to know Alice Wong who is someone dedicated to telling these stories with authenticity and integrity” — Blair Imani Author of Modern HERstory and Founder of Euality for HER ANTHOLOGY CONTRIBUTORS Lydia X Z Brown Anita Cameron Cyree Jarelle Johnson DJ Kuttin Kandi Mari Kurisato Talila A Lewis Noemi Martinez Stacey Milbern Mia Mingus Lev Mirov Leroy Moore Shain M Neumeier Naomi Ortiz Victoria Rodríguez Roldán Vilissa K Thompson Aleksei Valentín Maysoon Zayid Editorial Assistant Robin M

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  1. Rosalie Rosalie says:

    Reading these essaysreflections was a deeply moving experience for me as a feminist a Latina and a non disabled person I felt like I was having a long late night conversation with each author about topics that are both abstract and very personal at the same time hope despair resistance the limits and the potential of each of us as individuals and in communityThe book is published by the Disability Visibility Project rather than a conventional press and in an e book only release for reasons of accessibility so it probably won't get the same review coverage that traditionally published titles do Hopefully we individual book lovers can spread the word to each other

  2. KA KA says:

    These essays have a wide range in uality and few of them offer concrete plans or suggestions for organizing and self care Overall worth reading for the really excellent essays

  3. Richard Propes Richard Propes says:

    Having recently had the opportunity to preview Alice Wong's upcoming Disability Visibility I enthusiastically claimed the opportunity to go back a couple years and check out a similar 2018 effort by Wong that also pushed disabled voices to the forefront Resistance and Hope Essays by Disabled People is really an expansion of Wong's acclaimed Disability Visibility Project an anthology of essays written by some of the country's most celebrated and recognized activists leaders and social justice pioneers for disability justice In most ways Resistance and Hope feels like an introduction to Disability Visibility though at least part of that is that it's obvious Wong has learned much since compiling this anthology and has applied that knowledge to her upcoming release While Resistance and Hope is indeed just as filled with resistance and hope it's a shorter effort with 17 essays and its inconsistent tone sometimes mutes its overall impact intellectually and emotionally The authors here explore resistance hope self care disability justice and the current state of political affairs in America under an administration that has reversed or just plain eliminated many disability rights measures The book challenges though perhaps a tad less than it intends and this is a key lesson Wong seems to have learned and applied in her upcoming Disability Visibility These essays are shorter and for the most part rather fundamental while the post essays bios are freuently far too lengthy Additionally Wong utilizes content advisories a bit excessively this is also an area that is vastly improved in her upcoming project All 17 of the essays will be appreciated though is as nearly always true with anthologies certain ones are likely to resonate than others Favorites of mine included Cyree Jarelle Johnson's Barron Trump's Alleged Autistic Childhood Mari Kurisato's They Had Names and Stacey Milbern's Reflections as Congress Debates Our Futures and Naomi Ortiz's Self Care When Things Shatter Lydia XZ Brown always impresses and the same is true for Rebel Don't Be Palatable Resisting Co optation and Fighting for the World We Want while Mia Mingus Maysoon Zayid and Talila A Lewis all shine Truthfully though there's not a weak effort here other than noting that some could have benefited from lengthier presentation Alice Wong has established herself not only as a premiere activist in America for disability justice but also as one who enthusiastically shines the light on others It's refreshing in a world often filled with me first to see someone so enthusiastically devoted to sharing the spotlight and empowering others Published directly by the Disability Visibility Project Resistance and Hope is available in a Kindle edition as the e book format was chosen primarily for its flexibility and accessibility

  4. Hilary ☀️ Hilary ☀️ says:

    Resistance and Hope is a series of essays collected from the disability community written to spur action collective healing and resistance Each essay is short and sweet not really calling for any specific actions but pushing forth broader ideas on what modern activism taken from learnings in the Disability Justice framework can look like What I really appreciated about this book was that it truly demonstrated intersectional resistance and unabashedly called out existing ableist hierarchies present within nonprofits advocacy groups and cultural resistances such as the Hip Hop movement I think the word intersectional is thrown around a lot but seeing it in actual advocacy work is renewing I don't feel like there was enough space given to fully dive into some topics I was particularly interested in and as someone who has already done a bit of reading in disability theory and existing disability organizations and advocates I don't think I came away with anything new but I do think this set of essays would be particularly helpful as an introduction to the community for activists who are looking to make sure their organizations and communities are inclusive hoping to build coalitions with other marginalized communities

  5. Kirsten Kirsten says:

    I went to high school with Alice Wong and I have been excited to see the work she's been doing for disability justice This is an outstanding book of essays and an exemplar of showcasing people with complex intersectional identities It probably is not a great introductory text to disability justice or to understanding intersectionality for those people who haven't encountered those concepts before but it is an excellent next step for people ready to step outside their silos I was not familiar with all the writers but I had heard of Lydia XZ Brown Autistic Hoya and their essay was a really great reflection on the complexity of dealing with intersectional identities in various activist circles as well as in interactions with the wider world Because these are all essays by different people it's also well illustrated that disabled people are not a monolithic group objects to be pitied or creatures to fear after reading these essays Ableism is insidious people wanting to avoid acting in ways that are ableist and harmful would benefit a lot from reading these There is a lot to discuss here

  6. Anja Anja says:

    Read this now So important for these voices to be heard and to challenge one's own thoughts or find ways to become involved I love that the authors talk about challenges within different communities explores ways to make those communities supportive supported and accessible to all I also value the dissonance in representing two different viewpoints even coming from the same author All of this was food for my soul that I wasn't even aware I needed until I read it Currently this book is available via Kindle or free online download No paper format I suggest either one but if you go the free online download route consider donating to the Disability Visibility Project LLC via Patreon or Paypal 's bring voices to the front and continue the work of these amazing people

  7. Kyra Kyra says:

    I've been a fan of Alice Wong ever since hearing her interview on Ana Marie Cox's podcast so I was very excited to hear that she edited a new book about disabled experiences Resistance and Hope consists of essays centered on navigating disability justice in the Trump era with special attention to the experiences of ueer and POC individuals Some of the writers were familiar to me Lydia Brown Mia Mingus and others were authors I didn't know before but really enjoyed Stacey Milbern for example Overall it's a great book to read if you're interested in intersectional disability activism whether you're new to the subject or have engaged with it for yearsI wish books like this existed

  8. C.E. G C.E. G says:

    25 stars but rounding up because the collection introduces readers to the names of disability justice activists who are doing work that is important to know and support But the actual experience of reading the anthology didn't feel that revelatory maybe because I already follow some of the contributors on social media the ideas here were already largely familiar to me

  9. Jaime Jaime says:

    Loved most of itI really liked this book with one exception content notes are for sensitive topics that may impact trauma survivors or people with phobias In a disabled writer anthology it baffles and upsets me that this was treated so badly Activist praxis isn't a content note

  10. Jennifer Stoy Jennifer Stoy says:

    Now like every essay anthology not every essay was 5 stars but enough of these hit me in the thoughts and emotions that it was overall a 5 star experience The Neumeier Mirov and Valentine were especially memorable to me and others were very viscerally good as well

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