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Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way I usually don't fuss much about ratings I do it by feel generally as an afterthought throwing in both my emotional reaction to something and a analytical assessment of uality This time I had to think hard about it and I ended up averaging my 1 star and 5 star impulsesThe five stars is for being one of the first books I found to talk directly and candidly about unmedicated childbirth and how to think about it I had an instinctive negative reaction to all the hypnobirthing stuff that got thrown at me early on – it's popular right now – and this book suarely confirmed my feeling that no what I wanted was to engage suarely with labor to use my brain every step of the way This book talks about how to do that and the discussion of particular emotional signposts was incredibly useful to me I didn't even know what information I was craving – that no other source was talking about – until it was presented to me in this book My labor didn't go sideways to crazytown until I hit 7 cm – until then I labored unmedicated and it was this book I thought about while I swayed and breathed and thought my way through each contraction Well it's worth adding that by unmedicated I mean no analgesia – I did have increasing amounts of Pitocin And let me just say doing augmented labor unmedicated is a different animal than this book contemplates After 7 cm – well that's a TLDR story for another time but let me just say 10 hours in transition Enough said At that point this book became rather irrelevantAnyway Enough about me The one star stuff is everything else The scare tactics about interventions the manipulative and downright deceptive use of study results the moralism and smugness the sexism This book hits every checkbox for what is fucked up about the natural childbirth movement I am really glad I stuck with this book to get to the parts about actual labor because like I said they were absolutely invaluable But man oh man the opening and closing chapters are dire guys Perfect book to investigate having an unmedicated birth the Bradley Way I think it's actually better than Dr Bradley's book itself Although it could use an updated edition with some better pictures and current info All that said very good explanation of Bradley's philosophy on birth and how to work with your own body with the support of your husband to have the birth experience you want and welcome your baby into the world gently I read this because I am considering attempting a med free birth with my third child my first 2 were unapologetic epidurals but this time I just have a desire to see if I can do it I have medical training and do not feel that physicians and hospitals are evil by nature so I skipped a lot of both the beginning and end of the book because I didn't want to read about the horrors of modern medicine A lot of the medical information that I did read is ridiculously outdated The last revision was in 1996 and many of the cited studies are from the '70s and '80s So anyone who isn't particularly familiar with the medical field should take the medical information in this book with a grain of salt Most of the practices she complains about are just not done any I also got annoyed with the occasional superior tone the author takes It's not constant but it was enough to start to get on my nerves All of that being said the information on the labor and delivery process and how to cope with them was very good I am glad I have that information and believe I will find it very useful The author should have stuck to facts and refrained from talking about how foolish women can be about late pregnancy Had she done this and had the book been up to date I'd have given it 5 stars Judgy and editorialized from start to finish Appreciate the strategies and techniues for a natural birth don't appreciate sentiment shared for those who choose not to follow them A good read for those taking the Bradley Method class for childbirth I learned a lot of information that will be helpful for me with my hope to have a natural childbirthHowever there were some downsides to this read The book is very dated with lots of information about forceps and episiotomies which are not at all routine any These practices should definitely be touched on because they can happen but we don't need them mentioned on every page because they are now very rareI also would have preferred a natural labor book that doesn't come across so anti medicine It always seems to be one or the other either people tout medicine or they praise holistic methods I think a mix of both is always the best approach I had cancer in my spinal cord which no holistic measure was going to fix But now I combat pain with monthly massages during non COVID 19 times Medicine and holistic methods working together to help me through my toughest medical issueI guess because I did not go the natural childbirth method by choice I'm susceptible to seeing the bias Because of my spinal cord problems I CANNOT have an epidural It could spread the cancer And I'd very much prefer not to have a full anesthesia c section So I'm automatically looking at a natural method to childbirth But I would totally have had an epidural if that was an option So reading all the bashing of epidurals without really going into the benefits of the epidural is obviously very biased They talk about these possible side effects but almost every mother my age I know had an epidural and didn't have any problems except maybe the epidural didn't take and they had to give it a second whirl Obviously the potential negative side effects can happen but are incredibly rare and the book doesn't necessarily go into detail about how rare these side effects are They make it sound like half the women who get epidurals have something terrible happen to themAnd it wasn't just epidurals the book was so negative about There was a TON of obgyn bashing Again the book is very dated my revised edition dating 1996 and I think with the rise of female obgyns obstetrics has changed a TON Having the gender who have actually given birth oversee you're own birth makes a big difference in the way laboring women are treatedSo I'd say if you're taking the Bradley course give this book a read because I think it will add to your knowledge learned in the class But also make sure to read some contemporary literature because there may be new drugs or methods used today that you need to know whether you are for or against before being in the delivery room There may also be methods so outdated you don't really need to worry about This is a great read and resource for those wanting to have a natural birth either at home or at the hospital Has exercises for both the pregnant person and her coach who can be a male or female significant other or friend Some of this book is outdated as far as testing done in hospitals and whatnot That's my only beef I think an updated version would be good But the core fundamentals of Bradley method are discussed and explained I'm looking forward to trying out the exercises with my husband after I make him read it The classic guide to an unmedicated childbirth fully revised in 2018 for the twenty first century with updated information and attractive new illustrations and photos throughout For women birthing vaginally 90% of Bradley births are drug freeThe Bradley Method® used and praised by women for almost seventy years prepares you for drug and surgery free childbirth and puts you in control by providing the tools to navigate evidence based care Certified childbirth educator Susan McCutcheon one of Dr Bradley's first students now makes this natural approach to childbirth accessible than ever You will learnExercises and nutrition to get your body ready for birthing To defuse fear by understanding all aspects of laboringHow to involve your partner as a birth coach and a fully engaged participantWhat's driving the induction epidemic and how to avoid an unnecessary inductionWhat's driving the cesarean surgery epidemic and how to reduce your riskHow to get the information you need to make informed decisions about your birth Yay finally finished I'd probably give this book 4 stars but the unnecessary full page photos of women in labor were not my favorite P Also not very helpful for anything But overall a really informative book with lots of interesting info And lots of info that makes you go Wow gross or Sounds terrible but then also all the info that makes you feel prepared for what might happen HahaBeing published in the 8090's I don't know how accurate all the info still is but all the info about labor stages seemed the most helpfulThose are just my first random thoughts Having read this at the same time as about three other similar ish maternity books it can be hard to remember which was which but I think this might be my favorite apart from the unclothed people giving birth p For the past 8 months or so I have spent a lot of time thinking about the topic of natural childbirth verses medicated childbirth I have talked with many women about their personal experiences as well as read countless delivery stories online I have asked my sister a labor and delivery nurse uestions about what happens in the delivery room and I have spoken to my OB about her personal practices Daniel and I have discussed the topic as well Actually until a few weeks ago it had not crossed my mind that Daniel would actually have an opinion one way or another it is my body after all He surprised me by saying that if I was up to it he was in favor of me seriously considering the natural childbirth route His comment made me get serious about researching the topic to evaluate whether this was something I thought I could do or if I thought it was important enough to put my body throughAfter reading various articles online and birth stories and even watching a documentary I feel that I am prepared to attempt a natural childbirth note that I said attempt in the event of complications or pain that is beyond my current comprehension drugs will be considered I have spoken with my OB about it and she is incredibly supportive We are in agreement that medical intervention is always on the table if there is truly a need for it With that I feel good about my decision and pending deliveryDue to my rural location I will not be able to take actual classes on the Bradley Method but I feel that Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way offers a lot of great exercises for me to be practice now Incidentally yoga provides great relaxation techniues that are very similar to the Bradley Method of relaxation that I already practice regularlyExcerpts from the book Once medication begins the choices slip through your fingers Responsibility belongs to those who will ultimately live with the conseuences of decisions made during birthing – the parents no one has ever been pregnant forever and the baby knows when it is time to be born There are undeniably strong sensations in labor which are felt by every woman but whether these are described as pain is a subjective matter which depends a lot on expectations and experiences Drugs and medical technology can be enormously beneficial when used to take care of real complications Our technology needs to be used selectively or rather specifically in response to a problem Have you ever read something that really challenged your entire viewpoint on a particular thing Well if your a fairly typical American this book will probably do so If you're open minded this book will really enlighten you I first started thinking about midwives when my older brother told me how expensive it was to have babies in the hospital even with insurance I was shocked at how much the hospital charged for an overnight stay Being a frugal man I wondered how dangerous it would really be to have the baby at home Of course everyone I mentioned it to thought I was half insane They never opened their mind enough to even consider the possibility After getting married and then expecting a child I began to get serious about researching home birth with a midwife The research I did the astonished I was at how safe home births can be I also began learning about all the dangers of giving birth in a hospital I had no idea that the hospital could be such a dangerous place I think people tend to assume that doctors are superhumans with few or zero flaws After doing a lot of research and reading this book I have become convinced that most OBGYN's are pretty foolish or evil when it comes to delivering babies I think they are great when it comes to saving the baby's life via NECESSARY Ceasarean surgery; however they seem pretty incompetant when it comes to normal healthy births You might be thinking this guys crazy Just read the book and do some research on how safe home births are If accompanied by a certified midwife home births are just as safe and a whole lot healthier than hospital births I was pretty shocked when I found this out

  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way
  • Susan McCutcheon
  • English
  • 10 September 2016
  • 9780452276598

About the Author: Susan McCutcheon

Susan McCutcheon has been a Bradley teacher for 50 years and has taught thousands of couples getting ready for birth She is also an active Certified Doula and has personally supported hundreds of women in labor She lives in Portland MaineShe is an award winning science educator named to the Association of Science Technology Centers’ Honor Roll of Teachers for her “exemplary collaboration wi