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What Pet Should I Get? The #1 New York Times bestseller is now available in the Beginner Book format When the brother and sister from One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish visit a pet store to pick a pet naturally they can't pick just one How will they decide Full color

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  1. Deanna Deanna says:

    My nieces were over last weekend and they brought this book with them My daughter and I both enjoy Dr Seuss books My daughter read it to the girls and later when they were busy I had a look at it myself So apparently this is a never before seen Dr Seuss book published in 2015 They say it was likely written somewhere in the late 1950's to early 1960's Brother and sister Jay and Kay are off to the pet shop to pick out a new pet There are dogs cats rabbits monkeys and of course many other new and exciting animals to choose from As the deadline approaches they have to be home by noon Jay and Kay struggle with which animal to choose It shows how it can be really hard to make up your mind but sometimes you just have to do it “Oh boy It is something to make a mind up”I can imagine as a child how things would go if I had been given the option of picking out the new family pet I honestly believe it would take me FOREVER to pick which animal I wanted I can't even imagine if on top of that both my brother and I had to agree on an animal I'm pretty sure that after a certain amount of time my father would have yelled something like FINE You guys can't stop arguing now there will be NO PET at all and then he would storm out of the store My nieces really enjoyed the book and my daughter enjoyed reading it to them Although my daughter and I both agreed that it wasn't a favorite Something seemed a bit different and I was a little disappointed at the ending I really do wonder why it wasn't published all those years ago I guess we will never know for sure I don't think it was an awful book But for me it was no Cat in the Hat The Grinch who Stole Christmas Green Eggs and Ham or any of my other favorites However I think any lover of Dr Seuss may want it for their collection 25 stars

  2. Carmen Carmen says:

    This book was unfortunately published even though Dr Suess was dead You know you're in trouble on the first page where the 'rhyme' consists of three uses of the word 'pet' and one 'get' We also have a lot of repetition like Do you know what she didShe said “FISHFISHFISHFISHIt may be a fish is the pet that we wish”Come on now oOThe subject matter is lame the pets the kids imagine are lame “I will do it right now I will do it” I said“I will make up the mind that is up in my head”The dog? Or the rabbit?The fish? Or the cat?I picked one out fast and then that was thatYou've got to be kidding me with this shitTl;dr – Why would you besmirch Suess's memory with this crap? UGHI love Suess books LOVE THEM This falls short of the mark AVOIDAges 0 6

  3. Calista Calista says:

    I saw this book and I thought how is it I missed it and didn't read this It's because it was published in 2015 It was actually penciled by Dr Seuss and the story was laid out by him Mostly it was his words They company still had to decide little things here and there but it is mostly his The last pages did talk about how Dr Seuss went over and over manuscripts and poured over little details I think the difference here is he didn't do that to this story This is an earlier draft he set aside His 2nd wife Audrey found this in a box of projects from his officeI did enjoy this book It is not the best Seuss book and it is still a Seuss book which is better than most things out there I like that there is a mystery with the ending It is left to our imagination which pet did they get? I hope it was the tall new kind under the desk That was neat I'm glad they are bringing out his work and continuing to publish mostly I have enjoyed much of it and as long as it's his original idea it's nice to continue to get a new book 'beyond the grave' now and then but eventually even that will stop The kids thought this was cute The nephew gave this 5 stars He wanted them all to but at the end when there were made up pets he especially wanted those

  4. Laura Laura says:

    I’m not a huge Dr Seuss fan but I do have a favorite or two or three One particular green grouchy guy to name but one will always have a place in my holiday fun I really enjoyed this newly discovered gem thoughWhat Pet Should I Get? is classic Seuss A calling card style filled with colors creatures rhymes and animals Plus that ending So Seuss perfect What do you think they picked out?A must for Dr Seuss fans and a reading joy for all

  5. Trish Trish says:

    The latest last? book by Dr Seuss Apparently the manuscript and art work were discovered only in 2013 by a friend of the author It wasn't good enough to be on the same level as my beloved holy trinity Horton Hears A Who The Grinch That Stole Christmas and The Lorax but it is still a very good book and obviously aimed at a younger audience The topic however is timeless and very important typical Dr Seuss What I liked particularly is that in the afterword the publishers mention the difference between 50 years ago when the story was written and nowasays what with pet stores then and animal shelters now I'm also happy to read that they don't support puppy mills and ask the readers to go rescue an animal instead if they choose to get a pet It is definitely something the author would approve of Moreover there were some nice photographs of the author his first wife and some of the dogs he had during his lifetime that went together with some background information of what pets meant to the authorThe artwork itself is by Theodore Seuss Geisel as usual but he never coloured it and some of the rhymes lack a word or two that were filled in by the team However I only know that because of the information in the afterword so they did a pretty good job I'm glad they chose to publish this manuscript because it's a topic that was still missing in the canon but has a deep connection to the author and his private life and should be important for any parentchild

  6. Matt Matt says:

    Neo led us through this one allowing Dr Seuss to offer up some magic in this wonderful piece about pets The narrator and his sister are sent to the pet shop to find a pet of their own What seems an easy choice of either a cat or dog soon gets tricky So many pets to see and ones that would be perfect to take home The choices are endless and each has benefits By the end one is chosen for the house but the narrator never tells us which oneNeo breezed through this one able to find the rhymes and get right into the action I was pleased to see how well Neo did and hope he will keep on readingWere you aware of Neo’s GR account for posting reviews? Check him out

  7. Kelli Kelli says:

    We are a Dr Seuss family We have almost every book and collectionin fact my son was reading Green Eggs and Ham to me earlier today I simply cannot say enough about the genius of Dr Seuss Unfortunately this new book is instead a very rough draft that was apparently abandoned early on only to be picked up now fooled with extensively and published Each Dr Seuss book is a beautifully polished masterpiece with a cadence and story that appeals to children of all ages Most teach a lesson or make an important commentaryall encourage children to read dream imagine think aspire What embodies all things Dr Seuss is woefully absent here This draft would be better served in a museum

  8. Archit Ojha Archit Ojha says:

    All the animals are great in their own places You can't complain it is fit for this not that They are amazing the way they are And that lands us and our protagonist to the little confusion What pet should he get then?

  9. St. Gerard Expectant Mothers St. Gerard Expectant Mothers says:

    What pet should I get? I'm afraid to say with regret That this undiscovered manuscript Has put good writing into The Apocalypse Just as it did with Harper Lee The rhythm of the words have been Wiped with a sueegee For the writing is too simplistic With very little substance too narcissistic But alas kids will overlook these faults And remember Sneetches Whos and some other schmaltz For this book that is simply okay To read tomorrow or even today So put on a face and be brave And let Dr Seuss turn over in his grave

  10. David Schaafsma David Schaafsma says:

    The whole family is reading all these Goodreads Children's Illustrated book nominees for 2015 and rating all of them This is #16 for usSo they found a lost and unfinished Seuss book to add to the canon which is already large and impressive But why is it this comes out now? Is it one of the best ever? Even a just okay Seuss is better than most books out there as you'd expect and we liked it fine but did not feel it stood up there with the best If it was one of the best it would have been discovered when he was alive He would have put it out there and finished it A cash grab? Maybe not just that I thought it was good not great They worked hard to make sure it was up to Seuss uality visually but it is still not as inventive as othersDave 3 stars Tara 3 starsHarry 10 35 starsHenry 9 35 starsLyra 8 4 starsThe younger we go the higher the rating which is good for the book's marketing because it is designed for younger readers

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