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Diary of a Drag ueen I’m self confessedly not one to enjoy autobiographies or memoirs so for this year’s Reading Challenge I chose one of my options as a book in a genre that I usually don’t pick up uite fortuitously I was also offered an ARC of Crystal Rasmussen’s Diary of a Drag ueen so I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and choose it as my February challenge bookIt’s challenging for me to review Diary of a Drag ueen because I’m not sure how much of my dislike stems from its genre and how much for the book itself Don’t get me wrong Rasmussen is a fantastic writer and they have some absolutely spot on things to say about being ueer and the issues facing LGBTIA and other minority communities But that for me was the issue There was nothing else The very nature of the memoir is that the diarist gets to pick and choose what they release to the public and Rasmussen chose their stories carefully to be an almost eual mix of important discussions on these issues and stories told for shock value Diary of a Drag ueen is about Rasmussen’s ueer identity only without actually saying too much about Rasmussen as a person I’ve never met them but I’d like to think there is to them than anonymous dirty sex and intellectual discussions about what it means to be ueer As such Diary of a Drag ueen ended up feeling like a lecture on gender and sexual identity than a cohesive interesting narrative People bandy about terms like ‘fake’ but choosing how you want to look is the definition of authentic Diary of a Drag ueen shows two faces of Rasmussen First the intellectual who deeply thinks about the issues facing them and their community This is told well through personal anecdotes and a self deprecating wit that I found endearing when I started the book They are unapologetically blunt filthy and incredibly candid about their body image issues which made their words feel somehow universal I really identified with Rasmussen Their words and thought processes really gelled with me despite the differences in our experiences I really felt a commonality that drew me into the narrative People think drag ueens are stupid This is misogyny in action they think that because we feminise ourselves because we spend a lot of time on make up and hair and getting exactly the right look we are vapid bitchy and stupidPeople are wrong to think drag ueens are stupid Perhaps the change in how I felt about Diary of a Drag ueen came at the point where our experiences diverged After a while the very things that made Rasmussen relatable achieved the opposite simply because they almost started to feel repetitive Again this is likely a genre issue This is Rasmussen’s experience and I have absolutely no right to say how that experience should have played out But I can approach it as a reader and for me personally I found it repetitive and dull after a while The antidote to this shame is not pride or honour or even celebration That comes later The antidote to shame is honesty Stark crass funny powerful honesty Honesty that smashes through notions of taboos and inappropriatenesses Diary of a Drag ueen is incredibly explicit That’s fine But when that kind of explicit narrative gets boring halfway through then you know it’s missed the mark somewhere This is Rasmussen’s second face The reader is treated to a very candid no holds barred recounting of their sex life In and of itself completely fine and actually interesting to get a glimpse into a world in which I will never belong but after the 20th Grindr shag and the 50th dirty sex story the shock had worn off and I was just bored If my reaction to someone offering to shit in someone’s mouth is ‘not again that is so page 20’ then something has gone wrong along the linePerhaps Diary of a Drag ueen is not written for me Or maybe it is So much of what was so great about it was Rasmussen’s amazing insight But that insight wasn’t enough to carry the narrative past the halfway mark Then it felt like an overload – a curious mix of proselytising and stories told for shock value Had this been another genre I probably wouldn’t have felt that way so I don’t blame Rasmussen But what my Reading Challenge for February has taught me is that I should probably keep avoiding memoirs and autobiographies I obviously just don’t like them Well umI can safely say that this is the first book I didn't finish in the span of probably a couple years  And I somehow choked down Juno Roche's book  I wanted to like this  I did  I was so intrigued and interested in learning about drag ueens what that persona and lifestyle and night life entailed because really I don't know as much as I'd like to about it and I think that there's definitely power in knowledge  Besides it's a known fact that empathy and sympathy grows the you read about perspectives that aren't your own  ButButI read the first 10% as an ebook hence the percentage and I really don't know how I did it  No matter what page I was reading there were mentions of cum  Sperm  Semen  BDSM  Nudes  And strange interjects from who I can only assume was Crystal who seemed to have a made up life filled with drama and flair  Look I don't think I'm a prude  But dear god am I SO tired of seeing this fetishizing of women's bodies reading about sloppy slobbery semen crusted walks of shame imagining egregious amounts of make up and money not well spent on shitty mindless things that are supposed to make us feel better because we've rewarded ourselves with something 'new' or through their purpose of somehow aiding us 'self care' in the midst of capitalismWhat I understand is that drag can be uplifting an expression of gender and pushing and pulling against stereotypes  And at its most accepted it's fun  Yet this was justself aggrandizing borderline egotistical and Crystal felt like a mockery of women at bestHowever fun it was for Tom and Crystal it was eually gross for me  DNFReview cross listed here Diary of a Drag ueen is about as far away from my usual reading as you could get but when I heard about it I knew it was exactly what I needed to have a fantastic laugh; if you're easily offended or prudish then let me say very clearly that this is most definitely not for you Described as a uniue portrayal of the ueer experience we follow Crystal Rasmussen through a fun filled year in their preferred term life It's all here; the good the bad and the ugly and there were numerous times I was laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my face I think it's the complete and utter frankness brutal honesty and no holds barred nature of the book which makes it very easy to admire the way Crystal livesWell written with a great flow to it this is a cracking good read Lighthearted and perfect to pass the time before bed I didn't want it to end The writing is raw and powerful and represents a person who is living life exactly as they want Crystal is a warm personality and you truly feel as if you've known them all your life by the end of the book The spectrum of emotions you feel through the duration of this biography is astounding; it'll make you laugh cry cringe and suirm It's thought provoking and moving in eual measure the phrase warts and all has never been so aptMany thanks to Ebury Press for an ARCYou can also find my reviews posted here on my blog Wow where to start Firstly it's as over the top as a ueen can be and for that reason there were parts that made me laugh out loud But eually there are other parts that made me feel like I did at a long neck village in Thailand humans shouldn't have to make a buck by being entertainment to others I felt like i was looking into the very soul of the author their and I say their as it's gender netural which features a lot in this book thoughts on society pride gay marriage RuPaul At times i was on edge grossed out if your uncomfortable reading about poop this probably isn't the right book for you sad hopeful fabbity fab And for that this is a solid 4 star book as it brought out so many emotions Life's a drag Why not be a ueen 'Stories like the one where you shagged a 79 year old builder and knocked over his sister’s ashes while feeding him a Viagra Or the time you crashed your car because you were giving a hand job in barely moving traffic and took your eye off the car in front That’s the kind of dinner party ice breaker I’m talking about'Northern working class and shagging men three times her age Crystal writes candidly about her search for ‘the one’; sleeping with a VIP in an attempt to become a world famous journalist; getting hired and fired by a well known fashion magazine; being torn between losing weight and gorging on KFC; and her need for constant sexual satisfaction and where that takes herCharting her day to day adventures over the course of a year we encounter tucks twists and sucks heinous overspending and endless nights spent sprinting from problem to problem in a full face of make upThis is a place where the previously unspeakable becomes the commendable – a uniue portrayal of the ueer experience Raw emotional filthy and completely hilarious I loved this book so much I listened to it on audiobook which was an excellent decision as the author narrates it It’s the diary of a drag ueen but it’s also a memoir on friendship love sex being gay gender identity bullying employment body shaming feminism poverty social class fashion family and how to style it out when your massive poo has blocked a KFC toilet I loved it Thanks to Ebury Press and Netgalley for the Advance Review CopyThe title is pretty self explanatory for this one It's the diary of a drag ueen in this case the drag persona of journalist Tom RasmussenThis book is certainly not for anyone even a remotely bit prudish If you have even one iota of prudery in you then back away slowly It is unapologetically explicit in its accounts of sexual activity sexual fantasies drug taking  jokes about incestyou get the picture The author is clearly an accomplished writer as evidenced also by her writing contributions outwith the scope of this book The book has lots of hilarious anecdotes but also looks unflinchingly at issues relating to discrimination homophobia and the reclamation of power within the LGBTIA community My main issue with the book was that after an entertaining start it all got a bit samey The author was also just a bit too caustic and mean spirited for me to fully engage with this diary The social justice commentary was a little heavy handed and descended into Tumblrina territory at certain points  Some of it also felt a bit rthathappened eg getting a free flight from NYC to Iceland because the airline staff liked his perfume Uh huh There were just too many times I wasn't able to read it as a genuine diary so I wasn't able to enjoy it fullyOverall lots of people would love this one but it was just too full on for me It doesn't seem fair to judge someone else's memoir They are opening up their life for whatever reason or purpose for the full view of others That takes courageDiary of a Drag ueen is a courageous book Crystal and Tom Rasmussen tell their story with openness honesty humor pain lewdness and an in your face frankness If you're a prude you will be offended and this is not the book for you If you're not you'll find yourself laughing and enjoying their story For awhile Somewhere along the book seemed to become one note and like any note hit again and again and again and again it becomes tiresomeThis is strictly my opinion all people and readers view things from a different perspective I can only speak my own truthMy thanks to NetGalley and FSG Originals for allowing me to read a copy of Diary of A Drag ueen in exchange for an unbiased review All opinions expressed here are my own I have always wanted to be a drag ueen I know it sounds strange and inherently being a drag ueen is mainly a male role but dammit drag ueens get to have so much fun They are so glamorous and it just seems like an amazing element of performanceThis is why I was drawn to the memoir Diary of a Drag ueen by Crystal Rasmussen Rasmussen is so very candid when explaining the life of a drag ueen about his life as a gay man – whether this be the difficult relationship with love random hook ups and how gay men are still victims of hatredIt is hard not to like Diary of a Drag ueen It is dry funny warm and endearing My favourite thing was the little asides littered within the text – they were often hilariousDiary of a Drag ueen is a wonderful read and I fully recommend itDiary of a Drag ueen by Crystal Rasmussen is available now There were some really great parts of this book the author was a great storyteller and shares so many funny memorable anecdotes The vignette style really worked for them I loved all their sex stories and their reflections on gender class sex and family I liked hearing about their personal relationship with drag but it did get kind of repetitive I don't think it needed to be the anchor of this book I liked that the author clearly thinks a lot about politics and privilege but it felt a little forced when they tried to merge these reflections or anecdotes about other multiply marginalized people and performers with their own narrative It's a clear bind for white authors you don't want to not talk about race but neither do you want to make perfunctory observations about privilege shrugs Over all I'd definitely recommend this book to others

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