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Copperhead What do we do when the people we love hold beliefs that are fundamentally incompatible with who we are All Jessup wants is to enjoy his senior year at Cortaca High and get a scholarship to attend college It doesn’t seem impossible He’s a standout varsity football player A good student He works at the local movie theater to help his mother make ends meet But it’s hard to live a normal life when everybody in town knows that your stepfather is a white supremacist–a white supremacist who was involved in a violent encounter with two young black college students And who is about to be released from prisonBut his stepfather David John also saved Jessup’s family from imploding rescuing his mother and giving Jessup and his siblings a safe home for the first time David John’s release from prison sets off a chain of events that will forever define Jessup’s entry into adulthood dragging him into the swirling currents of irreconcilable ideologies crushing loyalties and unshakeable guilt Told with unflinching honesty and a ferocious gaze directed at contemporary America’s darkest corners Copperhead vibrates with the energy released by football tackles and car crashes Alexi Zenter unspools the story of boys who think they’re men of the entrenched thinking that supports a split second decision; and asks whether hatred bigotry and violence can ever be unlearned A very interesting read that made me think Can see how it’s not for everyone tho Stories With Mr AhamadSeason 2 Episode 2 | Copperheadhttpsyoutube Ascn1spYTo be honest I’m surprised that I even finished this book As a young Black man reading from the perspective of a reluctant white supremacist was hard to commit to for than a couple of pages Thankfully once I got in about 100 pages deep the story really picked up and there were some incredible character arcs to read through Without giving too much away I LOVE that this is a book about race featuring a white protagonist that isn’t a white savior Having the main character struggle with his whiteness and family history without trying to save someone of color really made this book feel I don’t know— raw and earnest Things got ugly than once in this book and Alexi Zentner wasn’t shy about what he wanted and needed to say It’s weird a lot of this book made me angry and incredibly uncomfortable but I was appreciative of the fact that it was presented in such a forward wayI have SOOOOOO MUCH to say but I rather save it for a future episode of #BookTubePS So that you’re not waiting I took points off for the slow and explicit football opening along with a major set piece that shifted the story from super real and believable to fictitious for me People may disagree with me and that’s okay because this is still an important and meaningful piece of work I just wasn’t 100% in love with it during my entire readAnyway stay tuned UPDATE I was holding onto this until I officially dropped Season 2 of my #BookTube series but since I’ve been getting some traffic here lately I thought now would be a good timeEnjoy This was an absolute stunning novel about racism in America The main character is a 17 year old football player whose stepfather has just gotten home from serving a 4 year prison term for accessory to murder And the stepfather expects his son to go back to the church that they all previously attended The Blessed Church of the White America This riveting novel seems pulled from today’s headlines It is the best novel I have read this year and I will be recommending it to everyone Genre Adult FictionPublisher Viking PressPublication Date July 9 2019Mini Review“Copperhead” has a “Sins of the Father” theme The novel reads like YA but it is an adult story about racism that asks the uestion Can you ever out run your family history? We meet a 17 year old high school football player who has a good chance of getting into an Ivy League school on a scholarship He is the star of the team and his grades are good He desperately needs this scholarship to be able to attend college He lives paycheck to paycheck in a trailer and takes care of his mom and his 12 year old sister His brother and stepfather are in jail for the murder of two black college students However the students attacked his brother not the other way around The stepfather was only given a four year sentence since he arrived after the murder His crime was just wiping the murder weapon clean His family but not himself belongs to a white supremacist church Many in his town call him white trash even though he has shown himself to be a decent and hard working young man The book begins with his stepfather’s release from prison on the same day of the school’s big game Throughout the story we watch the teenage linebacker struggle simply to avoid trouble while remaining loyal to his family and friends Zentner’s prose is taut and powerful You can almost hear the music of Johnny Cash playing in the teen’s pick up truck But the author never shares how this boy was able to see beyond his family’s beliefs Most of us can not accomplish this while still living in the family system Still this is a heck of a good coming of age story for our times I received this Advance Review Copy ARC novel from the publisher at no cost in exchange for an honest reviewFind all my book reviews at

  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • Copperhead
  • Alexi Zentner
  • 13 September 2014
  • 9781984877284

About the Author: Alexi Zentner

Alexi Zentner lives in upstate New York with his wife and children His novels have been published in sixteen countries and than a dozen languages He is the author of the novel COPPERHEAD forthcoming from Viking Penguin on July 9 2019 He is also the author of the internationally acclaimed novels THE LOBSTER KINGS and TOUCH Under the pseudonym Ezekiel Boone Alexi is the author of the

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