The Complete Book of Pregnancy and Childbirth eBook

The Complete Book of Pregnancy and Childbirth Sassy practical and a nice balance between hippie and medical establishment Much of what I read here was echoed in pregnancy prep classes A good all around preparation for the blessed eventor at least I hope so I liked this book it discussed pregnancy and birth in many dimensions the medical physical and emotional It was a good balance between using language for any mother and citing actual studies I liked the inserts showing different exercises and positions and also the birth stories It even covers water birth This is a great pregnancy reference book with wonderful photojournalism of both home and hospital births There are an absolute ton of helpful photographs of pregnancy and postpartum exercises positions during labor and diagrams to aid understanding the anatomy and process of pregnancy labor and birth Sheila Kitzinger covers a wider range of topics than the average pregnancy book and also includes tidbits from her social anthropology background providing insight as to how women all over the world have babies Her language is also very positive and affirming rare is the pregnancy book where you can find a vagina described as constructed like the overlapping petals of a rose All of the standard hospital interventions are covered and there is an extensive discussion of coping measures for laborThe book is outstanding but not perfect I have real issues with suggesting a pregnant woman measure her inner thighs throughout pregnancy to decide whether the weight she is gaining is pregnancy weight or not as Kitzinger suggests There is also a section for the expectant father that smacks of sexism and in my uite feminine opinion doesn't seem to address many of the real concerns of the modern father maybe it doesI'm not a man but she pays particular attention to the man who has acuired his wife as a status or sex symbol and this to me seems like the man who will not be reading this part of her book Overall however this is one of the best out there You can't go wrong reading anything that Sheila Kitzinger has written and it certainly beats the pants of mainstream guides like What to Expect when you're Expecting and the like This was the first pregnancy and childbirth book I had ever read I read it after having 1 or 2 kids I can't remember so I had some first hand experience with birth by the time I had read it I thought it was a great book This author gives a fair view of the birth and she tells you what your choices are in a hospital or at home I was a great book to learn from a professional choices women have while they are in laboras well as pregnancy and postpartum information which was helpful A good comprehensive guide to pregnancy and childbirth while it's not my favorite I think any woman could pick up this book and feel prepared I thought Kitzinger had interesting perspectives on pain management in labor that is when my highlighter did the most work I read this book as a part of my childbirth educator curriculum Non Fiction Childbirth I only read the childbirth part of this book as I've done my research on pregnancy I found it to be really helpful This book offers good advice on breathing through labor relaxing using visualizations and movements to try during labor They also provide useful information on the stages of labor and medical interventions This book offered a lot of useful information about the labor and delivery portion of the pregnancy childbirth process much of which is missing from other pregnancy books After reading it I feel much better prepared for delivery I'd highly recommend this book for any pregnant person Excellent Sheila Kitzinger is a social anthropologist and writes this pregnancychildbirth book from a very woman centred perspective Very well researched and surprisingly evidence based Overall I found this book to be informative and reassuring I liked many things about this book The descriptions of pregnancy and labor while a bit textbook ish were detailed and precise and not alarmist I liked the diagrams and pictures and having everything clearly laid out I also think the sections on natural ways to control pain and discomfort during pregnancy and labor will be helpful later and I'm going to make my husband read the sections on massage and relaxing touchHowever this was definitely not an unbiased book I felt that although the book presented various options for labor and delivery there was a strong bias toward natural non hospital births or at least hospital births with as little intervention as possible Now in theory that sounds great I'd love to labor without medication for as long as I can handle it and have a vaginal birth and I think the advice about not letting yourself be intimidated by your doctor into making a decision you are not comfortable with is very sound However I also feel that no matter how much research and practice I do and how prepared I am I may not ultimately have complete say in my own labor I think it's just irrational to believe that I can have complete control over the experience What if there is a medical emergency and I have to have a fast c section Or what if there is a blizzard and I can't get to the hospital and have an unplanned home birth It just seems like making a birth plan as this book advocates will only set me up for disappointment and feelings of guilt when the birthday doesn't match my ideal I like to plan and I appreciate the resources this book gives me but I didn't find this book as complete as I would have liked since I felt that it was really advocating one ideal form of childbirth but describing other less than ideal options just in case And I suppose a c section IS a less than ideal option but there has to be a way to describe it and other medical interventions in a way that don't make them sound like something dreadful to be avoided at all costs In the end what I care about is getting the baby out of my body safely however that happens I'll keep reading and doing research so that I can hopefully make good choices when it matters and when I am given choices but I know that is all I can doFinally I'll concede that it's possible that my own personal views and my own pregnancy hormones are coloring my review of this book a bit much and I read judgment into it where no judgment was intended And overall it was the best pregnancy book I've come across so far hence the 4 stars This new edition of The Complete Book of Pregnancy and Childbirth has been extensively revised to reflect scientific advances and cultural trends Here candidly and reasonably presented is all the information expectant parents need to make their own decisions about everything from which tests to allow to how to handle pain to where to give birth 300 photos drawings diagrams

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