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Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy The very savvy marketing people make sure to note conspicuously on the cover that this book was written by doctors who are also parents And you know what That's a pretty useful thing to know I'm not one of those people who believe that one mom's simple trick to losing a belly is automatically a smart diet plan or that a schoolteacher is likely to invent a cold prevention drug that the pharmaceutical companies couldn't I prefer to leave my medicine to people who have actually been trained and practice it thank you But at the same time there's a huge emotional component to pregnancy and knowing the authors went through this themselves is actually reassuring And it's a good reflection of the book this is an excellent balance between solid medical information it tracks well with information I've obtained from other sources including other books and websites as well as anecdotally and reassurances that these things are normal this too shall pass and what is and isn't a legitimate concernI'd heard a lot of horror stories about the venerable What to Expect When You're Expecting enough to scare me off I worry too much already I don't need to be given a good dose of hypochondria on top I was relieved to find that the Mayo Clinic while blunt is not particularly prone to scare mongering There are the endless lists of symptoms of course pregnancy involves some truly horrifying symptoms even the relatively benign ones that go way beyond the stereotypical craving pickles thing And they don't want you to freak out and think you're abnormal and going to die when your feet change size or your eyes stop focusing or various parts of your anatomy abruptly change color But they're very soothing about it all they explain how likely various things are to happen why they happen what it means what to do about it and when to actually consider it a problem Oh and for most of the symptoms assure you it's temporary and tell you when it's going to go awayI think the part that finally really won me was the chapter on serious complications Which they flat out tell you at the beginning of the chapter not to read unless you actually develop one of the conditions because they're all extremely unlikely and reading this would just freak you outLike most of the rest so far I took their adviceAnd how has that been going for me Pretty well so far They've been mostly right and following along with the pictures and week by week explanations is fun There are some minor disagreements between the book and my doctor so I'm taking the most conservative advice And they missed one really big symptom for me but it's apparently relatively rare except within a certain subset of people Since the reason What to Expect has gotten so bloated and scary is that they try to include every possibility no matter how unlikely I can't complain too much about them not mentioning something that's benign untreatable and only affects people who have previously broken their tailbones Turns out that comes back to haunt you Curse you sixth grade meCheck back next year I suppose but so far so good By far the best pregnancy book out there Much better than the most popular pregnancy book which I borrowed and read a couple of years ago you know which one I mean First thing this is a resource with academic credentials written by 2 OBs and 1 CNM and endorsed by the Mayo Clinic v the mom credentials of the other book where the author has no academic credentials The differences go on from there Each month is broken out by explaining what is happening to baby and what's happening to mom There are checklists and signs of when to address certain issues with your health care provider The next sections deal with labor delivery and all sorts of information about your newborn There are also important decision making guides such as choosing yours or your baby's health care providers managing pain during childbirth circumcision etc A great glossary and index as well Can't say enough positive things about this resource which I'm still using almost daily I chose this book as my pregnancy reference guide in lieu of What to Expect due to its negative reviews Fortunately this book has the goods to back it up Authoritative objective and grounded this book omits the gushy mommy tones that I find in most pregnancy books and leave only the facts including lots of statistics and outside additional sources to consider This book also includes a lot of information on pre pregnancy labor and post pregnancy which is nice The middle of the book is chunked up by the month with a nice page at the each of each section that tells you when to call your doctor and when to leave your doctor alone because you're fine and worrying about nothing I also like the large reference section on pregnancy greviences This is a definate must have for general pregnancy reference without the fluffWhile I'm thinking about this realize that I consider this book to be a reference book Meaning it's not meant to be read cover to cover You wouldn't read a dictionary would you You read the section that's pertainant to you and then you close the book for later Because this is a reference book that covers a wide berth of topics many are not going to be applicable to you and will probably just give you bad ideas For example don't read the section of possible but unlikely birth defects or infant maladies if you don't need to The worst part about my first trimester is that nausea kept me from reading Only 2 books read the whole month of September ARGH I spent most of the last month in bed watching a marathon of Curb Your Enthusiasm because only Larry David could make me feel better through his discomfort haha I did consult this reference guide a number of times in my misery primarily to find out WHEN DOES THIS CRAP STOP and found it to be a good scientific source of information I detest anything cutesy so it fit the bill Better than the pregnancy app I have on my phone What to Expect Nothing super enlightening or surprising I thought but after spending a month on an online pregnancy forum I think it should be reuired reading for anyone to be allowed to get pregnantthere are some really clueless women out there procreating For anyone with an ounce of education and intellectual curiosity this book won't blow your mind but it will be a nice reference for looking up stuff and having an organized timeline Very informative and straightforward particularly for someone like me who has no interest in giving birth anywhere other than a hospital If you're interested in an alternative birthing arrangement you won't find much information on that here but that's probably not surprising given who puts the book out Other common pregnancy decisions amnio or not pain meds during labor or not breast or bottle are described with a nonjudgmental rundown of the pros and cons of both sidesOther than that this guide offered tons of facts in an adult way without sugarcoating alarmism or cutesy language I didn't want to read about how an angel from heaven is swimming around in my uterus and will soon be a precious precious bundle in my arms; I wanted to know when the fetus loses its tail and whether I should freak out and call the doctor right away over various symptoms This book fit the billSpeaking of symptoms there is a nice long section toward the end that catalogs a wide range of them and what they might mean depending on where you are in your pregnancy and gives tips on whether you should call a doctor right away or mention it at your next visit etc There's also a section about caring for the baby when it first comes home and another uick chapter of advice for fatherspartnersAs a final note my husband demands that I point out that based on the group author photo on the back the book was written by a bunch of nerds That only made me trust it This is the perfect balance of information and clarity It is exciting to read the weekly changes for the baby I eschewed the standard What to Expect When You Are Expecting because I am the type of person who thinks the worst case scenario will always happen to her and after a few pages of What to Expect I knew reading it would turn me into a nutcase The Mayo Clinic Guide is a straightforward nonjudgmental scientific reference book for pregnancy There are no ponies and unicorns no references to miraculous angels from heaven no judgment on the normally controversial stuff like nursing versus formula circumcision or not etc There is a section about things that can go wrong but it's at the end and easily avoidable and assumes that the pregnancy in uestion is a normal healthy one In the age of the Internet there is simply too much information and what usually gets lost is common sense this book has it in spadesIf you want to read one and only one pregnancy book this is it This new Mayo Clinic book on pregnancy provides you with practical information and reassurance on pregnancy and childbirth Compiled by Mayo Clinic experts in obstetrics it offers a clear thorough and reliable reference for this exciting and sometimes unpredictable journey This comprehensive book includes A month by month look at mom and baby In depth Decision Guides to help you make informed decisions on topics such as how to select a health care provider prenatal testing options pain relief for childbirth and many others an easy to use reference guide that covers topics such as morning sickness heartburn back pain headaches and yeast infections among others information on pregnancy health concerns including preterm labor gestational diabetes and preeclampsia along with an overview on being pregnant when you have pre existing health conditions such as asthma diabetes or hyperthyroidism When I found out that I was pregnant I check out a ton of pregnancy books from the library before choosing which to get my own copy of I picked a lot of the big well known titles including What To Expect When You're Expecting and some lesser known titles but this one came out on topWhat I valued about it over others was simply the layout While I felt that some if the other pregnancy guides were too heavy and verbose the Mayo guide broke down the information in fairly brief basic sections while not shorting the reader on information The way I used the book I would read the section for my upcoming week each week so that I would have an idea of what to expect I found it very helpful I also really liked the exercises that it presented One thing that I wish I had done differently was that I wish I'd skimmed ahead a bit there are a lot of really helpful tidbits and trouble shooting type sections further along past the weekly info part of the book that would have been helpful had I realized earlier that they were there Overall great guide highly recommended Straightforward comprehensive medical and evidence based overview of pregnancy labor delivery and postpartum issues This is a reference book so it reads sort of like an 8th grade textbook Which is fine it should be easy to navigate and understand but it's not an especially engaging book to just sit down and read But if you need a basic reference guide for what to expect from pregnancy a book like this seems essential

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