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Hooligans Jake Kilmer is a cop for the Feds His specialty is a branch of the Mafia known as the Cincinnati Triad He's pursued them for years and now they've set up shop in Dunetown Georgia This time they will not escape the Hooligans a tough suad of ex cops that Jake has organized This time he'll settle the score once and for all

About the Author: William Diehl

William Diehl was an American novelist and photojournalistDiehl was fifty years old and already a successful photographer and journalist when he decided to begin a writing career His first novel Sharky's Machine which became a movie by the same name was directed by and starred Burt Reynolds Diehl saw the movie shot on location in and around his hometown of Atlanta Georgia Following the succ

10 thoughts on “Hooligans

  1. Maurean Maurean says:

    I just finished reading this hard hitting police procedural last night and I gotta say that I enjoyed it With passages like; He sat forward almost on the edge of his seat his legs tucked close to the black cane his gimlet eyes glittering like diamonds When he wanted his voice had the lilt of Irish flavored with molasses a voice you listened to and wanted to believe It could also be as tough as a cowhand's behindor He was wrapped around her like kudzu around a telephone poleThe whole thing read like an old Cagney movie and I enjoy it from cover to cover Definately not chick lit; some very graphic scenes and flashbacks from Vietnam I liked it enough that I would probably read others by Diehl

  2. Mona Storm Mona Storm says:

    I enjoyed the book however it was somewhat slow I have read a couple of his other books andthey were faster reads in general The characters were interesting but the action was slightly difficult to follow

  3. Donn Lorber Donn Lorber says:

    Complicated Carolina mafia intrigue w local politicians trying to build a city horse racing and cocaine make strange bedfellows

  4. Frank Frank says:

    Good crime novel

  5. Joseph R. McNeil Joseph R. McNeil says:

    A Home RunGreat story well laid out with a lot of great characters I will have to read other books by this author

  6. Bob Box Bob Box says:

    Read in 1984 Group of ex cops known as the Hooligans takes on the Mafia One of my favorites that year

  7. Wayne Wayne says:

    Only one Diehl book to go Hooligans is somewhat different from his other novels It is almost like reading Dragnet with Joe Friday Most of the novel is narrated It is gripping drama showing how the Vietnam War affected many of the men in the book I am certain he used Savannah GA as the city in the book since so many scenes are typical of that city The Hooligans are good guy vigilantes that actually work under the auspices of the police The protaganists are members of the Mafia high roller upper class of the city and the Hooligans who try to solve a number of murders A good read Its message might be war messes up men's minds AND one can never go back to before

  8. Mike Mike says:

    His knuckles were the size of Bermuda onions Really? Just can't finish this stinker Liked his other stuff like Chameleon and Sharkey's Machine but this one goes onto the very small unfinished pile

  9. Mounia Mounia says:

    Basicmaybe too basic?It's an ok read It's not revolutionary in terms of writing style It's a crime investigation type of book that you read uickly on a train or plane This book is also very American in terms of linguistics and references which I usually enjoy but found a bit flat towards the end The author is highly regarded but to me it's not a patch on a good James Ellroy or James Patterson

  10. Debbie Debbie says:

    I really wanted to rated this only one star but wanted to be fair to the author The book isn't bad it's just not my genre Mafia and politicsbleck Depressing If you like this type of book I think this is a good book Characters well defined A good mystery as to what's going on Who is behind what Who can be trusted Just not for me

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