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Murder in March (Calendar Mysteries #3) This fast paced cozy mystery featured strong intelligent and likeable characters and a twisted plot While clues were spread throughout the novel I didn’t not figure out the murder until late in the book With many good cozy mysteries I find myself hitting a point where I role my eyes at the main characters either because they don’t make good choices or they overlook obvious clues Each time I thought I had reach an eye role point with Ava March she did just what I wanted her to do except one time when she waited to share with the police; don’t they all Ava’s belief that her readers would be disappointed in her is a bit sad since I think some authors really feel that way but her talent at solving mysteries goes beyond the book that she would love to have publish Her connection with her new editor Mark Boudreaux should provide her the impetus to rewrite her blah romance and to finish the next one she is contracted to write They are not all whoopee and sloppy in love but the bloom of romance is definitely there and works for me I am really enjoying this series with rotating characters and look forward to making new friends in Calendar SO much better than the second book 35 stars While there were still a few grammatical errors all of the editing was so much better Almost no filler and a good mystery although I had determined the guilty party well before all the clues were in I would like to see depth in the love interest and maybe the secondary characters but it was a very enjoyable read overall I'm feeling better about the series Old hurts and resentments Terrific Love this series She has hidden her secret for years as a famous romance writer but a visit from her agent and publisher put her in a panic Especially as she wants to switch genres However the death of the agent throws everything into turmoil Who killed her and why did they attach a copy of her new thriller to the knife Is she being set up? When the publisher is arrested her own investigation goes into overdrive Can she find the killer? Was her agents acerbic nature to blame for the death? Will people get hurt before the truth comes out? Will her secret be aired for all to see? Are her feelings for her publisher returned? A great plot that will have wandering down wrong avenues The characters are likeable and come over as real This one's a keeperI like that the series ties the books together through the town but the main characters change in each book What a great way to keep the characters new and interesting while still making you feel like you are part of their lives A very good use of a subliminal message using the name of the town over and over in the storyline creates that sense of familiarity and by mentioning previous characters you subconsciously remember their story and how their character relates to this oneThis is a good clean whodunitromance series that doesn't go to far I like it Another great cozy in this charming series by Camilla Chafer Anxiously awaiting Alibi in Apriland all the other adventures that Calendar has in store Enjoyable seriesA wonderful thriller Using MARCH as the name rather than the month in this book is fun I love when authors use authours as their main characters it makes you wonder if they model the person after themselves From USA Today bestselling author Camilla Chafer comes a brand new mystery Welcome to Calendar where life is sweet but death is murder Ava March has a big secret The ultra reclusive author behind the sensational Miranda Marchmont romantic novels has decided she doesn’t want to write any bodice rippers not when she could be writing daring thrillers instead When Ava’s loudmouth agent Esther Drummond comes to town she is bound and determined to persuade her star author to write a few glamorous novels rather than the books Ava prefers to write Naturally Ava knows she must refuse The only problem that arises is when Ava’s eyes land on Esther’s hotshot publisher Mark Boudreaux whom she brought along as backup He’s exactly like the kind of hero Ava wishes she could meet in real life Just as Ava plucks up the courage to turn Esther down she discovers her agent’s dead body To make matters even worse Esther has been killed in exactly the same way that Ava described in her rejected manuscript With Ava as the prime suspect with an apparent motive for murder and cherry picked manuscript pages appearing around town Ava’s uiet former existence is at risk of being ripped away There’s only one thing this wannabe thriller writer can do Ava must channel her inner action heroine and solve the murder before her life becomes no than a terrifying footnote Twelve cozy mysteries one deadly town A fun little series I liked this installment but I was disappointed that I guessed the whowhy pretty much from the beginning Loved this book There is uite the action going in Calendar the last few months An awesome story and awesome new characters I can't wait to read the what happens next to the people of Calendar I love this series These are great mysteries with a love story mixed in I am falling in love with the town of Calendar and can’t wait for April

  • Kindle Edition
  • 204 pages
  • Murder in March (Calendar Mysteries #3)
  • Camilla Chafer
  • 09 September 2014

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