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Fear in February (Calendar Mysteries #2) From USA Today bestselling author Camilla Chafer comes a brand new mystery Welcome to Calendar where life is sweet but death is murder Ally McKellar loves owning and running her own restaurant Belle Rose After working in a busy New York restaurant managing her own kitchen is like a breath of fresh air Even better it’s rapidly becoming the local favorite place to go in the uaint mountain town of Calendar But if people knew about Ally’s recent past her customers might not be so keen to sample her delicious dishes When the local newspaper’s food critic makes a reservation to try out her new menu Ally knows she’s got to nail every course to ensure good publicity There’s only one problem the critic dies during the second course and everything points towards food poisoning Suddenly Ally’s success as an entrepreneur is in jeopardy while her past is hastily dredged up threatening to destroy the new life she has recently managed to create With the help of Jack Harper her handsome sous chef with a uestionable past of his own Ally must discover the real killer or risk losing not only Belle Rose but her desire for a happy new life as well Twelve cozy mysteries one deadly town

10 thoughts on “Fear in February (Calendar Mysteries #2)

  1. Dawn Holbrook Dawn Holbrook says:

    Fear in February the second book in the Calendar Mystery series is an entertaining mysteryromance by Camilla Chafer The characters plot and dialogue were seamlessly written and fun to follow I am looking forward to next book in this seriesI was given an advance copy for an honest review

  2. Elisa Elisa says:

    Oooh I loved Ally's story and Jack is a hottie tooWhat a great small town mystery I love the setting I seriously love the foodie side in this second book and I love that each of the books in this series are totally different but linked by the small town which is a place i would definitely love to visitGreat character's an awesome plot with really interesting twists I did not see coming I can't wait to grab the next one

  3. Jeanie Jackson Jeanie Jackson says:

    I love this town and the fact that since a different business is featured each month we will get to know so many of the people The characters are so comfortable that I feel like I know them This month the main characters Ally McKeller owner of Bella Rose and Jack her dessert chef make a great team The people of the town might have been able to forgive one person dying in connection to the chef but this is the second death that Ally has been associated with making the townspeople a bit leery as in cancelled reservation and people in the streets staring or avoiding her eyes The local detective seems like an intelligent and reasonable man but Ally doesn't trust him to put in the effort she needs to find the person responsible and clear her name She can reopen her restaurant so she dives supported by Jack who out to be the perfect sidekick in her search The only negative I found was that she pushed to get the local news paper critic to review Bella Rose without reading any of his reviews or checking him out that doesn't make sense to me Otherwise loved it and highly recommend Fear in February to anyone who loves cozy mysteries

  4. Dawn Dawn says:

    Sara Cutler is the librarian in Calendar a lovely mountain town The library has been a part of the town for decades and is loved by everyone It features a garden maintained by the city and used by everyone Unfortunately a developer has made arrangements with the town to tear down the library and create a new housing development The library will be rebuilt in a different part of the town Sara vows to save the library and hatches a plan to do just that Sadly her plans are derailed when she discovers the body of her coworker in the library after closing She plans to find the killer and save the library This is the first book in the Calendar Mysteries series by Camilla Chafer I enjoyed the book and recommend it The characters were well developed I felt that there was information missing in the description of the setting When I read a novel I want a better idea of where it is taking place The plot moved at a steady pace and kept me engaged I did however figure out to killer uickly I might read the next book I was disappointed that the series does not continue with the same protagonist

  5. Susan Susan says:

    Sigh Such a disappointment after the first book Minor problems that became larger problems here; worse there were a number of inconsistencies in both plot and character At times I wondered of the author had even reread the work for continuity There also needed to be research into restaurant workers chefs etc I know than she does by watching Top Chef Although there's a bit of concern about maintaining a series that is based on a murder a month in a small town the series does show promise I was fairly happy with the end and the mystery actually had a little mystery to it But there were so many times even in the first few chapters that I almost uit reading I found my self pausing my reading to yell at the author for yet another error Ms Chafer needs a good or better editor I really want to like the series so I'm still uncertain about book three Maybe it'll be better? Ms Chafer generally has an easy readable style but so many mistakes make things difficult for any reader who actually pays attention

  6. Kelli& Kelli& says:

    Interesting that the main characters change each book yet are tied together thru their townI find it interesting that each book takes place in the same town at least so far but the main characters change There are references to the previous book which keeps the series cohesive but you are taken in a whole different directionI appreciate authors who write about murder without the icky parts They have their place and those who love them but it is nice to be able to read a murder series without having to worry about blood guts If I want that I'll watch the newsThese are nice reads Good plots interesting characters that you hope Win in the end or get caught if it's the bad guy I enjoy a tale that draws me into a character's worldI'm looking forward to reading the next story in the series and see who in this small town gets murdered next I know one place I NEVER want to visit

  7. Lyn Jenkins Lyn Jenkins says:

    2 down on the CalendarCalendar town is going to be riddled with crime by the time this series is done which is uite a pity as it sounds rather pretty It was a pleasant surprise to find this book had different main characters and not a central investigator type Februrary is an intriguing story with a pretty good plot twist

  8. Michele Michele says:

    Loved this book and all the characters in it I love how Camilla weaves you into the story and sets up all the characters I also love that we get to see characters from the previous story you get a glimpse of their lives after they have moved on from their mystery Can't wait to read the next story when it comes out

  9. Stephanie Tadlock Stephanie Tadlock says:

    Goods cozy mysteryWell thought out main and supporting characters The characters were very likeable throughout the story The location is great a hometown girl return back home to start a new business The blend of characters from the first book flow beautiful Under three hours read The next book is March will it be in like a lion?

  10. Trecia Stueckrath Trecia Stueckrath says:

    Fear in February is another hit in the Calendar Series by Camilla Chafer So far I have loved all of Camilla's books so I'm excited to start the next one in the series for March She makes Calendar sound like a lovely town to visit but with all the murder I don't think I'd want to live there Great book I look forward to the new one each month

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