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Jeopardy in January (Calendar Mysteries #1) From USA Today bestselling author Camilla Chafer comes a brand new mystery Welcome to Calendar where life is sweet but death is murder Sara Cutler loves her job as head librarian of the public library an integral part of the historic heart of the picturesue mountain town Calendar The combination of old books uirky clientele and endless reading is nothing less than perfection for Sara So when she discovers a body in the rare books section that threatens to destroy her uiet existence along with the imminent demise of the library Sara vows to find the killer She never expects to receive any help from Jason Rees the handsome big city developer whose only objective is to get rid of the library Sara assumes he is counting on the murder to serve as the final death knell his firm needs to demolish the library However that doesn’t prevent him from falling head over heels for the very woman with whom he’s clashing When news arrives that the dead woman was nothing that she appeared to be the whole town is instantly enthralled by the concept of having an actual jewel thief in their midst Even puzzling is where did she hide her stolen treasure All Sara must do to save the library is simply solve the murder find the hidden jewels and convince herself not to succumb to the one man she would rather see run out town It doesn’t take long before she realizes that amateur sleuthing isn’t as easy in real life as it is in the stories she loves to read Twelve cozy mysteries one deadly town

  • Kindle Edition
  • 198 pages
  • Jeopardy in January (Calendar Mysteries #1)
  • Camilla Chafer
  • 04 August 2016

About the Author: Camilla Chafer

Hi I'm a USA Today bestselling author of mystery and urban fantasy novels I'm also a freelance journalist and have written for newspapers magazines and websites throughout the world

10 thoughts on “Jeopardy in January (Calendar Mysteries #1)

  1. beachbum bookworm beachbum bookworm says:

    Newest Assignment Details Where Calendar Who Sara I love the mountainsso I was thrilled when I found out I was heading to Calendar A lovely picturesue mountain town to meet Sara the town’s librarian Between the library needing a lot of repair and some big city developer wanted to build houses where the library stoodSara was in danger of losing her beloved home away from home Even though the developer is promising a new and improved site for the librarySara isn’t interested in giving up the history and gardens of the library When I first arrived to see what plans she had to save the libraryI must sayI was surprised that I was meeting her in a superwoman costume and her assistant Bree was dressed as Winnie the Pooh However after the initial surpriseshe was just starting to tell me her ideaswhen Jason the unwanted developer and the person who Sara saw as the enemy showed up to serve her eviction papers 2 weeks2 weeks and she had to be out but Sara was determined to not let that happen Sara and I managed to get Jason out and start the cold walk to her homeabout halfway home Sara realized she left her purse with her keys in the library After much debate to continue walking and call her mother and ask for help or schlep back to the librarywellif you have a mother you can guess what we did Lol Arriving back at the library we noticed the door was ajarhad we forgot to lock itwe were the last ones outnowe were positive things were locked up We proceeded with caution Maybe Bree forgot something too and had to come back We turned on the lights calling her name A strange noise startled us from upstairsI wanted to leave at this pointthat was my votefor the record but like a team player I accompanied Sara upstairs As we were climbing the stairswe saw a footagainI wanted to turn around and run but I digress There in front of the stacks was Bree’s body We both screamed and were grabbed from behindwhich in this caseonly makes you scream It was the land developer Jasonwhat was he doing back here? After Detective Logan arrives and confirms that foul play was involved in Bree’s death Sara and I vow to not only work together to save Calendar’s library but find out who hurt her friend Bree Soon we discovered Bree was not who she said she was and that there was way to the librarian assistant who thought of Winnie the Pooh as a superhero My thoughts I loved this book I was engaged from start to finish and thought the mystery had a lot of great layers I enjoyed the main characterwho although got herself into a few pickleswas not constantly making silly choices She was a little slow to catch on but oh well Loved that the library was a focal point and enjoyed the town I do think the town and secondary characters need a lot of development Sara needs some close uirky side characters Sara mentioned this is a town that loves to celebrate and I am a cozy fan that loves to read about a town that loves to celebrate so I really hope we get of that future books Cozy fans you will definitely want to put this series on your calendar For book fun subscribe to my blog

  2. Kevin Kevin says:

    I started reading this because I needed a book with a title that starts with J for a A Z Title Challenge I joined the challenge to discover new cozy series that I’d enjoy So far I found this book and The Wonkiest Witch and I still have 7 books to find before I’m doneThis was good but I was looking for a new series and while this is a series per se it’s a series of stand alone novels with different main characters all set in the same town “Calendar” This book was built around Sara the town librarian the next book is going to be about Ally a restaurateur I think some of the characters may appear in multiple books but I believe the main character will change in eachAnyways this was a pretty good book I liked Sara and Bree right away but I pretty much guessed at about 13 of the way through view spoilerthat Tom was the killer I’d hope that it was just a red herring but no I was right Something I did like a lot was that Sara used her librarian skills to help her investigate the murder hide spoiler

  3. Meg Meg says:

    A good start to a new series I've been long a fan of the author's Lexi Graves books and was happy to see this At the moment I still heavily favor Lexi Graves but plan to follow this one to see where the author leads me

  4. Tari Tari says:

    I chose this book for one book challenge I'm doing but realized it will probably work for a few others as well On top of all that I enjoyed it so much I can't believe I waited this long to read it I really loved all the main characters but from reading the upcoming blurbs for other books in the series I'm not sure if these characters will appear or not It seems like they are all free standing but at least this book had a very nice ending Sara Cutler head librarian of the Calendar library was working to save the library from demolition When she found her assistant murdered in that library and realized how very little she really knew about her it made her wonder just what Bree had been up to that had gotten her killed As Sara dug into the investigation and the local detective warned her that her own life could be in dangers if the people that killed Bree thought Sara knew something Add to that mix the fact that Sara felt herself falling for Jason who worked for the firm that was going to build over where the library was to be demolished Can Sara save the library and find out who killed her assistant?Of course she can because this was an awesome cozy mystery I gotta confess I realized who the killer was early on but it was a lot of fun to read and see just when it would dawn on other people The showdown was great and the book ending was very sweet I do eventually want to read in this series especially if the mysteries are as good as this was

  5. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    Jeopardy in January by Camilla Chafer I chose to read this book because the title has the name of a month in it making it eligible for a BINGO suare in my GoodReads book club This is a great cozy mystery to read at the beach on a hot summer day or curled up in front of the fireplace with a hot drink It had an intriguing plot and the characters were interesting I liked Detective Logan and the librarian Sara although some things she did made me nervous Early in the book I guessed part of the mystery but part of it had me stumped until the end Who was Bree? Sara considered Bree a friend and coworker and felt it was her duty to solve the mystery Is Jason trustworthy? What about Tom? Will Detective Logan find the murderer in time? Although this is Book 1 in the Calendar Mysteries series it can easily be read as a standalone This was my first time reading Camilla Chafer's work and I am pleased to say that I look forward to reading her second book in the series Fear in February 4 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  6. Jana Jana says:

    If you enjoy stories in small uaint towns and mysteries this book is for you It centers on a 100 year old doomed library and the young woman managing it She’s in the midst of trying to save the library while a murder occurs in the library Trying to help solve the case she runs into danger herself An intriguing read

  7. Jeanie Jackson Jeanie Jackson says:

    I loved Jeopardy in January It was a great with loveable characters and intriguing and uniue plotI not only loved the main character but uickly became attached to the people of the community that I met through the book I can't wait to discover each person's story as the series rolls outMy only disappointment was that any librarian would consider giving up the job if she lost the building no matter how attached but I will forgive as emotions of the situation and because I really liked her I appreciated the balance the detective maintained of not wanting her involved but treating her with respect

  8. Lise Lise says:

    Wow So many exclamation marks So Many I would hate to have a conversation with a person like Sara she and everyone in Calendar are hyper excited about everything And anything It’s ridiculous Simple statements that aren’t exciting or meant to be yelled end in exclamation points for no reason whatsoever For example Sara is talking to Officer Nixon who is staking out Bree’s apartment to make sure no one attempts to break in again He mentions freezing his ass off she says she read in a book she likes to mention that a lot because she’s a Librarian that cops bring their own blankets on stake outs Officer Nixon then exclaims “I’ll try to remember that if I ever have to do it again” Why is he yelling? He’s trying to be unobtrusive he’s watching for bad guys yet he yells that sentence That’s just one of what seems like a thousand unnecessary and annoying exclamation points Also for someone educated she doesn’t know what a smash and grab thief is And sadly neither does Detective Logan when he explains it to her His definition of a smash and grab is; “The type that runs in and grabs something before smashing their way out” What? How can a DETECTIVE not know what a smash and grab is? The author should be ashamed of herself for not even bothering to do a uick online search for the correct definition Here’s the first thing that popped up when I searchedA smash and grab is a particular form of burglary that involves smashing a barrier usually a display window in a shop or a showcase grabbing valuables and then making a uick getaway without concern for setting off alarms or creating noiseSo the author Camilla Chafer got it wrong and made her main detective look ridiculous All because she was too lazy to research a simple term How did that slide past the editor? SMH The book is predictable you’ll figure out where the jewels are by chapter six Sara is beautiful gorgeous and lovely Per everyone in town She’s somehow educated yet dumb She does stupid dangerous things because she goes through life with the common sense of a two year old that wants a cookie and would walk into traffic to get it I had high hopes for this book and this series but my first and last visit to the constantly rainy town of Calendar started and ended in January Goodbye Calendar Goodbye over abundance of useless exclamation points

  9. Lindsay♫SingerOfStories♫ Lindsay♫SingerOfStories♫ says:

    Full review to come but until then here are a couple of thoughts to hold me over I figured out where the treasure was hidden pretty early on Well written story for a cozy but I just couldn't believe it was only 178 pages? It seemed to go on for way longer I understand the MC is a librarian but the closing of the library concept and her closed mindedness about it was a bit over the top Great secondary characters Sara's mom Detective Logan Jasontertiary characters Sara meets casually and interviews shops she visitslove small towns

  10. Laura Laura says:

    I loved the small town setting and the characters Being from a small town myself I can relate to it I love that the main character Sara works with and loves books I had the killer pegged pretty early on in the book but I still enjoyed reading it to find out if I was right and how it played outI wish proofreading was still a thing that editors focused on because I found several grammatical errors or extra or missing words This seems to be a common problem with most books I read lately so I can’t blame this on the author just the editor I’d definitely read another book by this author

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