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This Man and Me Until her French father walks out of her life at twelve Helen Wilton is Hélène Fournier As well as getting a new name the plucky smart and affectionate young girl also gets a lesson in the unreliability of loveHelen grows up to become a mass of intriguing contradictions as warm hearted as she is sharp witted as steadfast in her friendships as she is eclectic in her loves as worldly and stylish as she is poetical and academic And when she get tripped up by the contradictions or by the absurd and confusing vagaries of love Helen picks herself up and gets on with it because she's too much of a one off to wait around to be rescuedMayble she'll never stop having to pick herself up Or maybe she'll realize that rediscovering the inner Hélène and facing the loss of her father are the keys to her future and to finding real loveIn this stunning debut novel Alison Jameson has created a captivating heroine and wirtten a wonderfully witty tender knowing and truly original story of modern love

5 thoughts on “This Man and Me

  1. The Cats’ Mother The Cats’ Mother says:

    I'm trying a 100 page rule with books I'm not enjoying this has been on the pile from book club with several others that I want to read in theory but am never in the mood for but because I want to get that pile down figured I'd give it a goI don't like the writing style am never a big fan of the present tense and found this particularly confusing as she jumps all over the place The book starts when Hélène is 12 and living with her parents who argue a lot One day her French father walks out and disappears for no obvious reason She asks the new boy in her class to kiss her Not much happens We jump forward to when she is 18 and now known as Helen and has a brief fling with a musician Then she is 27 and has a one night stand with a blind date It seemed we were going to keep hearing about her boring affairs so I skipped forward to the end and gave up firm in the knowledge that I won't be missing anything of interest

  2. Wendy Wendy says:

    Some beautiful moments

  3. Maura Lee Maura Lee says:

    Either I didn’t understand this book at all or it was poorly written I feel like it was all over the place it had some good points of meaning but it was really hard to focus on and to understand the underlying meaning behind most of the passages

  4. Ann Bruen Ann Bruen says:

    Alison was a friend of mine in College and when I saw that this book was recently nominated for the Dublin IMPAC Literary award I eventually got around to reading it Its original and very well written and I was suitably impressed

  5. Hayley Louise Hayley Louise says:

    It's the first adult book i read and it was definitely good

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