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A Temporary Situation Temporary #1 Personal assistant Dominic is a consummate professional Funny then that he harbors such unprofessional feelings toward Tristan Maxwell the CEO of the company No not in that way The man may be the walking epitome of gorgeousness dressed up in a designer suit But Dominic's immune Unlike most of the workforce he can see through the pretty facade to the arrogant self entitled asshole below It's lucky then that the man's easy enough to avoidDisaster strikes when Dominic finds himself having to work in close proximity as Tristan's PA The man is infuriatingly unflappable infuriatingly good hud and infuriatingly unorthodox In short just infuriating A late night rescue leading to a drunken pass only complicates matters further especially with the discovery that Tristan is both straight and engagedHatred turns to tolerance tolerance to friendship and friendship to mutual passion One thing's for sure if Tristan sets his sights on Dominic there's no way Dominic has the necessary armor or willpower to keep a force of nature like Tristan at bay for long no matter how unprofessional a relationship with the boss might be He may just have to revise everything he previously thought and believed in for a chance at love

About the Author: H.L. Day

HL Day juggles teaching and writing As an avid reader she decided to give writing a go one day and the rest is History Her superpower is most definitely procrastination Every now and again she musters enough self discipline to actually get some words onto paper—sometimes they even make sense and are in the right order She enjoys writing far too many different sub genres to stick to one thin

10 thoughts on “A Temporary Situation Temporary #1

  1. Leslie Leslie says:

    Reread 71820 71920 I reread this because the author said she had read a review recently that called Tristan weird My reread confirms this He is weird But for me that’s a compliment I still adored him in all his weirdness Still wasn’t a fan of the 85% drama But my love of Tristan again took over and I powered through that part I do have two complaints about this book but I’m giving it four stars because the good definitely outweighed the bad The Good I absolutely enjoyed the majority of it It had witty banter lots of snark delicious sexual tension and Tristan was a big puppy who I fell for big time I loved him and Dominic together so much I can’t wait to read Paul’s story What I didn’t like It’s a peeve of mine especially in a gfy type story when the author makes the woman if one of the characters is dating a woman absolutely terrible For me it kind of takes away from the story Just my two cents She doesn’t need to be a saint but the women in this one was such a caricature I didn’t like it There’s no cheating in this if you have concerns I also was not a fan of the drama and misunderstanding at the end Oh I’m all for the angst sometimes but this felt very contrived and manufactured It didn’t work Overall with the exception of the two things I’ve got lots of love for this book 😍

  2. Bitchie Bitchie says:

    I really freaking loved this The only thing keeping it from being 5 stars was the cliched last uarter of the book Ok on thinking while trying to sleep I can see this book not being for everyone For one Tristan was wildly inappropriate as a boss For another there was the typically shrewish fiance and I never not even before Tristan seemed to have fallen for Dominic figured out WHY Tristan was engaged to Maria There seemed to be nothing between them at all They barely spent any time together and everything Tristan said about her just made it seem like he was just going through the motions I also didn't like how near the end Maria view spoiler popped back up throwing a fit HITTING Dominic and then nearly ruined things with a few well placed lies hide spoiler

  3. Jaime Jaime says:

    A Temporary Situation by HL Day is a book that I was attracted to simply by its cover I have not read anything by this author before so I really don't have anything to base a comparison When I read the blurb and noticed it was going to be an office romance between CEO and personal assistant I cringed a little because I feel like this setup has been done so much lately Still I went into this story with an open mind and ready to meet some new characters I will say this book was entertaining Even if I wanted to reach into the book and strangle one of the MC Tristan I have not had a character that rubbed me the wrong way as uickly as Tristan did in uite some time Tristan is the head of a large company The author alludes to its wealth and notoriety not to mention Tristan and every other major person in the company have personal assistants However Tristan acts like a besotted teenager throughout most of the book instead of a university educated corporate bigshot His behavior was such a turn off for me that I almost walked away from the book Then the other MC Dominic is so stuck on something from the past that he gets in his own way of happiness The other characters in the book range from a busybody mailroom clerk a pushover manager and family members that are too good to be true Then there is Maria Tristan's fiance throughout most of the book Yes he is engaged and cough straight for a large part of the book Maria she is a bit unstable and acts very outrageous Between her behavior and Tristan's personality it would have been a toss up as to which was the bigger drama ueen in their relationship Despite all of this the author does get our characters to an HFN ending and the story did keep me entertained The chemistry between the two MC was not off the charts but they did have some fun especially with Tristan being new to man on man lovin' he takes to it with his typical man in charge attitude and has no hangups about exploring another man Overall 3 Stars a light read with characters who drive you a little crazy

  4. Fani *loves angst* Fani *loves angst* says:

    Update 932020Reread it and my initial opinion stands Amazing banter makes this unrealistic plot very enjoyable Dominic should have to grovel a bit in the end though and not let Tristan do all the work 45 starsA really sweet humorous witty story that might be a little farfetched but is also very entertaining I liked it very much and read it pretty fast considering my hectic schedule last week but I had to see Dominic giving up on his insecurities and Tristan happy at last There were a couple of things that irritated me one of which was that Tristan did all the chasing and courting while Dominic stood back like a heroine playing hard to get; I wanted him to go after Tristan for once it would make their relationship evenly balanced Also some insight into Tristan's head as to why he fell in love with Dominic would be great But anyway minor irritations aside it was fun and fast paced and highly enjoyable if you don't care much for sexy times of which there were only a few I'd certainly like to read from this author

  5. Nazanin Nazanin says:

    I loved the writing and the humour It just dragged a bit at the end but besides that it was super fun I'm looking forward to Paul's story

  6. haletostilinski haletostilinski says:

    This didn't go uite as well for me as the second novel in this series It was entertaining at times and I really enjoyed Tristan's character and thought he was a real sweetheartMy main problem though was Dominic I didn't really like him And where Paul's stubbornness and idiocy was for the most part understandable for so long until near the end I never really understood Domonic's and he felt ridiculous to me So first he hates Tristan because of an article he read in which Tristan supposedly said bad things never taking into account that magazines can totally lie about shit people say for their own ends even though no one else seemed to hate him and Dominic didn't take a clue from that Even his PA who Dominic has to temporarily replace only says glowing things about TristanAnd sure Dominic could be weary at first but outright hate? And without asking Tristan himself right when he meets him to get clarification? Annoying and stupid and it made him hate Tristan for far longer than he needed to and treat Tristan like shit for no goddamn reason for weeks This wasn't like with Paul who while he wasn't nice to Indy as well had an understandable reason at first A completely human reason and reactionDominic? Not so much At least not for that amount of hate And then part of it being that he's actually very attracted to Tristan and can't have him and so he makes up a reason to hate him is something Dominic vehemently denies all the time and it gets tiringThen he pushes Tristan away at every turn and that got annoying AF Admittedly Tristan's dogged persistence at first was a little much and got to be too much at times so Tristan wasn't perfect either He pushed at times he should have backed off But then we also go Dominic's POV and knew he was attracted to him and was just being a twat about it all Once he knew Tristan wasn't engaged any I mean Even though soon after that they have sex Dominic was clearly in the denial stage He pushed Tristan away so much and denied so much that I had a hard time understanding where any feelings were coming from beyond some surface level attraction The sex scenes left a little to be desired as well unlike with book 2 which made it even difficult to get Dominic's feelings for Tristan to come across for meWhich is so weird because we didn't even get Tristan's POV and I felt his feelings for Dominic way than Dominic's for himAnd then what that stupid AF misunderstanding ie Dominic making choices for others in this case Tristan and not seeing anything wrong with it and not even talking about it with Tristan before breaking it off not even hearing Tristan's side you know the man Dominic seemed to already know what he wanted like he was somehow inside his head and able to read his thoughts and desires without even talking to him about it and after a talk with Tristan's ex who was clearly a grade A asshole? Like Dominic came off as stupid idiotic and a major assholeAnd then he has the audacity when Tristan points out this flaw of his to be like That's harsh I don't think that's true and I'm sitting there like BITCH You have not even talked to Tristan about what your problem is He asked for one reason why you were dumping him and you didn't even give it Then you proceeded to avoid him and his messages You acknowledged he was right in saying he didn't deserve to be treated like that and yet you still persisted in breaking up and not talking to him NOT ONCE When Tristan tried Dominic was just all it's for the best bullshit mind already made up about how someone else should feel even though he doesn't get to say how other's feel And then when they finally talk and get it sorted out Dominic faces like no conseuences Tristan is a little hurt and he gets exasperated with him and he gets one comment from Tristan's mom as well and that is basically it When Dominic admits to loving Tristan Tristan is just overjoyed and happy againNo talking about how Dominic's behavior could hurt them in the future if he didn't learn from his mistakes if he didn't try to grow and do better nothing Like oh okay so Dominic is just cured of not talking about shit even though he makes a promise to Tristan's mom and not Tristan himself to talk to Tristan about things which I didn't buy and making decisions for other people without their consent and avoiding people like crazy something else Dominic does and he and Tristan can just live HEA? Nuh uh not buying itIn the end even with some enjoyable parts Dominic wasn't always unbearable I swear and overall a cute Tristan who was the sweetest guy I couldn't get pasts Dominic's bullshit It wasn't like with Paul at all Who yeah was an idiot near the end before he pulled his head out of his ass but when he did he was perfectly loving toward Indy as he should have been and all in Also if I remember correctly he apologized for his behavior Dominic didn't he did to Tristan's fucking mother but not Tristan himself as far as the text tells us Also he still felt standoffish with Tristan even after they sorted things out and I just didn't like him overall He was an asshole plain and simple And I wondered why Tristan even fell in love with him in parts Like what was so appealing about him? Idk and it was from his damn POVI justI'm glad I read the other book first or else I wouldn't have read of this series or this author I like well enoughThis one was just overall a miss for me because of the main character Could have been written SO much better Even with these faults I talked about just him apologizing trying to do better and being a little softer and vulnerable with Tristan would have gone a long way with him Better luck next time I suppose

  7. Courtney Bassett Courtney Bassett says:

    Snarky funOh this was just a delight I giggled so much while reading It wasn’t uite enemies to lovers; like one guy convinced he despises the other who has done nothing wrong and is eagerly trying to woo him There were so many funny and adorable moments This will definitely be a reread down the road

  8. ReadingAllNite ReadingAllNite says:

    Writing this story as a rom com freshened the rather often used trope of the CEO and the PA The dialogue had an abundance of acerbic witty exchanges of banter with several well rounded characters apart from the cliched hateful fiancée Dominic had friends and family adding depth and humor to the narrative and the lack of any homophobia in Tristan’s family was a pleasant surprise However I wish that Dominic’s and Tristan’s characterization were crafted differentlyThe first person POV was presented well but the narrative coming entirely from Dominic was a drawback in my view As CEO of a very large firm many of Tristan’s actions were just not in line with someone capable of that level of responsibility He also exhibited a marked lack of ability to communicate when it came to Dominic Of course Dominic’s personality was created as far too obtuse stubborn and judgmental Dominic’s intense dislike of Tristan as the story begins had a very flimsy basis and is carried to absurd extremes His continued refusal to stay on as PA and lack of belief in Tristan became irritating rather than amusing consuming far too much of the narrative Nevertheless it entertained largely because of the dialogue which was sharp and snarky and did amuse me Perhaps I’m demanding excessive realism for a storyline that’s meant to be lighthearted and romantic I’m sure other readers will be less critical and simply enjoy the atmosphere and very happy ending in the epilogue An ARC was provided by the author or publisher at no charge and I have chosen to publish a fair and honest review on Hearts On Fire Reviews blog

  9. Diana Diana says:

    This book is in a single word adorableHappy sigh eyes close in pleasant remembrance a d o r a b l e The main character is adorable The love interest is adorable The best friend is adorable The families are adorable It's almost four in the morning and I'm legitimately considering sending my best friends a text demanding they read this book That kind of adorableIt's cute funny and admittedly a fairly by the numbers workplace romance but that's not necessarily a bad thing It does it exceedingly well and shines because of the interactions and personalities at play I want I want to know what's up with the tattooed bartender I want to know if Matthew's happy at his new job I want to know if he ever has to babysit a lizard Heck I'm here if the author wants to give Miguel a book tootldr; if you want a satisfying office romance that hits all the right spots and makes you smile this is it

  10. Amanda Amanda says:

    What a wonderful surprise A full four humorous starsTristan was the CEO of an large corporation and his assistant just had a medical emergency so he needs a replacement Enter Dominic who is the very proficient personal assistance of another associate Dominic is not too happy about working for Mr Fucking Perfect especially after deliberately not holding the elevator for him that very same morning Dominic is very adamant that this is only temporary He will go back to his old job and not have to work for a man who in his opinion is a total jerk and talks badly about his employees But it is obvious to Dominic from the beginning that Tristan is NOTHING like the man he thought he was Even with all the attitude Dominic is throwing Tristan Tristan remains sweet and caring He is ditzy but no one else sees that oblivious most of the time on purpose and so much like a little boy sometimes its hilarious He is also very caring and when he knows what he wants determined Dominic is snarky and very uneasy about his attraction to Tristan It is a great ride to see these two come to terms well mostly Dominic with their attraction Its funny caring a little bit dramatic again Dominic and fresh It is told entirely from Dominic's point of view but it works I didn't miss anything by not having Tristan's POV He is very vocal Highly recommended

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