Covet ePUB Ò Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 353 pages
  • Covet
  • Tara Moss
  • English
  • 12 March 2016
  • 9780843958485

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CovetThis was better than number two The story really grabbed me and it moved along nicely Two and a half years after her ordeal at the hands of the 'Stiletto Murderer' Ed Brown Makedde Vanderwall must face her demons once again as she flies into Sydney for Brown's trial and faces her one time lover the jaded Sydney detective Andy Flynn But days before the trial is set to commence the unthinkable happens Ed Brown makes a daring escape aided and abetted by one of his warders For some reason I like this on a lot than the earlier books in this series I think it was because Mak is a lot less naïve and does less stupid things in it Actual Rating 25 starsThis Book 3 is probably the best book in the series so far but given that I slammed book 1 and 2 that is probably not a good thing I uite like Ms Moss's writing so I would like to read a series of hers that does not have a pompous irritating model as the lead character I have heard that she is writing paranormal now and I think that is probably a better move These books have shown that writing about the world that you know is not always the best path Alas Moss is no Patricia Cornwell so a change of genre is probably a good thingMy issue with these books has always been the characters They are all unlikeable Mak is just a pompous and annoying character The author is either telling you how brilliant she by uoting her superior I or by trying to show you that the rest of the world are imbeciles compared to Mak ie opening with her answering jeopardy uestions and of course getting them all right because after all she is brilliant When we are not hearing about how brilliant she is we are being told how beautiful she is What can I sayI like my characters a little grey and a little flawed Mak just irritated me The detective boyfriend is just too silly and not worth wasting words on as is their so called relationshipStoryline is another issue Don't get me started on how a confessed serial killer of 10 women is actually allowed to escape jail and then able to leave the country on a fake passport all so he can get to Hong Kong to kill Mak Yep Actually that part I get I felt the need to kill her many times myselfI was given book 4 by my neighour to read and so have read this series in order Thank you OCD At long last I can read book 4 now and return the book to my neighbour and then NEVER EVER again accept books from people with out asking for reading references P This was a playaway recording I was testing out for my mother who is going blind The narrator had a terrible sibilant to her voice and although I tried listening to it several times just couldn't get past it or the fact that the narrator has a fake Australian accent I only got as far as the main character killing her brother with poison pie A follow on to 'Fetish' this Australian thriller is a good read for those who enjoy stalkers and sexy heroines Set in the world of modelling and written by an ex model it reads as well researchedThe plot is tight and nasty the heroine suitably scared yet feisty and for all those who enjoy scary thrillers this novel will be a good read Do read Fetish first though Clearly I am obsessed by Mak 2012 was her year on my bookshelf Covet is my first read of Tara Moss but it is the third in the series The plot a flow on from the first two books and relates back but it can easily be read as a stand alone bookMakedde Vanderwall is a Canadian model tall and blonde In the previous books she visited Australia where the original crime took place Tara Moss is a Canadian who emigrated to Australia in the 1990's Prior to becoming an author she was a tall blonde model When she ended her modeling career she took up on her interest in forensics and crime visiting the FBI facility in uantico and spending a lot of time with the LAPD It is obvious that Makedde is based on herself but Tara has the knowledge to bring both forensics and modeling knowledge to the plot lineIn Covet Makedde returns to Sydney Australia as the prime witness in the trial of serial killer Ed Brown the murders that took place in previous books Full of trepidation Makedde is not only going to have to face Ed across the courtroom but also again come face to face with Detective Andy Flynn the man who saved her and became her lover against all protocolsWhile it is certain that Brown will face Makedde across a courtroom the future between Andy and herself is far from written Should she rekindle it after a six month separation as her heart is telling her to or is it over and best to move on? And then there was the drinking was Andy passed that?The trial begins and ends swiftly due to a surprising decision Mak is elated now she can rest and enjoy Sydney before she is due to return home Perhaps that will provide her with enough time to find the magic with Andy again and there are all her Sydney based friends to catch up withHistory with Andy and history with Ed once again cross paths and her stay in Sydney is not what she had hoped it to beAs mentioned this is the third book but there is enough in this to get me back to the start and read the first two Tara has brought her knowledge to the plot without ramming it down our throats A solid and fast paced crime novel In an effort to try and clear off my bookshelves I picked up Covet a book whose origins I am still unsure of The things I really like about Covet is that it's short engrossing and uite silly I was not familiar with the previous two books but with the amount of repetition I certainly didn't feel like I was missing out on anything story wiseAuthor Tara Moss a former international model has imbibed the protagonist Mak with the duel gifts of beauty and intelligence Mak is attacked by one of Australia's most heinous serial killers Ed Brown and then must testify against him to seal Ed Brown away in prison for life The novel is trying to be dark and dangerous but it was fun than fright I would have to classify this book as a Harleuin Thriller that the plot and characters are almost too vaudevillian and ridiculous to take seriously But it surely is a page turner The writing is definitely getting solid as the series progresses and it's clear that Tara Moss has done a lot of research even if times it's almost too obvious when technical details seem sort of shoehorned in Much less in the way of character development this time which was a shame and it still seems like she's determined for her heroine to end up with the mundane angry misogynist Most interesting this time was the side character of the prison guard who was a creepier villain than the main serial killer and who I was hoping would play a larger role than she did in the end the best part of her final actions happening 'off stage' as it were Made the ending feel a little too convenient

About the Author: Tara Moss

Tara Moss is an international bestselling author documentary host and and human rights advocate She is the author of 13 books published in 19 countries and 13 languages including the Mak Vanderwall crime fiction series the Pandora English paranormal YA series and her latest the internationally bestselling historical thriller The War Widow set in 1946 and featuring '‘staunchly feminist cham