Russian Eurasianism An Ideology of Empire PDF/EPUB Å

Russian Eurasianism An Ideology of Empire Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union Russia has been marginalized at the edge of a Western dominated political and economic system In recent years however leading Russian figures including former president Vladimir Putin have begun to stress a geopolitics that puts Russia at the center of a number of axes European Asian Christian Muslim Buddhist Mediterranean Indian Slavic Turkic and so onThis volume examines the political presuppositions and expanding intellectual impact of Eurasianism a movement promoting an ideology of Russian Asian greatness which has begun to take hold throughout Russia Kazakhstan and Turkey Eurasianism purports to tell Russians what is unalterably important about them and why it can only be expressed in an empire Using a wide range of sources Marlène Laruelle discusses the impact of the ideology of Eurasianism on geopolitics interior policy foreign policy and culturalist philosophy

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