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Dangerous Rush Furious Rush #2 Feeling the rush comes with a priceMackenzie Cox has lost everything—except Hayden Hayes With Kenzie's racing career over and her family no longer speaking to her Hayden has been her rock as she tries to pick up the pieces of what was once her lifeBut when Hayden's racing team hires his beautiful ex girlfriend Felicia to be their new hotshot rider Kenzie and Hayden's seemingly solid relationship begins to crack Kenzie can only watch from the sidelines as Felicia lives the life she was forced to leave behind and as tension begins to build between Hayden and Kenzie she wonders if Hayden isn’t the man she once knew

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  1. Ana Laura Ana Laura says:

    Please explain to me how the hell this can be a romance or how this guy can redeem himself ?As my body throbbed with need on the edge of exploding Kenzie groaned in my ear “Godthat mouthI’ll never get enough”Maybe it was guilt maybe it was the passion I felt simmering off her maybe it was desire induced delirium but Kenzie’s words made it impossible to forget the past and Felicia suddenly filled every corner of my mind Her husky voice saying those exact same words flooded my ears while memories of her body bounced around my head throwing me into confusion I couldn’t keep thinking about my ex with Kenzie writhing beneath me it was so wrong But fuck I’d never been this turned on before If I could let it continue just a moment longerFingers wrapped around me urging me inside God yes Felicia’s dark eyes filled my vision—that hungry needy look she’d get when she was climbing the walls she was so ready for me And fuck I was ready for her tooI pushed my way inside and even through the overwhelming bliss a part of me wanted to stop wanted to take a minute to pull my shit together and focus on who I was really with But as our hips rocked together all self control left me This felt too goodit was too much to resist and I couldn’t redirect my thoughts The fantasy pulled me under swept me awayand I let it Kenzie’s wavy hair tossed over the pillows became Felicia’s Kenzie’s breasts under my fingertips became Felicia’s And Kenzie’s erotic gasps uickly sending me to the edge were Felicia’s God I’d nearly forgotten how good she feltWith the pleasure building higher and higher I sped up my hips I needed to come in her needed to claim her needed to make sure she never left me again Felicia met me thrust for thrust calling out my name Then she stiffened beneath me letting out a long loud cry as she came a second time Her body internally sueezing mine was too much and the explosion hit me a split second later FuckFeliciayesAs the high wore off realization hit me like sucker punch to the gut What the fuck had I just done? My stomach churned with disgust as the memory of my fantasy roiled through me I’d turned Kenzie into Feliciaand I’d loved it Holy fuck How could I have done that to her? And was that cheating? I had no fucking clue but I knew I felt sick soit must bein some strange way Goddamn it I was gonna throw up but I had to act like nothing was wrong Like it had just been great sex With my girlfriend And no one else ShitI wanted to jump out of bed and bail on Kenzie I felt so wretched But I couldn’t I had to stay there and cuddle with her while my stomach churned and acid burned my throat Jesus I was a horrible person And the fact that I had to leave Kenzie to go meet up with Felicia didn’t make my gut feel any better I deserved to get caughtPS To clarify FELICIA is his EX OW and KENZIE is the hSOOO CAN I VOMIT NOW???? 🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  2. Heather Heather says:

    First I rarely leave reviews this long Probably because I think most get bored after awhile but I have some things to sayA HUGE DISAPPOINTMENTI don't believe I'm about to reveal anything because nothing surprising really happens but just in case I say something while I'm venting Spoilers May OccurMaybe it was the excitement I was feeling for this books arrival that made me give it 5 stars right after finishing But I'm changing my star score from 5 to 2 Which is very bad for me I practically throw 5 4 stars out at books Two stars mean I hated the book but stomached it long enough to finish itI LOVED Furious Rush so much I loved Hayden and Kenzie's relationship I loved Hayden for being driven and being a good boy who wanted the best for his girl and his family I loved Kenzie for being a strong and determined woman In my Furious Rush review I wrote I really loved Kenzie I didn't know if I was going to because I couldn't stand Kiera from Thoughtless But Kenzie was strong and definitely confident and that made her someone I wanted to read aboutWell in this book she is just like Kiera She is whiny pathetic and ignorant to what everyone else is doing to her and around her She has let her father blacklist her and treat her like shit without once raising her voice to him See no longer standing up for herself and her LIFELONG dream Now 58% Hayden is obviously still in love with his ex girlfriend who has popped back into his life after FOUR years It seemed to me he kept reminding himself he was in love with Kenzie because he had to NOT because he did I was so aggravated with his internal dialogue of Why did you leave me? Why did you run again? Then when he and Kenzie had sex at 54% he imagines her being Felicia and admitting to himself and us readers He loved it I was disgusted He's constantly lying and being shady but don't worry about KenzieShe is going to be ok because she continues to let him act this way as long as she gets to sleep with him because he sure is sexy Yep pathetic I hated this book and I'm heartbroken because I loved the first one as much as I did Apparently from looking at its reviews I was alone thereThe book only had 25% left when all the bad guys get redeemed and the inevitable breakup that leads to the HEA occurs I suppose this part of the novel was pretty good Unfortunately I'd been annoyed by the first 75% that it was a case of too little too late One final thought This is something that pissed me off a lot in Furious Rush but since it was so great to me I overlooked itWHY does Kenzie's own father feel he needs to do such horrific things to her to teach her a lesson? Especially when all she did was fall in love But his other daughter DEMANDS the extremely expensive wedding of her dreams and he gives it to her at the cost of his whole entire livelihood??? She knows he's losing his company and still asks for not like it was cheap to begin with Then when Kenzie falls for Hayden this sister says she's selfish I can't believe an author like SC Stephens thought Hey I have a great thing to put in this story Not Personally I can't understand why Kenzie cares what dear old dad thinks any He has never acted like he likes her anyway Even before Hayden was his issue Ugh I'm honestly sadly disappointed

  3. MELISSA *Mel Reader* MELISSA *Mel Reader* says:

    45 You're My World Stars Mackenzie Cox is a professional motorcycle racer living in Oceanside California Racing had always been her dream she didn't have a Plan B so she didn't know what to do when everything she loved was abruptly stripped away Cox racing closed her father gave her an ultimatum and made her choose between her boyfriend and competing Kenzie chose Hayden is now left without a team She's trying everything she can to get on a team before the new season starts but her dad blacklisted her blocked her from the sport she loves Her father pulled a lot of strings to make sure she was rejected nobody would take her She'd lost everything but Hayden felt like she was drowning without her family career To make matters worse Hayden's ex girlfriend is hired to race on his team Kenzie is forced to watch from the sidelines as Felicia lives the life Kenzie had to give up Kenzie just wants her old life back be able to also be with the man she loves Hayden Hayes is a former street racer who is now racing legitimately for Benneti Motorsports His ex who he hasn't seen in four years shows up out of the blue complicates his life by causing tension in his relationship with his girlfriend Kenzie Kenzie is the only person in his life that stuck by his side put him first He had a sense of belonging when he was with her She had become his home he'd do anything to keep her He wanted to find a way to help her compete again She belonged on a bike he'd do whatever it took to get her there He felt responsible wanted to fix things for her Very few people understood me like she did our interests our competitiveness our tragic pasts our fiery passion it was like she was designed specifically for me Thank God fate had put us on a path toward each other She was the most beautiful thing in the world to me She was mine and I had no intention of ever giving her up Not without a fight You mean everything to me Kenzie You're my heart my soul my everything You belong wherever I am Racing the thing that brought them together was now a touchy subject Hayden tried to be supportive while Kenzie continued trying to pick up the pieces of her life He had something incredible with Kenzie wouldn't give it up but suddenly everything everyone seemed to be conspiring against them Their relationship is strained things begin to fall apart Will love be enough when secrets and lies are revealed?I really enjoyed this book cant wait for the next one This book was full of angst love I can't get enough of the delicious Hayden Hayes

  4. ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ& ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ& says:

    ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

  5. Veronica WordsAreMyDrinkOfChoice Veronica WordsAreMyDrinkOfChoice says:

    Beyond disgusting Hayden is scum and how are we meant to believe he loves Kenzie when he is turned on by recurring his ex when they have sex? And he wishes he could keep his ex from leaving? Sorry I had no faith in their romance Plain gross Mind you I saw what this author was about after the Thoughtless Series which was abysmal with self absorbed characters

  6. Aisha ☠️☠️ Aisha ☠️☠️ says:

    Not safe H thinking of ex girlfriend breast and body while actually having sex with his current girlfriend and silently calling ex's name when H climax in side his head Wow That's some loveHe loves his girlfriend but thinking of ex that's not acceptable They exchange I loves

  7. Beneath The Covers Blog Beneath The Covers Blog says:

    Dangerous Rush vibrates with all consuming emotions layered with conflicting thoughts and actions The intensity of the story takes you from 0 to 100 in the blink of an eye Passion drama and heartbreak pour from the pages completely enrapturing the reader with every word writtenThe forbidden romance that we fell in love with in Furious Rush is put to the test in Dangerous Rush when loved ones stop at nothing to break up Hayden and Kenzie and an ex girlfriend is back in the picture Secrets lies and betrayal weave their way into Kenzie and Hayden's passionate relationshipmaking them each uestion whether their love is strong enough to lastWowI am beyond thrilled to be reunited with the Rush series Dangerous Rush is a full throttle marathon of love sacrifices and high octane emotions The desire and excitement we fell hard for in the first book is immensely enhanced in this story The fierce emotions conveyed throughout makes it impossible to not become invested with the characters Hayden and Kenzie are a powerful couple Their love for each other is felt deep inside and it's not hard to see that they're perfect together But all great love is challengedand in the most excruciating and heartbreaking of ways So when Kenzie's dream of racing again and Hayden's desire to help clash together we begin to see and feel their strong bond slowly break apart And we start to wonder if Hayden and Kenzie are truly only meant to be rivals Dangerous Rush is an emotionally driven captivating page turner SC Stephen's writing is phenomenal once again and she's a master at delivering uniue and mesmerizing storylines This book will make you swoon laugh cry and feel the profound effects of devastation A truly remarkable must read Dangerous Rush will only leave you wanting Unuestionable 5 stars ARC provided in exchange for an honest review Kelly

  8. Jessica Jessica says:

    While I'm already a huge fan of SC Stephens what made me most excited for this book was the fact that I absolutely LOVED Furious Rush the first book in this series After the cliffhanger in the last book I have been dying to pick up this seuel Kenzie's life has always revolved around racing Until it didn't Kenzie has lost everything except for Hayden Hayes the love of her life Kenzie thought without a doubt that Hayden was worth than her racing career but as Hayden has been keeping and secrets from her Kenzie starts to uestion her decision and if she can really live without racing ever again My heart While Furious Rush revolved around the hate to love relationship with Hayden and Kenzie this book dealt with the much emotional side of their relationship Kenzie has lost racing which put a serious tone to this book There wasnt as much of the fun banter and racing adrenaline that filled the first book because Kenzie now has to deal with the repercussions of her decisions from book one This was so hard to read because Kenzie was hurting so much and it felt so unfair with what was happening to her No matter how much it hurt though I really appreciated how realistic SC Stephens was and how she wasn't afraid to show the cracks and flaws in the relationship between our main characters I loved Dangerous Rush but for very different reasons than why I loved Furious Rush Furious Rush had so much angst because Kenzie and Hayden hated each other but they had serious chemistry and loved pushing each other on the race track In this book Kenzie and Hayden were already together but there was a sense of urgency and desperation in their relationship because so many factors were working against them and Kenzie especially was trying to remind herself why it was worth all of the sacrifice and heartbreak I loved how realistic their relationship was in this book and how many trials Kenzie and Hayden had to face In the end I loved this seuel to one of my favorite sports romances from SC Stephens I had my favorite couple back but my heart was taken on a ride as their relationship was tested time and time again I got the racing world I loved and all of the same characters I fell in love with in the first book If you haven't started this series yet you must With a hot relationship that turns very emotional you're missing out on a fantastic story

  9. Karen Mc Karen Mc says:

    Riding a race bike is an art—a thing that you do because you feel something inside” Valentino RossiIf you've ever been to a NASCAR Formula One motocross or other race you know that racing is a sensory driven sport where you feel a buzz in the air If you race a car or motorcycle on the track or road you feel that power gush behind the wheel Like action packed racing books can give that rush Dangerous Rush by SC Stephens sends the senses spinning around the track in a RUSH of a ROMANCE that SPARKS with love and lifeAfter consuming Furious Rush I knew I NEEDED MORE I dove into Dangerous Rush and DEVOURED this story like a hungry lioness eating every page alive Every page of Dangerous Rush made me FEEL ALIVEMy eyes were etched with tears My breaths were bated My pulse pounded My heart beat out of my chest I smiled I laughed I LOVED SO MUCH A roller coaster of a romance that hits the heart hard surging straight to the soul Dangerous Rush is a RUSH FELT EVERYWHEREI lived and breathed these characters that came to life before my eyes Seeing her was like walking outside into the fresh air after being cooped up in a stagnant room all day long—I could finally breathe again I MELTED into a puddle of goo Hayden's words made me SWOON so hard Sweet sighHayden the green eyed and gorgeous blond racing god so broken and beautiful OWNED ME since Furious Rush I FELL IN MADLY IN LOVE WITH HAYDEN HAYES AGAIN There was a time or two I wanted to junk punch this sometimes mixed up man in this story though I could not hate Hayden as I was helpless to his spell Hayden had my heartKenzie the brunette beauty oh how I loved her as much as Hayden and even in Dangerous Rush She grew up so much in this story shining solo with determination and dominance that I greatly admired Kenzie has strength in spades and is one of the strongest heroines ever Kenzie and Hayden are MAGIC together and I was mesmerized by this magnetic couple Their relationship is full of fire fueled by love I LOVE them both so much Giving me a devilish grin she murmured Race me or chase me Hayes then she took off like a bolt of lightning God I loved racing this woman Hot heart pounding and utterly hypnotizing Dangerous Rush is the highest of highs meets the lowest of lows This book BREATHED LIFE into me while it BLED ANGST through me I felt this story course through me I felt the angst tug at my heart pulling me under I felt the bitter sting of rejection I felt heartbreak I felt hope I felt happiness I FELT EVERYTHING I WAS FLOATING IN FEELS THE WHOLE STORY Dangerous Rush is a tale of guts and glory that bleeds angst a romance that EXPLODES with EMOTIONThis touching and turbulent tale tugged my heart every step of the way stomping on it and then stitching it back together several times Dangerous Rush pulled me under with its poignant mix of sweetness and sorrow I was a GONER What did you do to me SC Stephens?? I'm still trying to come off the HIGH I chased called Dangerous Rush This story SLAYED me I still FEEL this thrilling and tender tale coursing through me Dangerous Rush is a rush I want to stay and feel forever No one will take a chance on meI will 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 exploding emotional starsA MUST CLICK Group Twitter

  10. P P says:

    Nope Hero is a cheater both emotionally still has major feelings for his ex pictures his ex when having sex with our h in a graphic gratuitous way and physically kisses the ex and goes out basically on dates with her while committed to our h This is just a God awful story and the H isn’t redeemable It turned my stomach reading his thoughts and I have A LOT of different genrestropes It takes a lot to turn my stomach but I couldn’t even read about him without a grimace on my face

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