Extraordinary Circumstances The Seven Days Battles PDF

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Extraordinary Circumstances The Seven Days Battles The first campaign in the Civil War in which Robert E Lee led the Army of Northern Virginia the Seven Days Battles were fought southeast of the Confederate capital of Richmond in the summer of 1862 Lee and his fellow officers including Stonewall Jackson James Longstreet A P Hill and D H Hill pushed George B McClellan's Army of the Potomac from the gates of Richmond to the James River where the Union forces reached safety Along the way Lee lost several opportunities to harm McClellan The Seven Days have been the subject of numerous historical treatments but none detailed and engaging than Brian K Burton's retelling of the campaign that lifted Southern spirits began Lee's ascent to fame and almost prompted European recognition of the Confederacy This was a very good book on this Civil War battle Unfortunately after reading the first 100 pages or so it just got too detailed for me to finish This is a very detailed history ala Peter Cozzens of the Seven Days Battles something that I think had not been written before I don't think this was as good as Stephen Sears' broader To The Gates Of Richmond which also covers the Peninsular Campaign as a whole nor as uite as good as Cozzens' books There are uite a few maps but I feel they are not good Overall an okay book Seven Days of battle and I can't seem to read this sucker in less than I have no idea Don't blame the book I suspect my nonfiction spree is clogging my ability to process anything difficult than The Cat in the Hat right now