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Stranger Worlds Nine Books One Boxed Set Endless Adventure Find your next favorite YA series in Stranger Worlds This urban fantasy collection includes nine full length first in series books Gods and ghosts portals and shifters werewolves and fairies there’s a magical new world waiting for every reader Explore them all Stealer by AM YatesWhen Dee chases a thief out of her house she ends up with a whole new set of troubles in a whole new world Now all she wants is to get back home again The Portal and the Panther by RA MarshallAll Jon Parker really wants is to graduate high school and escape his sleepy little hometown but everything changes one day when he stumbles into the boys' bathroom and transforms into a panther Without choice he's thrust into a world in which alternate universes exist people control the elements with a mere thought and somehow it's his job to protect our world from interdimensional intruders But whether or not it's a job Jon will accept well that remains to be seen Undraland by Mary E TwomeyStill reeling from the deaths of her parents and brother Lucy is trying to get her life back on track — until short tempered handsome Jens saves her from a bear attack Soon Lucy is swept away to an enchanting world where Scandinavian fairytale creatures run wild and adventure is for the taking Crystal Magic by Madeline FreemanReading people’s thoughts and making things move with her mind is nothing new for Kristyl but she hopes to leave her past behind when she moves to Clearwater But when a curse threatens her aunt’s life she must do anything for a cure—including tapping into the magic that terrifies her My Fair Assassin by CJ AnayaAfter a childhood of foster families and being labeled freakish for her strange looks and eating habits Crsyta is emancipated and providing for herself Just when it seems she's finally settling into the normal life she always wanted a dangerous man with lethal intent breaks into her apartment But has this enticing stranger come to kill her or to protect her from others who will A Brush With the Moon by Rauel LyonWhen Sophie moves away to university she isn’t expecting to be thrown into a world where supernatural creatures are real nor is she expecting to attract the attention of the most eligible werewolf in town Soul Slam by Allie BurtonOn her first heist sixteen year old Olivia steals an ancient Egyptian amulet and inadvertently receives the soul of King Tut and the curse that comes with it But Xander believes it’s his place to inherit King Tut’s soul Now he must deal with the thief who stole the amulet When the two find themselves up against a secret society that wants to use the curse to rule the world they reluctantly join forces to end the curse before it turns deadly Ghost Hand by Ripley PattonOlivia Black has a rare birth defect Instead of a hand made of flesh and blood she was born with a ghost hand

10 thoughts on “Stranger Worlds

  1. Michael Michael says:

    Stranger worlds by AM Yates the Portal and the Panther by RAMarshall This is the only one I read all the way through and enjoyed The Shifters were realistic and their problems were not uite surmountable I have a URL to follow up this story Worth a read

  2. Cassey Cassey says:

    More of the reads weren't for me than those that were

  3. Robin Morgan Robin Morgan says:

    Being a romance author regardless of the genre whether it’s a sweet inspirational novel to a hot steamy erotic I can’t help loving to fantasize about being in the shoes of the female protagonist of the romance story I’m reading This is why as a Book Reviewer from time to time I need a change of pace in the genre I readingreviewingI’m currently in the process of writing three books each in a different genre with one of them being a YA Young Adult Urban Fantasy So when I came across this collection of nine books in this genre I couldn’t resist downloading it to get some much needed inspiration in writing my own story for this genre This collection is sure to please any aficionado of the YA Urban Fantasy genre Each story contained in this collection is the first installment of the series the book is part of In reading these stories you can meet up with your favorite type of character from gods and werewolves to fairies and ghosts etc; or travel to different world whether it be magically or through some sort of portal Having nine different authors gives anyone downloading this collection a smorgasbord in which they get a sampling of the individual writing style of each authors involved and what they’ve got to offer in the series they’re writing The price for this collection should be an incentive to purchase it; especially when you consider the average price for a KINDLE book and then multiply it by nineFor having given readers an opportunity to get an idea of what each of the series these first installments have been taken from before setting out to purchasing the entire series at full price; I’m giving this collection and its authors 5 STARS

  4. Rayne Rayne says:

    I reviewed each book separately on their own pagesOverall this Collection was awesome It has introduced me to some brilliant books and authors that I will definitely be following upThe Collection is well though out and each book brings its own uniue spin on urban fantasy No two stories were alike

  5. Arnesha Arnesha says:

    Awesome bundleI believe this is the first bundle where I read EVERY BOOK without hesitation All of the books were intriguing and I found myself buying almost all of the series of each book as I went along there are two where their seuels were not as good but the rest were superb Glad I was able to find this bundle and enjoy each new magical and mythical world 😍

  6. Jackie Jackie says:

    Awesome Loved this collection of stories with witches werewolves and These stories bring a collection of fantasy to make everyone happier Received a free copy and reviewed because the collection was so enjoyable

  7. Ema Ema says:

    Stealer the first book in this anthology was really good The rest didn't interest me at all

  8. Marie Colon Marie Colon says:

    OkayThese books were good but it's true that they need some work other than that they were not bad they were ok😐

  9. Amber S Amber S says:

    So many good books in this setCan't wait to finish up my fave ones Sets like these are great teasers a good way to find new authors

  10. Myra Wray Myra Wray says:

    I did not find this as good as other books but it was good to read I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy

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