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Live Right 4 Your Type From the doctor who brought us the blood type health craze that has swept the nation here is new research that shows you how to live according to your blood type so that you can achieve total physical and emotional well beingOver a million readers have used the individualized blood type diet solution developed by Dr Peter J D'Adamo to achieve their ideal weight In the five years since the New York Times bestseller Eat Right 4 for Your Type was published new research has indicated that there's a blood type profile for almost every aspect of our lives and thanks to that new research your blood type reveals how you can live a better life Live Right 4 for Your Type is Dr D'Adamo's ground breaking book that will give you individualized prescriptions according to blood typeAccording to your blood type should you• Eat three regular meals a day or small freuent ones• Have a regimented or flexible routine• Go to sleep at the same time every night or have a flexible bedtime• Do without rest periods or take them religiously• Achieve emotional balance through exercise meditation or herbsEach blood type prescription is divided into five life areas Recommendations guidelines and informational charts are provided for the following• Lifestyle• Stress and Emotional Balance• Maximizing Health• Overcoming Disease• Strategies for AgingLive Right 4 for Your Type also has information compiled from new research that greatly expands on the information in Eat Right 4 for Your Type Live Right features• new metabolism boosting supplement lists to increase the body's efficiency and ability to achieve ideal weight;• refined food and supplement lists to increase cardiac efficiency lower cholesterol and strengthen your ability to fight colds flu and serious diseases;• instructions on how to use vegetables and herbs to improve Natural Killer Cell activity; and• new information on blood type subgroups that influence not only weight but also physical and mental health

10 thoughts on “Live Right 4 Your Type

  1. K.B. Pellegrino K.B. Pellegrino says:

    A must read DNA may help you with your diet health but this old standby is my bible

  2. Wendy Wendy says:

    Although this book has a lot of scientific words and is not very easy to understand I found it very interesting and helpful I do believe Dr D'Adamo is onto something The best parts are the testimonials that are sprinkled throughout the book from people who were really experiencing some painful and sometimes life threatening symptoms and then had a very uick turn around in their overall health after eating the right foods for their blood type Even if you just skim through this to get the general idea I do recommend you try it for yourself especially if you have any ongoing sicknesses or you can't figure out why you're not losing weight

  3. Tracey Tracey says:

    Again I found this book was great for me Many do not believe foods meds etc based on blood type can helphurt your body But it does apply to me

  4. The Starry Library The Starry Library says:

    The only guideline that works for me and my family I have a lot of food allergies and a really sensitive system so certain foods that are recommended for me in this book I cannot eat It doesn't matter if a food belongs to your type if it gives you a reaction don't eat it No diet should be followed 100% without self awareness It's fascinating research that should be given a chance by those looking to get their health back on track I've been following the diet since the late 1990s and have seen its results

  5. Megan Megan says:

    This is one book in a series and the biggest thing is one needs to know their blood type which unless you have had surgery or have given blood can be hard to find out I am not sure if there is an updated version but some of the information in this one 2000 contradicts what some of his other books suggest Overall this is a helpful book but only if you know your specific type

  6. Kate Kate says:

    Best book written by this author; open minded and somewhat inspiring for me when i was getting better from eating disorders It's been interesting for me to observe some consistencies in friends and family whose blood type I know but the picture is too limited I would not follow this to the last detail and even some major factors are untrue for me Some sources say the research is done in test tubes and it doesn't take into consideration how the bodymetabolism ethnic history different forms of foods dryuncooked beans high in lectins vs cooked etc comes into play Always better to listen to your body but this diet might be helpful mainly because it incorporates whole rather than heavily processed foods

  7. Ken Ken says:

    I'm not sure if the science is correct but I've been mixing the recipes with the South Beach Diet recipes and do feel better I do believe the idea our blood type has something to do with our diet has some validity

  8. David David says:

    Another great bookI enjoyed reading thus book After completing a previous nook eat right for your type this book was a great follow up book Highly recommended if you believe you are suffering from a diet imbalance

  9. Lesley Morrison Lesley Morrison says:

    Fascinating for me as I am a nutrition coach and when aligning information from the book to my client blood groups it is very accurate A good read if you can get beyond the science

  10. Andrea Andrea says:

    This has some Very interesting ideas that make sense based on some of my health issues What lost me was the ridiculous theories on vaccines for the blood type It lost credibility for me then

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