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Doctor Who The Shining Man “Being scared is the least of your worries”The Shining Men are everywhere You spot them out of the corner of your eye Abnormally tall with long lank hair blank faces and blazing eyes If they catch you they’ll drag you away to who knows where No one is safe They’re on every street corner Waiting Watching Shining brightOf course it’s a hoax It has to be right It started as a joke a prank for Halloween Then it went viral Idiots dressing up as monsters Giving folk a scare Silly masks and fright wigs No one gets hurt Because bogeymen aren’t realUntil people start going missing and lights burn in the darkness Burning like eyesBut help is on its way in the form of a strange man called the Doctor and his friend Bill The Doctor will keep us safe The Doctor will stop the monsters Unless the monsters stop the Doctor first An original novel featuring the Twelfth Doctor and Bill as played by Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie

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  1. Jim C Jim C says:

    Actual rating is 45 starsThis book is based on the television show and this book features the Twelfth Doctor with Bill as his companion In this one they are in our regular timeline In our timeline there is a new phenomenon where The Shining Man will appear in the corner of your eye This also incites people to reenact this craze into spooking peopleGoing into this book I was skeptical as I thought it was going to be a rip off of The Silence It uickly won me over as I realized it was portraying the killer clown craze that happened several years ago This book even hints at it to let you know what it is doing I was also a little skeptical because of the characters that were featured These two were not my favorite team up But this book once again swayed my opinion and I loved them in this book The portrayal of The Doctor was perfect and Bill was a little generic but it worked The adventure starts off like any other adventure in this universe Then it goes in a direction that I never would have anticipated and I loved it as it uickly delves into fairies I enjoyed this direction as they depicted them as monsters and not as cute little creaturesI have read many books from this universe and this one is easily in my top five It captured the essence of the show It contained a little horror with the comedy aspect and most importantly the charm of the show that fans have come to expect from this universe

  2. Ken Ken says:

    When strange tall figures known as The Shining Men start appearing the local residents put it down to a Halloween hoaxBut soon people start to disappear Who are they and what are their motives??A great Twelfth Doctor and Bill story

  3. Brooklyn Tayla Brooklyn Tayla says:

    This book was freaking amazing It was dark and spooky and fanatical and had a brilliant supporting cast of characters and not only all this but 12 and Bill were written perfectly And this book also had fae and boggarts and a reference to Krusty the Clown from The Simpsons – yes I kid you not  I love how the author wasted no time in getting to the story; it opens with a young mother dealing with her young son traumatized as he tells her about “The Shining Man” I was instantly intrugued and had all of the goosebumps I couldn’t get enough – there was instant word building as the author goes on to elaborate on The Shining Man but are they than just a mere urban legend made up to scare children? Well you’ll have to read this book to find out I loved learning about the whole concept of The Shining Man I was constantly kept guessing as to who or what they truly were because as I’m sure my fellow Whovians would know in Doctor Who when it comes to monsters there’s than often meets the eye and as things were revealed it was brilliant and slightly terrifying The author captured 12 and Bill perfectly I felt like both characters leapt off the page perfectly I could hear them reading the lines and performing the actions described in the book – and I loved their interactions with the supporting characters – some of which were the most memorable amongst the Doctor Who books I mean we have Sammy a mother of two young children – Noah and Masie both of whom I was impressed with both character’s growth what started out with sibling bickering developed into the two relying on one another for support and comfort after something devastating I loved 12’s interactions with Noah it was so precious And Bill was great with them too and she had some super cute interactions with Charlotte who I also loved in her nerdy vlogger ways and actually given the ending of this book a follow up one would be fabulous I actually feel like this book joins the rank of the best Doctor Who books that I’ve read; I mean I started it Thursday night and finished it Friday morning I felt like I was watching a Doctor Who episode in my mind as I was reading Flawless and I can’t fault it – it’s definitley one I’d read again I couldn’t recommend this book enough; for Whovians and anyone who wants a spooky but fanatical read;‘Fairies elves and boggarts oh my’

  4. Emily Ross Emily Ross says:

    I liked this book Some bits were a bit confusing and others were a bit predictable but all in all a very good Doctor Who tie in novel There were a couple spelling and grammar mistakes that could have been fixed but I think this novel finds itself at position #2 of 3 of the rankings of this trilogy of Doctor Who novels Both the Doctor and Bill were well characterised and for only having episodes 1 3 when writing these books the authors of all three have done extremely well with Bill even if Cavan Scott solved that issue by focussing so on the Doctor than on Bill but hey its called Doctor Who for a reason right? the plot was fairly strange and what's new there for Doctor Who? with Fairies though I do prefer Torchwood's version of fairies unless I missed something and they were the same ones? But I don't think so and Boggarts in a world running along side ours and a tree that was cut downAll in all a good book

  5. Dan Dan says:

    I enjoy reading the Doctor Who tie in books Many are of high uality but I think this is probably the best of the many I've read over the last twelve years The Shining Men are everywhere scaring children on street corners with their long hair blank faces and shining eyes But surely it's just a hoax idiots dressing up for fun Except people are going missing and the link is the shining men Cue the arrival of the Doctor and Bill Clearly the idea of the shining men came from the real world 'killer clown' craze There's plenty about the police dealing with idiots dressed up and the fear caused by them Mostly though this book imagines what it would be like if the creepy things were actually terrifying killers rather than people dressed up In terms of Doctor Who continuity this book is set after the first three episode of Series 10 The Pilot Smile and Thin Ice There's also lots of references to things discussed and shown in the Torchwood episode 'Small Worlds' I think it really adds something if you've seen that episode If you know said episode you'll know it's about fairies Indeed this book explores the idea of fairies in some depth using some scientific Doctor technobabble to explain some of it but still essentially being something from fantasy Actually this has very few Doctor Who elements to it other than the Doctor and Bill being present and as well characterised as they are they don't do much The Doctor is largely used as the character to explain the idea of fairies This had everything I wanted from a Doctor Who book A good sci fifantasy idea warmth humour drama and a portion too ambitious to have appeared on TV If you are enjoying Series 10 of Doctor Who and want some this is the place to head

  6. F.R. F.R. says:

    THE SHINING MAN is the best of this trio of Nu Who spin offs novel; taking horror fantasy and fairy tale and spinning them together to a coherent whole of the kind only the DOCTOR WHO format can really pull offRather brilliantly in the idea of shining men appearing suddenly at street corners to scare all kinds of hell out of the unsuspecting populous Scott evokes the killer crown craze which hit the other year That of course brings immediately to mind Stephen King’s IT which despite its flaws stands as the template of how to make the most of your creeping lurking menaceBut in having the newly created shining men rather than clowns Scott gives us creatures with their own set of rules and it isn’t long before he’s lurching the narrative from Stephen King to Ben Aaronovitch who back in the day used to write DOCTOR WHO and always references the programme in his books and giving us a tale of faeries and the veil between our world than theirsUndoubtedly there are going to be those who won’t join with the book as it leaps from one type of story to another Readers who having invested in the horror parts are decidedly turned off by the fantasy parts even though the fantasy parts have some distinctly horrible ideas I’m not one of them though It carried me along gave me a set of interesting faux companions to care about and made me remember again just how much I’m missing hanging out with The Doctor and Bill each Saturday eveningSo where I stand now there is only one brand new Capaldi for me to experience With Whittaker not starting for another fourteen months I am starting to feel bereft

  7. Kribu Kribu says:

    well what do you know? I enjoyed this one too That makes two out of the most recent trio of Twelfth Doctor novels that I've read and two I've enjoyedI don't really know why I'm giving this four stars when I gave Diamond Dogs five Maybe because well to say it would be to spoil it best not look at tags but I guess I'm just a little bit into space and aliens in my Doctor Who than what this book offered up But that said yeah it was a great fast read again with decent characterisation for Bill who again doesn't get nearly as much to do as the Doctor does but a she doesn't actually feel side lined and b when we have so little Twelve left and when there's been so little to start with I'm really not going to complain about getting relatively of the Doctor than the brand new companion YMMVGah I love this Twelve Smug arrogant clever compassionate courageous wonderful

  8. Michael Cook Michael Cook says:

    So I finally managed to finish a Doctor Who book that didn't involve the War Doctor And I thoroughly enjoyed itI went into this book with low expectations I've only read and enjoyed one Doctor Who book prior to this and that was George Mann's Engines of War but I was honestly blown out of the water with this The Shadow Man feels like an episode of Doctor Who from the very first chapter and manages to retain that feeling all the way through the final chapter This is largely due to how well the characters are written Naturally you'd hope the Doctor and Bill would be written well and they were; I'll touch on that in a bit but even the side characters are well written and have things to do You've got the children who are looking for their lost mother the event that sets the mystery in motion Maisie and Noah; you've got their stern no nonsense grandmother Hilary; you've got a police constable who's exasperated with the case and struggling to follow the Doctor's logic PC Jane Schofield; and you've got a paranormal vlogger think online ghost hunter Charlotte who really wants to uncover the mystery behind this viral urban legend and have her vlogs go viral in the process All of these characters go on their own journeys throughout the story each of them growing and changing and possessing their own urgency which moves the plot forward Even though it's a mystery novel it's very character driven This isn't a book where characters passively have things happen to then it's a book where characters have urgency in what they're doing and experiencing as weird things happen to them and they react accordingly with even urgency They're all compelling and different and it strengthens the book a lotContinuity wise the book takes place at some point after the third episode of this season Thin Ice as there are references to the events that happened in those first three episodes But really it doesn't matter if you've seen them It's one line references that make literally no difference in the actual story of the novel; it just helps keep the characterization of Bill and the Doctor consistent Speaking of consistency in characterization I think that's one of the things I really liked about this book Even though when these books were published Bill had only been in one episode and when I read this book she'd only been in four her characterization feels consistent with what's been set up in the main show which impresses me a lot Oftentimes with these spin off novels the characterization is off Either something happened on the main show either during or after the writing of the novel that changed the character or the author just doesn't get the voice of the characters right But that's not the case with The Shining Man You can tell that Cavan Scott put a lot of time and effort into making sure that Bill and the Doctor felt like Bill and the Doctor I'm sure the editorial team helped but ultimately had Cavan Scott been super off base with his characterization the book would've been doomed That's not the caseThe other really great thing about the novel is the plot itself It sets up a really interesting mystery with really compelling and varied characters I always enjoy when Doctor Who touches on earth's Urban Legends and this book definitely does that but in various ways Obviously from the summary you can tell that Scott is going for the kind of Slenderman urban legend feel but that's not the only kind of earth folklore he tackles There's an interesting twist that happens that fans of a certain first season episode of Torchwood might enjoy It's not exactly the same kind of folklore that episode dealt with but it's very much in a similar vein while also massively different and a lot denser But the familiarity will strike people who have seen the episode It struck me and I found the connection rather enjoyableThe pacing of the novel is another really strong point The book plays out like a mystery novel as most good Doctor Who stories do The thing happens at the beginning that starts the mystery the Doctor arrives in the midst of things investigates has slow progress for a bit finds lots of clues chases a red herring ends up solving it by the end And like most good mysteries once the mystery starts unraveling it becomes very hard to put down the book I had no intention of reading it in one sitting but that's what happened I picked it up after dinner and the next thing I knew it was 11 at night and I had just finished the book That's a testament to the uality of this book I have a bad attention span If something isn't very engaging I cannot sit there and read it for hours at a time This book is engaging from the moment you start itThe atmosphere of the book is perfect spooky horror Imagine an episode of Supernatural mashed with an episode of Doctor Who It has that spooky horror feeling from Supernatural plus the elements of earth based supernatural activity and the investigation and twists and characters of a Doctor Who episode That's a really winning combination Urban legends and Doctor Who are a match made in heaven and that's the case with The Shining ManOverall The Shining Man really surprised me I expected a typical mediocre tie in novel and ended up getting an engaging entertaining captivating mystery with dynamic characters who instantly drew me into their stories and lives The book had me on the edge of my seat desperately wanting to know what would happen next Cavan Scott should feel proud of what he accomplished with the book It's as good as some of the best stand alone episodes of Doctor Who are

  9. Daniel Kukwa Daniel Kukwa says:

    Now this is far to my liking It's a story that takes what Russell Davies era Doctor Who did so well visit the modern every day world and turn it into a nightmare but turns up the atmosphere by a factor of 10 until every page is dripping with it It also re visits the subject matter found in the Torchwood episode Small Worlds and put its own spin on the material to superb disturbing effect Add a solid depiction of the 12th Doctor Bill no small feat given how little the author had to work with and the end result is incredibly satisfying

  10. Brian Manville Brian Manville says:

    As the 12th Doctor transitions into history people will continue to remember him and write stories about him This time the story is set in contemporary England and involves a creature known as The Shining ManTapping into elements of social media internet fame and pseudo scientific enuiry The Shining Man finds a mother taken when she attempts to confront what she thinks is a prankster who scared her 8 year old son earlier in the day The Doctor and Bill are drawn to the case in the wake of a storm that takes place inside the TARDIS when the psionic field is turned offThis is a good story showing the Doctor at his uirky inuisitive best It also shows him being extremely kind and considerate to Noah the 8 year old whose mommy has gone missing Too often this aspect of the Doctor is overlooked his willingness to listen to children and take what they say at face value He knows on some level children haven't learned the artifice of lying or denying what they see The Doctor and a policewoman end up being swept into the dimension of the Invisible a land where fairies reside The creatures in this world however are far from benevolent and the extreme sights and sounds of that world can literally drive a person mad Naturally the Doctor is immune to such things but he remains devoted to making sure everyone lives and the mystery is solvedBOTTOM LINE A solid 12th Doctor story

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