Billionaires Favorite Fantasy PDF/EPUB õ Billionaires

Billionaires Favorite Fantasy One night of passion leads to a mortifying next day The hero has just taken over the hotel chain where the heroine has just been hired a COO The main characters both had baggage but managed to communicate with each other keeping the big misunderstandings to a minimum view spoilerI was disappointed by the inevitable corporate life is no good I wanna be a small town type conclusion Why must this trope be so pervasive in romances especially for heroines? hide spoiler A hot fantasy Not that a fantasy to me though Taken OverBy the BossThey had shared the most amazing night of passion And billionaire tycoon Lewis Goode could not erase Madeline Holland from his mind Lucky for him a corporate acuisition had just made him her new bossBut Lewis knew Madeline would uit rather than have people think she slept her way to the top So he'd have to use every negotiating trick he knew to keep her in his boardroomand in his bedroom

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