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The Night Climbers A Novel The Night Climbers set among members of a close knit eccentric club at Cambridge portrays people at their most impressionable when the intensity of early relationships stand to define their lives foreverWhen James Walker first arrives at Tudor College Cambridge he is anxious to find his place among new friends By accident he encounters one of the members of a club calling itself the Tudor Night Climbers a tightly knit wealthy secretive and tantalizingly eccentric circle of undergraduates who at night scale the college towers and gargoyles in pursuit of ever greater sensations Seduced by their talent for decadence and high living James falls for the reckless charisma of both Francis the group's ringleader and Jessica his beautiful best friend Jessica becomes his obsession and also his arch rival for Francis's friendship The group's tear away extravagance is funded unwittingly by Francis's father Lord Soulford but when suddenly he cuts his son off the friends are left floundering until Francis embroils them all in a plan that will test not only their friendship but also their very souls The story begins with the news that almost ten years after the crime the fake Picasso they replaced the real one with is in danger of being discovered The beautiful Jessica visits the narratorlawyer James at his office in order to see what trouble they might be in and the story flashes back and forth in time also following the present narrative as they figure out whether they can save themselves Humming with intellectual energy and grace The Night Climbers portrays people at their most impressionable when the intensity of early relationships stand to define their lives forever Seductive and sinister The Night Climbers is an exciting debut by a talented young writer It was a chore finishing this book I love reading books with Oxford or Cambridge as the setting and I guess that was the main reason for choosing this book I never warmed to any of the characters I found a lot of the writing ponderous I can not recall finding any pleasure reading this but I kept on reading as I continue thinking that there might be something on the next page or next chapter to rescue it theres a reason i have a books claiming to be just like secret history shelf and this book is it its not a bad book; the story is engaging and fast paced but at every turn there are too many parallels to one of the best novels ever written without the effortless grace of tartt it just makes me want to reread secret history like right now The Night Climbers wears its influences on its sleeve so clearly that the sole uote displayed on the cover proclaims 'Lapped up The Secret History? Then this one's for you' Obviously I had to read it as soon as possible However now I've finished it I'm wondering about that context of that uote and whether the reviewer who wrote it meant it as a complimentIt's ironic that a significant element of the plot involves the protagonist forging a copy of a valuable work of art because this book is a virtual facsimile of The Secret History James the narrator now a successful barrister receives a visit from an old friend which stirs up unwanted memories of his days at Cambridge university In flashbacks we see how the younger James found himself inducted into a close knit group known as the Night Climbers because they scale the roofs of Cambridge's buildings after dark although this isn't much than an incidental detail in the end The group is led by decadent wealthy Francis and typically James who comes from a less impressive background though in this case 'less impressive' means he still went to private school he just isn't filthy rich feels like something of an outsider and is completely enthralled by his new friends And then SOMETHING TERRIBLE happens and the group is torn apart etc etc You know the drillThe writing is erudite but somehow soulless It's not dissimilar to Tartt's but where a better writer might have been able to push beyond the obvious influence and make something great out of it as was the case with Naomi Alderman's The Lessons here it just feels like a pastiche It seems like the sort of thing you might come out with at the beginning of a creative writing course with about 5 metaphors and similes on every page There isn't anything specifically wrong with the plot and there are actually lots of great scenes with Cambridge evoked rather well although I could have done without the name dropping of every shop road landmark etc However the characters aren't at all likeable and James in particular was someone I just couldn't warm toI'm aware that the author was only about 25 when this book was published and some respect is due for that; it's simply an immature debut and maybe he will write something much better in years to come I couldn't hate this book because it dealt with a lot of themes and situations I will always be fascinated by However ultimately it's just another mediocre rip off of a superior novel Why did I keep reading this? I hoped the mysteryplot would outweigh the ponderous self serving egotistical characters In the end however I realized that I had spent too much time with despicable shallow people With a narrator whose only relationships are with anonymous prostitutes and whose main hobby is pornography I as a reader was hoping for some transformation by the end What I got was a pathetic picture of Cambridge scholars with too much money and too little sense of morality goodness or compassion The final line Iprayed I could learn to want the right things was not enough evolution for me

  • Hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • The Night Climbers A Novel
  • Ivo Stourton
  • English
  • 16 October 2014
  • 9781416948698

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