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Mercy Inn Three wayward souls Two angels One inn of mercySarah Rose walked away from fame and fortune at the height of her country music career after the death of her husband twenty two years ago but when she begins to feel the desire to create again one fear is stopping her Will she face it or return to hidingBrad Hamilton chased his dream of playing major league baseball to the detriment of everything else including his family Deep down he knows he doesn't deserve a second shot at love but when he finds himself drawn to Sarah can he get past his guilt to pursue herMegan Cahill has never allowed her wheelchair to stop her from living the life she wants But as a sopho in college financial problems are limiting her options for the immediate future Will she let her guard down to let people know she needs helpAs all three strangers travel on a lonesome Colorado highway at Christmastime they are forced to take shelter during a snowstorm at Mercy Inn a place that only a limited number of people can seeWill the two innkeepers who just happen to be angels be successful in helping Sarah Brad and Megan to face their respective roadblocks and set them on a new course Or will fear guilt and pride win the day

2 thoughts on “Mercy Inn

  1. Sharon Paavola Sharon Paavola says:

    This tender novel by Lee Warren warmed my heart and will remain in my collection of Christmas books What can you ask for with angels snowstorms and individuals lost in life and at the happiest time of year? The author develops his characters right before your eyes and draws you into their lives with adeptness Each one seeks their own gift and possibly two angels hold exactly what they need Check into the Mercy Inn cozy up to the fire and lift your spirits by reading this rich and uniue novel You will add it to your Christmas collection tooI received a copy of Mercy Inn from Lee Warren the author and I have given my honest opinion here in my review

  2. Andrea Huelsenbeck Andrea Huelsenbeck says:

    Three diverse travelers all of them struggling with personal issues get caught in a late December blizzard and take refuge in a collection of cabins—an inn that doesn’t appear on any lodging maps of the area Soon a power outage forces them to move into the lodge where the managers live even though they’d all rather be alone in their misery The rest of the novella tells how they reached out to one another and helped each other out of the emotional rut they were in It’s a great conceptI was a little disappointed with the writing though for lacking sparkle And at least one part was a little far fetched when the country singer about to make a comeback offers the young disabled woman who’s studying to be a dental hygienist a job as her personal manager because of her social media savvy at a six figure salary Really?I also wish Warren hadn’t revealed the true identity of the innkeepers angels to the reader so early on Better to drop a hint at the conclusionNevertheless Mercy Inn is worth a read as a Christmas diversion

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