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London Entangle Me #7 Finally a HEAWhen I first started reading this series I didn't know it was a serial with no happy resolutions until the very end This is the final story of the Entangle Me series My heart is breaking for Lacey London nor Edmund was the answer to her broken heart Just as she decides to make a change Tristan finally decides that being with her is important than his fears and the bro code It seems as if it took forever but Lacey got her happily ever after with her soul mate Great seriesI love reading any series o can and this one was wonderful with many ups and downs It was very realistic and made you want to keep getting the next book Can't wait for the next series That was a stunningly fantastic way to end the series I hated all of the pain Lacey put herself through but I loved watching her grow discover herself and overcome her fears And I adored watching her find her true love along the wayI received a complimentary advanced copy of this book I loved the whole series of Entangled from the first to the last I loved Lacey an Tristan s Love story how feisty she is an how gruff he is I was so happy when he flew to London to get her I will be watching for your new books Did they or didn't they When Lacey Ryan went to Las Vegas to plan her brother's wedding she knew she would be forced to spend time with her ex boss and ex lover Tristan Keys But that's okay she knows better than to get entangled again with the prickly hunk that she still harbours feelings forLittle does she know that she is about to get herself entangled in the biggest way possible Find out how it all ends in the thrilling conclusion to the international wedding romance series Didn't want the book to end hopefully Maggie will write the wedding of Tristan Lacey Read the whole collection in 4 days Couldn't put them down FINAL BOOK IN SERIES London is the seventh and final book in the Entangle Me series The series centers on Lacey who is a wedding planner based in Sydney Australia and Tristan While this can be read as a standalone as the story concludes in this book you really need to read the entire series in order to experience all the ups and downs of Lacey and Tristan There is sex in this book so 18Lacey is trying to move on with a new relationship with Edmund This is a uick read but filled with real emotions She has moved to London to be with him but her heart and head are having problems being happy with him and her new life She gave up being close to her family friends as well as her wedding planning business to join him in London But is she cut out for her new life? Can she truly be happy here?I am sad to see this series end as I have really enjoyed reading these books Finally Loved the ending This book is London A Wedding Planner Romance book 7 in the Entangle Me series written by Maggie Way Once again Ms Way had me completely enthralled and now leaves me with a happy sigh and a book hangover I loved every dirty gritty minutes of this series Start with number one and keep reading This is an provided by the authorA rough introduction to this series Entangle Me is about Lacey a wedding planner who found out that her fiance cheated on her before their wedding day She wanted to confront her ex fiance but she passed out in front of her brother's best friend Tristan Tristan kept watch of Lacey and offer her a job as a wedding planner but instead of planning weddings locally she will help clients planned overseas weddings if they reuest to Lacey has a partner and best friend name Gabe HE plays a big role in the book by standing by Lacey whenever she made a decision SO all the series in the book are about their overseas wedding plannings and relationship development between Tristan and Lacey Book 7 London conclude the series I was expecting some angst drama between Lacey and Tristan but sadly there aren't much going on between them Overall conclusion It's a fine book If you like books that are about international weddings wedding plannings then you might want to consider this series Loved this book I was on the edge of my seat through the whole book wondering what would happen next I could not put it down Maggie had me feeling like I was in London with Lacey she gave me a great picture of London along with everything that Lacey was feeling

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Maggie Way is the USA Today Bestselling Author who hails from Sydney Australia She loves drinking ridiculous amounts of wine making her own beauty products from scratch and traveling around the world while munching on cheese and chocolate She lives with her real life happily ever after while fantasizing about all her hot fictional book boyfriends on the side She is also mommy to a little Ma

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