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Every Pretty Thing Darby McCormick #7 She came to find her friend Instead she found a killer Serial killer expert Darby McCormick gets a call from FBI Agent Jackson Cooper who has been contacted by a woman who's been in hiding for twenty yearsShe was one of the only survivors of a murderer who has been carving a dark path across America for decades Cooper believes he may have tracked this psychopath to the wilds of Montana Now he needs Darby's help to bring him in But when she arrives Cooper has vanished without a trace Something is very wrong and as the trail goes cold Darby is all alone in a strange town stalked by an unseen predator who wants to add another victim to his collectionPraise for Chris Mooney'One of the best thriller writers working today' Lee Child'Chris Mooney is a wonderful writer Compelling thrilling and touching'Michael Connelly'Harrowing gripping haunting' Harlan Coben'It will keep you up past your bedtime' Karin Slaughter'A scary breakneck ride with thrills that never let up' Tess Gerritsen

About the Author: Chris Mooney

Hailed as “one of the best thriller writers working today” by Lee Child and “a wonderful writer” by Michael Connelly Chris Mooney is the international bestselling author of twelve novels most recently The Snow Girls His fourth book The Missing the first in the Darby McCormick series was a main selection of the International Book of the Month Club and an instant bestseller in over thirteen c

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  1. Mary Beth Mary Beth says:

    This is the seventh book in the Darby McCormick SeriesI loved the first book The Missing in this series and when I saw this on Netgalley I had to get it and I am so happy that I did This can be read as a stand alone but I would at least start with the first book so that you get to know the characters now I will be going back to book two through book six and I am really looking forward to it It's intense and full of thrilling drama It grabs you by the collar and takes you along for a crazy ride This was full of action with twists and turns that just made my jaw drop and the final twist left me speechless This is a gripping and haunting read This is such a fast paced read it gripped a hold of me and would not let go for anything in the world until i read every last word This was not predictable I was guessing all the way to the endThe character development is really great Darby's character is awe inspiring and tough to the bone Part vigilante and part profiler Darby has a knack for hunting down the bad guys but few ever get taken alive The book starts by introducing Karen a survivor She is trying to find a serial killer named Red Ryder who killed her whole family Then the author introduces Darby and Cooper Cooper invites Darby to Montana when Darby gets there Cooper is gone and has disappeared and she can find no trace of him Alone in a strange town Darby tries to find her friend and gradually manages to piece together Cooper's investigation However someone is watching her and she is really not safe Who can she trust to help her? This was just filled with suspenseThis is a gritty nail biting edge of your seat thriller I just wanted this book to go on and on and didn't want it to endI highly recommend this for serial killer lovers or those that love a good mystery and thrillerI want to thank Netgalley the publisher and the author for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  2. Paromjit Paromjit says:

    This is a fast paced serial killer thriller by Chris Mooney It is the seventh in the Darby McCormick series of which I have read a couple but it serves perfectly fine as a standalone Darby is a successful serial killer hunter with an enviable reputation It begins with the tragic history of Karen Decker whose entire family was wiped out by Red Ryder a serial killer She herself was shot multiple times by him Subseuently her life spiraled out of control as she made suicide attempts and got caught up in substance abuse She then got in the habit of informing the FBI about a myriad of sightings of Red Ryder that proved to be so unreliable that they stopped taking her seriously Darby's good friend FBI agent Jackson Cooper calls her reuesting her expertise and help in Montana with no further informationOn arriving in Montana Darby finds that Cooper is nowhere to be found However she does happen to spot that her hotel room is being set up with monitoring euipment It turns out that this is being carried out by the FBI who are interested in what she knows Noel an FBI agent tells her that Cooper was planning to meet up with Karen with reference to a sighting of Red Ryder that appeared to be unlikely Unfortunately Karen is also missing With the help of Noel Darby retraces Cooper's footsteps as she investigates what happened to the missing pair In the meantime a killer has her in his sights as her every move is observed and Darby begins to wonder if there is anyone she can trust This is a story of great twists as Darby walks into dangerous and deadly territoryThe author has penned an action fuelled story with plenty of suspense and tension It is well written and keeps the reader hooked with ease The character of Darby has depth than you might get from some others who write in this genre I really loved the book but as on other occasions with other Chris Mooney books I find his endings don't seem to work as well with me It is what stops me giving the full five stars I am aware that this is not an issue with most other readers Other than that I think other crime fiction readers will enjoy reading this Many thanks to Penguin Michael Joseph for an ARC

  3. Lou Lou says:

    In Every Pretty Thing serial killer hunter Darby McCormick finds herself in Montana looking for a friend Little does she realise that a murderer is waiting for her She came to find her friend Instead she found a killer Serial killer expert Darby McCormick gets a call from FBI Agent Jackson Cooper who has been contacted by a woman who's been in hiding for twenty years She was one of the only survivors of a murderer who has been carving a dark path across America for decades Cooper believes he may have tracked this psychopath to the wilds of Montana Now he needs Darby's help to bring him in But when she arrives Cooper has vanished without a trace Something is very wrong and as the trail goes cold Darby is all alone in a strange town stalked by an unseen predator who wants to add another victim to his collection Every Pretty Thing is the first book I have read by Chris Mooney but will be reading the other books in the series from the start due to how much I enjoyed this one This is the seventh book in the Darby McCormick series so I am looking forward to reading the first six I feel this is going to be another great series that I eagerly await I will add that this book can definitely read as a standalone without being confusing to the reader but as always it's probably best when you read a series from the beginning It is not essential howeverThe story is fast paced and enthralling It pulls you in and you just keep reading page after page I was hooked from the beginning and will have you on the edge of your seat the action starts right away A gripping psychological thriller that is exciting and engaging and a title that anyone interested in the genre will undoubtedly enjoyThere are lots of twists and turns throughout the book and intriguing characters and although some of the storylines can sometimes be a little unbelievable and far fetched but it doesn't take away from the plot in my mind it is still a fantastic read Darby is a feisty gritty and determined character which adds a lot to the book She does appear to have very bad luck though as murder seems to follow her aroundA highly recommended read for thriller lovers It has received praise from some well known well loved crime writers such as Lee Child Michael Connolly Harlan Coben Karin Slaughter and Tess Gerritsen Lee Child touts him as ' One of the best thriller writers working today' High praise indeedI received an ARC of this book in exchange for an impartial review I would like to thank Penguin UK Michael JosephChris Mooney and NetGalley for providing my copy

  4. Emma Emma says:

    It only took me a few hours to blaze my way through this book; it's bloody dark as hell and seriously twisted Needless to say I loved it Darby McCormick has hit my favourites list with this one; she's totally badass than a little psychotic and is dispatching serial killers with efficiency than the electric chair It's all silly and extreme but i'm happy to be along for the ride ARC via Netgalley

  5. Linda Strong Linda Strong says:

    Darby McCormick has killed people than any other law enforcement in the country She is a serial killer hunter and she's very very good at her jobShe receives a call from FBI Agent Jackson Cooper He is on his way to Montana to meet a woman who's been in hiding for years This woman was the only survivor of a serial killer who has been active for many years across the country Jackson wants Darby's help and expertise to being this murderer downHowever when Darby gets to this small Montana town Cooper has gone missing So has the woman he came to see Law enforcement doesn't seem to care and Darby finds herself alone in a strange townCoop's car is found at the bottom of a ravine but the dead body inside is not Cooper Someone has gone through a lot of trouble to make it look like a car accident but who is the man behind the wheel? And why is he carrying all of Coop's identification?Things just get confusing when FBI Agents show up they say that Cooper wasn't on a case he was on a skiing vacation Darby believes that he may have found the killer but something dark and twisted has happenedIf you've been a follower of this particular series you are in for a treat If you haven't I would highly recommend you start with Book 1 and do some marathon reading This one works okay as a stand alone but it would be much exciting to have the history of what has gone on beforeDarby makes a terrific series character She's finely drawn and not without issues that's she's always worked to overcome She seems almost fearless in her hunt for serial killers Non stop action along with twists and turns guarantees the reader won't want to put the book down until the end and what an ending it isMany thanks to the author Penguin UK Michael Joseph Netgalley for the advanced copy of this book The opinion expressed here is unbiased and entirely my own

  6. Purple Country Girl (Sandy) Purple Country Girl (Sandy) says:

    Thanks to Penguin UK Michael Joseph Netgalley and Chris Mooney for the opportunity to read this e ARC in exchange for an honest reviewEvery Pretty Thing is the seventh book in the Darby McCormick series but it is my first It worked fine for me as a standalone but there is some history that would have made things a little clearer and would have provided depth so some readers may want to start at the beginning That said the missing details did not affect my enjoyment of the book but it definitely makes me want to read the previous books It is a fact paced wild ride with a pretty kick ass protagonist Darby McCormick is a serial killer hunter said to have killed people than anyone else in US law enforcement When her friend FBI Agent Jackson Cooper Coop asks for help with a case in Montana she agrees with very little information from Coop to fly to Montana and give him whatever help he needs When she gets there however Coop is nowhere to be seen and she is unable to get in touch with him Soon after her arrival she observes several men bugging and setting up cameras in her hotel room As Darby is a total bad ass she surprises the men and beats them up Turns out they are federal agents and she is taken into custody by the local police for handing their behinds to themFBI Agent Noel Covington arrives at the police station and is tasked with interrogating Darby He tells her that Coop is missing and grills her to find why Coop asked her to come to Montana and to see if she’s had any recent contact with him She has no idea why Coop wanted her there and she knows the FBI agent is keeping information from her All Darby wants is to find Coop Noel eventually fills Darby in on why Coop was in Montana He’d been sent by the FBI to look for Karen Decker one of only a few survivors of the vicious Red Ryder serial killer who was active in the late 1970s After watching him murder her parents Karen was shot multiple times by the Red Ryder but far from feeling like a fortunate survivor Karen suffered greatly after the attack Substance abuse issues and multiple suicide attempts followed Then she started looking for the Red Ryder sending letters to the FBI with sightings accusing innocent people of being the killer and getting arrested when she turned violent Her last letter after seven years of silence was sent a month ago while Noel was on vacation The letter held claims that she had finally found him and she included evidence Noel after so many letters like this didn’t take it seriously at first but eventually asked Coop to go look for Karen in the small town of Fort Jefferson MT Then Coop disappeared and apparently Karen as wellThe pace and suspense never let up as Darby and Noel try to find out what happened to both Coop and Karen and they can't help wondering if they are going to run into the Red Ryder though he’d probably be in his 70s by now but once a killer always a killer There are so many twists and turns in this dark page turner that keep the tension taut and the reader flipping the pages The characters are fantastic fleshed out and real I love Darby's character What I love most besides the fact that she can take out men twice her size and is super intelligent is that she is a strong female character with attitude but unlike so many so called tough females she is not a complete harpy; she is a fascinating character with a lot of depth I grow weary of seeing a blurb that a female is strong only to have her to be prickly and abrasive with little else to her personality Thank you Chris Mooney for this wonderful female character Why 4 stars instead of 5? I did think this was going to be my first 5 star read of 2017 until the resolution I found it a little hard to believe I won’t go as far as saying far fetched but it’s not what I was expecting and I’m still not sure how I feel about it I still thoroughly enjoyed the rest of Every Pretty Thing and plan to read the beginning of the series and will definitely read the future installments Mooney is definitely an author to try if you like well written dark thrillers with a strong intelligent and capable female protagonist

  7. Zoe Mann Zoe Mann says:

    'Every Pretty Thing' by Chris Mooney has left me desperately hungry for I have never been so terrified gripped and totally blindsided when reading a book before It is a psychological thriller of the highest standard which will leave you unable to put it down but not wanting it to end It is the 7th instalment in the Darby McCormick series but the first I have ever read in the series and the author 'Every Pretty Thing' follows Dr McCormick who is renowned for her excellent skills of hunting down serial killers Her FBI partner Cooper has reuested her assistance in Montana but won't give her any information on the case until she arrives Once in Montana Cooper is nowhere to be found The FBI aren't happy with McCormick's presence and believe she knows than she is letting on A search for Cooper begins and McCormick begins to discover why it was he wanted her in Montana It has to do with the Red Ryder a serial killer who has never been caught or identified still do this day There is so much to the story but I don't want to give anything away as the way you are drip fed information and the twists is what makes this book a 5 star read The character development and how their relationships develop throughout is impeccable It had everything I could ever want in a novel Thank you to netgalley and the publisher Michael Joseph penguin UK for an e copy in return for an honest review

  8. Elaine Tomasso Elaine Tomasso says:

    I would like to thank Netgalley and Penguin for an advance copy of Every Pretty Thing the 7th Darby McCormick serial killer hunter novelDarby is working in New Hampshire when her friend Jackson Cooper asks her to go to Montana to help him With what she doesn't know but the reader does Karen Decker escaped death at the hands of the Red Ryder serial killer almost 30 years previously and has spent her life trying to find him She sends word to the FBI that she has finally found him Unfortunately having been there before they don't take her very seriously and Coop goes to talk to her in an unofficial capacity a good few weeks after she contacts them By the time Darby gets there both Coop and Melissa French Karen's alias have disappearedObviously loosely based on the Zodiac killer of the 70s Red Ryder gave up killing and communicating with the press in San Francisco many years ago but is he still alive and has he really stopped killing? Darby tends to think he is and has only changed his MO I thoroughly enjoyed Every Pretty Thing but I expected to as I am a long term fan of Mr Mooney's writing The plot zings along and Darby kicks ass What could you ask for? It's great entertainmentThere is hardly a dull moment in the novel with twist upon twist until a rather unbelievable but exciting conclusion which I didn't see coming In fact most of the twists were a surprise to me and ramped up the tension as I wondered what was coming next 1010 to Mr Mooney for an imaginative clever plotDarby is as usual a great protagonist She is smart caring and deadly if provoked And she never gives up She also has problems with authority so she doesn't get on with or trust the FBI who are also looking for Coop but for his body The stand offs between Darby and the FBI are clever and put you in Darby's corner every timeEvery Pretty Thing is a great one sitting read and I have no hesitation in recommending it as such

  9. Lee Lee says:

    Once again another good book from Chris Mooney the seventh in the series Darby is asked by her friend Jackson Cooper to assist him with a case in Montana but he does not provide a lot of information or details When Darby arrives she discovers that Cooper has disappeared and she is left to investigate the case and what has happened Here we are provided with a dark tale full of tension that is initially a little slow but then the pace picks up considerably This was an enjoyable read that leaves you waiting for Mooney's next piece of work one that I will be looking forward to Thank you to Netgalley and the author for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  10. Mort Mort says:

    For my personal taste the upper echelon of crime thriller writers are Slaughter Kellerman Connelly Lehane Coben and Kerley Mooney needs to be added to this listIf you are familiar with Darby McCormick and her complicated relationship with FBI agent Jackson Cooper skip this paragraph Darby is a serial killer expert and a cop with the highest kill rate in the country She has her own moral compass and at the risk of sounding sexist one tough cookie She is friends with Coop trusts him completely and is secretly in love with him but her track record with the FBI is not good and for the sake of his career and their friendship they do not pursue a relationshipThe book begins with a woman one of only two survivors of a notorious serial killer in the seventies known as Red Ryder who reaches out to law enforcement because she believes she has finally tracked him down after 38 tears If you know a little about crime history you will see the parallel Red Ryder has with the Zodiac KillerAnd then it gets interestingCoop contacts Darby tells her he is on an unofficial case and asks her to join him in a few days When she arrives he has disappearedWith the help of Homeland Security Agent Noel Covington someone she doesn't really trust but who allows her to stick around Darby sets out to find Coop before it is too late But could it be too late already?The atmosphere in this book can be heavy at times with the Montana snow the bureaucracy and constant dead ends but it is EXACTLY what this story needs I think this story was absolutely brilliant The pacing is great the twists unpredictable and best of all the ending superbIf you are a thriller fan and you haven't read Chris Mooney yet get off your ass and do something about it RIGHT NOW

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