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The Nonesuch 35I feel cheated by the abrupt ending It doesn't even end with the two main characters That being said it surprised me how much I enjoyed this book There is no real plot one could point out The Nonesuch's strength are its charactersSome of them are adorably lovely I loved Julian some hilariously childish and greedy Laurie gossipy and mean some of the village matrons goodhearted Mrs Underhill Miss Trent's employer and some will drive you crazy Tiffany I don't even want to give her attention than she deserves most characters gave her than enough attention in the book As for the love story it kind of feels as if Heyer forgot to explain or at least show why would Sir Waldo fall for Ancilla Trent I liked her but I got to read her thoughts He didn't have thatStill even with the flaws I had lots of fun with these characters Contains spoilers 45 starsThings I loved1 Sir Waldo I mean what's not to like?? He's handsome rich athletic virtuous idolized and a PHILANTHROPIST Finally a perfect hero who doesn't cringe at the mere mention of paupers He wants his newly inherited estate Broom Hall to become a school for young orphan boys Needless to say he won my deepest respect from the first and managed to keep it2 Ancilla Trent I LOVED HER She was absolutely amazing She was so genteel elegant and sensible and remained so throughout the story even when she thought that she was being heedless because Sir Waldo had the disconcerting ability to throw her into flutters “ She decide that her wisest course would be to put him out of her mind After reaching this conclusion she lay thinking about him until at last she fell asleep” I felt extremely bad for her having to watch over that abominable wild cat known as Tiffany3 Their first meeting It was BeauTiFul Sparks flew all the way You could feel the electricity in the air when they first looked upon each other It was very well done “Their eyes met both pairs gray hers very cool and clear his faintly smiling” 4 Lord Lindeth ending up with Miss Chartley; they were both my favourite secondary characters and as soon as it was hinted at that they had the possibility of becoming a couple I was all Oh please please Miss Heyer Please have the presence of mind to make them end up together To the devil with Tiffany I was immensely scared that Tiffany would win Lindeth5 Miss Chartley She was awesome from the few glimpses we had of her I loved the episode in Leeds Way to go Patience She deserved a lot attention than she got from the characters and from Miss Heyer and should’ve been into the spotlight than annoying vexatious Tiffany 6 Sir Waldo and Miss Trent waltzing With you or no one Gasp SWOON7 The simple plot As much as I enjoy Heyer’s overpacked plots of cross dressingduelsgamblingdrinkingelopements with wealthy handsome noblemen wearing wigs and mincing around on high heels carrying fans I really liked the calmer country feel good atmosphere of a good ol’ Regency comedy of manners taking place under the oh so hot sun of a Yorkshire summer8 The Regency slang Heyer went full out in this one Most of the time it was pretty easy to use the context to determine the meaning of wordssentences but I admit that there were a few instances when I didn’t particularly understand what was being said But overall I really enjoyed it Heyer sure knew how to write Some of my favourite “chuckfarthing fellow” “Town Tulip” “Top of the Trees” “nambypamby nonsense” “ninny hammer” and my new favourite expression “making a cake of oneself” Things that annoyed me 1 Tiffany She was just plainly atrociously INTOLERABLE As much as I appreciate villains and selfish shallow characters she was just too muchAnd the fact that she was beautiful only made it worse She didn’t deserve it Which brings me to2 Every Single Man dangling around her It was so irritating to hear of so and so going after Miss Wield and so and so being jealous and then Sir Waldo yes Sir Waldo giving her encouragement from time to time Of course we know that he is by no means taking in with her but still I would have loved to hear instead that he was the one man who refrained from flirting with her even if he wanted to “teach her a lesson”3 Speaking of which she never does learn her lesson She gets what she wants in the end SHE GOES TO LONDON Well I was only glad for the sake of everyone else particularly the Staples folk that they were to be rid of her4 Miss Trent pretending that she isn’t in love with the Nonesuch when he proposes to her because she thinks he has a bunch of illegitimate children Of all the absurdities And what was very upsetting the fact that she WON’T ASK HIM POINT BLANK WHAT EXACLTY IT MEANS THAT HE HAD WRETCHED BRATS Ah I know that she was very picky with the proprieties but come on She could have found a way to ask him tactfully what was up But no Instead he had to be rejected when it had been so obvious that he was as virtuous and straitlaced as she was and so profoundly in love with her Poor Sir Waldo5 As much as I love the Regency and its customs and manners I can’t help but being a trifle annoyed at the exaggeration as to what is sometimes considered an “impropriety” No lady can do anything by herself but God forbid she asks the help of any gentleman for she is sure then of being reproached of setting her cap at him which would be even worse That part when some of the old matrons are gossiping about how Miss Trent is trying to catch Sir Waldo was too much to bear All because they danced twice Oh my Lord How improper and he lead her on his arm to supper and then later in the evening wrapped a shawl around her It wasn’t as though they were seen making out on the terrace And besides as it never occurred to them that hum hello maybe the reason for Sir Waldo’s singling Miss Trent out might be that he is IN LOVE WITH HER??? Why else would he flirt with the governess??6 The word lief It was decidedly over used I don’t mind the abuse of “devil” or “devilish” or “damn” or “dash” but if I come across “lief” again Argh7 The fact that we are never given any insight into Sir Waldo’s developing passion for Miss Trent We all know he’s falling for her and as much as I appreciate Heyer’s “show don’t tell” I would have liked a tad bit of what was going on inside his head We read about Miss Trent’s developing feelings so why not his? I wanted to know from his perspective why he had fallen in love with Ancilla We got what Laurie thought on the matter Like who cared about Laurie right??8 The ending If I can even call it that I know Heyer loves to wrap things up pretty uickly as though she thinks that after the hero and heroine have kissed it’s time to end the story as uickly as she can lest she should be tempted to get them into bed action LOL I don’t think so I’m kidding she wouldn’t but really?? That was exaggerated A little bit interaction between the two lovers after they are agreed to get married I am reviewing the book right now but I still feel like I haven’t finished itWhen all’s said and done however my annoyances weren’t so profound as to out weigh my overall enjoyment of The Nonesuch The book was a marvel Whatever I’m going to read next might seem pretty poor after this At the age of five and thirty Sir Waldo Hawkridge wealthy handsome eligible illustrious and known as The Nonesuch for his athletic prowess and when he comes north to inspect his unusual inheritance at Broom Hall in the West Riding his arrival leads to the most entertaining of ramifications COD’s head nodcock rumgumption canker toplofty coxcomb chuckle headed ninnyhammered fubsy faced widgeon fribble chuck farthing miff maff sapskull baffle headed clunch Who couldn’t enjoy a book with such colourful language? I really enjoyed this story Tiffany was an absolute pain in the arse Many people couldn't stand Tiffany She's hands down the most nasty female character I've read in Heyer's universe Maybe because I'd been prepared by people's irritation of her I found Tiffany's absolute self absorption and selfishness very entertaining Every scene with her whether it's throwing temper tantrum or merely opening her mouth gave me a good laugh Reading men of uality falling prey to her beauty until they were hit by her nasty temper and came out of the stupor was fun than reading the subdued romance between Sir Waldo and Miss Trent and it didn't help that the misunderstanding between them toward the end seemed a bit forced to me What did irritate me a little was Miss Trent's ever present impulse to feel sorry and to patch things up for this heartless Tiffany With her constant thinking she's just a child you'd think Tiffany was a 6 year old instead of a young woman ready for the marriage market That's why it's so satisfying in the end when Miss Trent tried but FAILED to stop Sir Waldo from giving Tiffany a long overdue stern set down But this ending Ugh It's better than Heyer's Black Sheep but not by much It kills me that I'll never know how Tiffany reacted to Sir Waldo's brilliant crushing words With Laurence cheering Sir Waldo on that would've been such a delicious readTo me the story could've been tighter More than once I found myself skimming through lengthy thoughts of some minor characters 35 stars Real Rating 45 of fiveThat was a most satisfying ending indeed The way we went around and about I wondered how we'd ever reach the stables Trust Ma Heyer whispered the Ghost of Horrible Absent never would she lead you astrayand leave you thereYes Horrible yes indeed you're correct as always A delicious ride A delightful end place A read to be savored as much in memory as in experience Ancilla and Tiffany getting their just deserts makes the fate of the Nonesuch so much appealing The Nonesuch is a reread for me It has long been a favorite with its comedy of errors Regency era country setting colorful characters and even colorful use of Regency Cant The Nonesuch defies convention and provides a nearly perfect hero to entice and beguile the reader Waldo is perfection but he is engaging and wins hearts by his very nature He is all that and at the top of his game but he is kind and giving as well as shrewd and worldly wise He guides his two younger relations and even a few others while attempting his first real courtship He's the cool guy and the alpha male without all the draw backsMeanwhile the lady Waldo chooses to favor Ancilla is in great doubt of his perfections and manages to disbelieve or misrepresent him due to her own self doubt Ancilla is a superior lady but she has fallen on hard times and must be employed as a spoilt young beauty's companion It is the difference in their status and wealth that make her doubt the most and believe the worst And I get it reputation is of great importance when you work for a living and are at the mercy of othersHeyer fills the story with a series of sparkling wit laugh out loud comedic moments but spares the reader some of the dashing about that can appear Her focus is on a mature couple finding love but also a gaggle of young people coming of age who need to be steered right On the side there is the story of a second cousin of Waldo's who is on the brink of ruin and must decide on which side he'll landSide note a second reading did not render little spoilt Tiffany any less noisome She really did need a comeuppance and I had no sympathy for her poor little rich girl only child no one to guide her when she was young issuesI love this story but if it has a fault it's the abrupt ending It literally just stops The reader is left in no doubt about the main plot threads but there is no denouement to appreciate itBut as always I come away with a smile and a happy sigh for another of the author's ueenish works 2019 Review 3 starsWell I always say that third time is the charm when it comes to reading Heyer I bet by my fourth read I will be contemplating five starsBraced for The Nonesuch's numerous perfections I wasn't as thrown off by them I also didn't feel uite as frustrated by the stupid misunderstanding that kept him and Ancilla apart near the endStill the story needed moments of them as a couple and less of the annoying young people that surround them Even the last chapter veers away from the kiss and promise to wed in favor of antics on the part of the willful heiress and the weaseling cousin 2019 Review 2 starsUnlike most of Heyer's novels I read The Nonsesuch and did not return I could not precisely remember why I did not enjoy it but I did not That was enough As my memory grew vague the only thing I could account for the distaste was that the hero must be a womanizer I didn't have much taste for womanizers at 17 But oh It turned out to be much much worse He's a paragon of virtue He builds ORPHANAGES He pays his cousins' bills out of the goodness of his heart He falls in love with a governess and thinks nothing of social status He is so freaking flawless that it is no fun Ancilla falls in the mold of the older Heyer heroines but she is much too reserved to be likable Even knowing her heart it is hard to love her Pity This is closer to Austen than Heyer with the village polite semi gentry uite different from Heyer's usual environment I'll read it again I find it usually takes 4 reads to reconcile me to Heyer's characters Read 2 has not done it2011 ReviewThe Nonesuch by Georgette Heyer was in a word or two rather disappointing It looked like a fun plot with of a male main character but I was wrong on both accounts Not that the plot wasn't fun but it lacked what I've come to expect from Heyer The plot was rather simplistic dare I say far fetched? without the usual hilarious irony I've come to expect The characters also suffered somewhat on them in a momentAncilla Trent though once from a noble family now lives as the companiongoverness in the home of a wealthy widow caring for the woman's niece Tiffany Weild Tiffany is beautiful spoiled petted wealthy and completely untamable Only Ms Trent has been able to control the ambitious brat When Sir Waldo Hawkridge dubbed The Nonesuch for his sporting abilities and the talk of London inherits a run down estate from a distant cousin he decides to visit there meeting the spoiled Beauty and her governess What follows is pretty much a love story between Ancilla and Sir Waldo Sir Waldo's nephew Lord Lindeth shows up falls in and out of love a few times and pretty much just adds to the romantic plot in general Another cousin of even less interest shows up flirts around a bit and attempts to be useful Overall I found them all disapointing Ancilla is not really memorable a bit like the main character from Persuasion She's very virtuous which I rather liked yet young cleverand rather boring She falls in love with Sir Waldo but it really isn't uite believable I guess the plot just lackedsomething All the romances tied up neatly with supringly little issues In fact the climax was so easily overcome I was uite suprised to find the book over The ending was abruptI'm just going to take a stagger and guess she wrote this early on It holds hints of the wonderful work Heyer is capable of but isn't her best I'd much rather reccomend The Grand Sophy or Cotillion Georgette Heyer the lady whose impeccable writing skill wasisstill second to noneI’m torn about rating this one on one hand the main couple was terrific and I loved them to bits but on the other hand this book has THE most annoying character I’ve ever met in Regency novels And I’m talking as someone who have endured Lydia Bennet in Pride Prejudice many times over Lydia doesn’t hold a candle to Miss Tiffany “I’m too beautiful for this world” WieldI wouldn’t have minded it her so much except that she was featured uite prominently throughout the story and with 3xx pages it got to the point where I had to skim her parts just to keep my will to finish Because like I said I wanted to finish Ancilla and Waldo deserved at least that from me Oh they were wonderful both as a couple and also as individualsrating ★★★½ Still timeless a wonderful pick me up on a bad week but not uite a 5 star read for meThere was a part which felt like filler I couldn't uite see what made a top sawyer like Waldo fall for Ancilla so uickly I think a longer time frame would have made their romance convincingAlso I usually find GH's cant self explanatory but would love to know what crim con actually means on page 514 of this edition if I'd have had the sense to have taken off my barsI've read this novel at least 6 times previously don't recollect this it makes no sense to me A typo in this edition maybe?What I did like;Waldo himself his character charm philanthropyLike a couple of her other latter novels most notably the Black Sheep GH is accepting of characters in this case a secondary character being involved in trade rather than useless expensive ornaments view spoiler there is hope in the end that Laurence will become a decent citizen hide spoiler