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Savage Worlds Evernight Evernight is one part purposefully generic fantasy setting and one part reasonably interesting campaign though the latter is clearly than the sum of its parts The specific story beats are pretty good at the start then pretty terrible in the middle and passable at the end It's a bit of a shame that this book does little to uncover the potential lying in that campaign idea but it provides enough of a framework to try and tinker it to your needsFor that promise I add one star to the final rating making this a middle of the road 35 The first Savage Setting for our new game You've never seen fantasy this dark Fantasy heroes save the world every other week But what would happen if they failed Thats the uestion we ask in Evernight where sinister creatures from another worldsomething like the Mind Flayers of Dungeons Dragons but with sinister and mysterious technologyhave cast the world into darkness toppled civilization and taken over the known lands Evernight focuses on just one massive ruined city within this dark world In the City the Masters have slain most of the inhabitants and enslaved the rest The slaves exist but to feed the Masters and to build massive black monuments to their cruel overlords They struggle daily to survive in the cold and darkness made from giant smoke belching machines that blot out the sky But beneath the City small bands of refugees have retreated into ancient cavernsthe Warrens There they rally and plot to overthrow the Masters while avoiding the denizens of the underworld and the Masters brain dogs and mind seeking giant worms All the old favorites of your typical fantasy game are presentbrave paladins rangers thieves clerics and the rest but in a world unlike any the fantasy genre has ever seen before

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