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Dead Woman Walking 'Bolton is a gripping storyteller with fine haunted characters' Peter JamesJust before dawn in the hills near the Scottish border a man murders a young woman At the same time a hot air balloon crashes out of the sky There’s just one survivorShe’s seen the killer’s face – but he’s also seen hers And he won’t rest until he’s eliminated the only witness to his crimeAlone scared trusting no one she’s running to where she feels safe – but it could be the most dangerous place of all Traveling Sisters NetGalley Sister Review by Norma with Brenda and Kaceey’s thoughts4 stars for an extremely clever storyDEAD WOMAN WALKING by SHARON BOLTON is an action packed intense compelling and tension filled crime thriller novel that grabbed our attention right away with the uniue start to this story with a tragic incident involving a hot air balloon rideThe action starts off right away and had us using our detective skills uite early on trying to figure out the direction of the story and the motives of the dead woman walking  Norma’s thoughts  I personally like going into all my books blind as I like to try to figure out the direction of the story on my own with little detail as possible This one had me totally confused so I did have to read the synopsis after a few chapters in which didn’t really help me all that much still leaving me with uestions than answers  But I guess that is good though  We all had a little trouble connecting with the story at first and struggled with the multiple narratives and the plot jumping back and forth in time although it did create a constant sense of unease throughout this story though Sending Kaceey off in the wrong direction Norma asking uestions and finding out that she was heading in the right direction and leaving Brenda with a nagging feeling something is up here That's what made this a very interesting reading experience for us and where Sharon Bolton does her magic SHARON BOLTON delivers a cleverly and skillfully written story here giving us little information at first and dropping those clues so subtle into the plot and then pulling it all together in a heart stopping and thrilling endingTo sum it all up it was a gripping complex fast paced and an enjoyable read that will keep you guessing with all those twists and turns right to the dramatic ending Would recommendThank you so much to NetGalley St Martin’s Press and Sharon Bolton for the opportunity to read a copy of this book for a fair and honest reviewOur full Traveling Sister review along with Kaceey's thoughts can be found on your sister blog This is the latest novel from one of my favourite authors It is classic Bolton with her familiar trademark elements that readers love atmospheric and compelling writing great characters multiple threads and killer twists This is set primarily in Northumberland A surprise hot air balloon trip is Jessie's birthday gift to her beloved Isabel her sister and a practicing nun There are 13 people in the balloon including the pilot on this unluckiest of trips where a killer is observed in the act of committing murder Unfortunately he also sees them particularly Jessie assiduously taking photographs of him on her phone Everyone ends up dead except Jessie something the killer intends to rectify as he hunts her down Unable to go to the police there is to Jessie than we might expect as she fights to stay alive against all the oddsWe learn of Jessie's family history of an unexplained trauma that occurs that revolves around their brother Ned which Isabel refuses to speak of and Jessie's unhappiness when Isabel becomes a nun despite not being a believer Jessie is a freuent visitor to Wynding Priory through the years becoming closer to all the nuns The bond between the sisters is so close that Jessie gives voice to her fear that the death of Isabel will be the end of her The remarkably well informed killer is an adept and skilled hunter who it turns out has his own family trauma Detective Superintendent Ajax Maldonado of Northumbria police is in charge of investigating the Hot Air Balloon tragedy and when it becomes clear that Jessie is alive tries to locate her to discover what occurred With a rising body count disturbing fears of a yellow house in the north amongst migrants and the connections between the multiple threads becoming clearer there is a thrilling and tense finaleThis is a story of ghosts trauma obsession unreliable memories and what families will do for each other It outlines the horrors waiting to befall migrants and how a family history can come to be distorted It is about the difficulties of coming to terms with loss and grief There are sufficient clues to see some of the twists coming The short chapters make this a fast paced read whilst heightening the levels of tension and suspense The characters are well drawn and form the backbone of the novel I particularly loved the wonderful nuns who add some great comic touches to a dark story Just a fabulous book This is a must read for crime fans and I cannot recommend it highly enough Thanks to Random House Transworld for an ARC I'm very familiar with Bolton's work; so far I've read the Lacey Flint series as well as a handful of standalones and while Flint will always be a near and dear favorite Dead Woman Walking might just be her most enjoyable solitary book to date The blurb on the back is very brief which we all know I'm a fan of so you really haven't got a clue what to expect going in Don't read any reviews including this one if you're wanting to know absolutely nothing ahead of time; there will be no spoilers here but I always like to give fair warning for those wanting to keep an open mind and a clean palate before picking up the book If nothing else know that this was a mesmerizing thriller containing a slow burning mystery It was a perfect example of crime fiction featuring twisty characterization which makes it the perfect recommendation to anyone who likes the structure of a procedural with action and uick snippets of chaptersWhere to start when there are so many wonderful attributes to this novel? I love how the beginning chapters really hook us into the story; there's a large group of passengers on a hot air balloon and in the midst of their tour they are brought down in a terrorizing way where most of the people do not survive We find out early on who the culprits are which was a really nice addition As a reader I used to hate when the whodunnit was revealed early on but now that I've grown and matured a bit I've come to really appreciate the new aspect and vision this brings to a story As I stated above the characterization is fabulous this is one thing Bolton is known for and she doesn't shy away from writing about disturbing tendencies and creating dark characters even in her protagonists There are ever changing POVs and timelines in the narrative which kept me on my toes constantly trying to piece together this mystery of  the why and a deeper understanding of the how While it could get a bit confusing for some readers in the early stages by the time the middle to ending is reached everything clicks together to form a brilliant finale that blew me awayThere's a reason Sharon Bolton is not only a fan favorite on Goodreads but is so successful that her work has jumped the pond from the UK on our worldwide There seems to be a certain trademarked feel to her writing; I can't really describe it to someone who has never read her books because they don't really compare to anyone else I've read This uniue signature she bears in her work is what keeps readers coming back for with each book she writes If you're new to her work Dead Woman Walking is a great place to start She has managed to keep the suspense genre feeling fresh in a time where books being published feel stale and recycled The plot here genuinely confounded me and I have to say it was great to experience that blown away feeling you get when a book has truly kept you in the dark until the precise moment the author choses to reveal their secrets to you Highly recommended to all readers who love a thrilling plot with intriguing characters; I know I'll be thinking about those last few pages until her next book is publishedMany thanks to the publisher for providing my copy; it was a pleasure to provide my honest thoughts here  Wow I just loved this book and love Sharon Bolton Dead Woman Walking is filled with twists and turns ensuring that the reader is constantly second guessing wrongly in my case everything that is happening Bolton has crafted a brilliantly complex crime thriller which is exceptionally plotted out that had me on the edge of my seat throughout and at times holding my breath and a bit scared to read onjust fantastic Sharon Bolton was already close to the top of my must read author list and this outing has established her at the number one spot If you haven’t read any of her books where have you been? You really don’t know what you are missing Pitch perfect plotting and dialogue that seamlessly integrates with the characters and situation means that the readers are treated to a read that they won’t forget in a hurry A group of people enjoying a hot air balloon trip then they all witness something they shouldn't have and so begins an insane cat and mouse roller coaster ride After reading those first chapters I have been put off hot air balloons for life Jessica is the only survivor and she ends up in a complete and utter nightmare situation I was pretty much holding my breath the entire way through this book and just willing for Jessica to get to safety My absolute favorite aspect of this book which also added a bit of humor to the tale were the nuns and their crime busting theories This was a great touch and stopped the book being too dark They don't know why Jessica made no effort to contact the authorities – perhaps she's badly hurt or has a concussion and confused So the search is on But the killer also knows there's a survivor and he's determined to get to her first But maybe she has reasons for not wanting to be foundStrongly plotted fast paced crime thriller fiction The characters are believable and genuine and the development of the storyline keeps you hooked with some fantastic twists and turns along the way A MUST readI want to thank Netgalley St Martins Press and Sharon Bolton for the copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  • Hardcover
  • 368 pages
  • Dead Woman Walking
  • Sharon J. Bolton
  • 03 July 2014
  • 9780593076422

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