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Brute Force A cargo ship is apprehended by the authorities off the coast of Spain packed with enough arms and ammunition to start a warTwenty years later an unknown aggressor seems intent on taking out those responsible for the treachery one by one The last victim was brutally tortured with a Black Decker drill and then shot through the head at point blank rangeAnd Nick Stone ex SAS tough resourceful ruthless highly trained is next on the killer's list He has only two options fight or flight but which do you choose when you don't know who you are up against Another excellent book in the Nick Stone series I'm not going to give anything away about what happens but my only problem with this book which is very minor is that the ending last few chapters felt a little rushedBut that's not really a problem as I love this series of books anyway and tomorrow evening or should I say this evening as its now gone 1am I'll be starting the next book in the series Well it's not often that I read the summary for a book and find that the PR guy who wrote the summary didn't actually read the book So first this correction Nick Stone's car does not erupt in flames On holiday in Ireland he finds a bomb under the car removes it and takes it apart to analyze it This part incidentally is fascinating As Stone takes apart the bomb he describes the way it works how it is made and what constitutes a bombmaker's signatureAndy McNab writes terrific thrillers filled with stunningly authentic operational details It's not just about the plot; Nick Stone is beautifully written with a painful nuanced believable background Stone is a deniable special operative sent in by government secret services or sometimes rich criminals to assassinate to steal to protect to create chaos McNab who clearly knows people like this makes him an introspective killer telling us how he gets through these operations trying to preserve his humanity forlornly wishing he had some kind of a family From book to book we learn details about Nick's past and about the kind of man who rises to the top of the Special Forces ranks I've read a lot of Thrillers over the years but none like this one I was gripped from page one It was my first Mcnab book and I was not aware that there were in the line with Nick Stone but boy was I excited to hear that this was book number 11 of the seriesand there's even afterwardsIt's so easy to read meaning you sweep right through the pages gripped by the story line and the dark humor Plot twists left right and center and the casual nonchalant attitude of Nick makes it so hard to put this book down without dreaming or thinking about it for days to come I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in getting into the thriller genre because you'll never leave it Thanks Dad for giving me this book to read on the plane home Changes perspectives and style of writing too much for me This character acts all superior one second then acts like he's two years old the next The inner dialogue does not match the character at all

  • Hardcover
  • 416 pages
  • Brute Force
  • Andy McNab
  • English
  • 04 June 2015
  • 9780593055618

About the Author: Andy McNab

Andy McNab joined the infantry in 1976 as a boy soldier In 1984 he was badged as a member of 22 SAS Regiment He served in B Suadron 22 SAS for ten years and worked on both covert and overt special operations worldwide including anti terrorist and anti drug operations in the Middle and Far East South and Central America and Northern IrelandTrained as a specialist in counter terrorism prime t

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