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In Your Shoes The critically acclaimed author of Lily and Dunkin delivers another heartfelt story that will remind readers you never know who needs a friend the most about two imaginative tweens who help each other find new beginningsMiles is an anxious boy who loves his family's bowling center even if though he could be killed by a bolt of lightning or a wild animal that escaped from the Philadelphia Zoo on the way there Amy is the new girl at school who wishes she didn't have to live above her uncle's funeral home and tries to write her way to her own happily ever after Then Miles and Amy meet in the most unexpected way and that's when it all begins

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  1. John John says:

    “We can enjoy our messy imperfect lives so much when we simply live in the moment filled with gratitude for exactly what it is” –Donna Gephart from In Your Shoes

  2. Claire Hobson Claire Hobson says:

    I loved this book so much It was so sweet and the characters moved me so much I was sad and happy

  3. Samantha (WLABB) Samantha (WLABB) says:

    Rating 45 StarsWhat happens when the anxious bowler's shoe hits the lonely new girl on the head? They strike up a great friendship of course• Pro This book delivered so many feels It was touching and heartwarming and just so precious and sweet I swear my heart exploded over and over again as I read this book • Pro Family was a really important part of this story and Gephart doesn't just show the bright and shiny side of family She also showed the imperfect side and I like that she included some family conflict because it gave her a chance to explore things like resolution and forgiveness • Pro What an interesting group of kids Amy was a writer Miles was a bowling hustler Randall was a fashionista and Tate was a knitting weight lifter I absolutely adored all four of them and their friendship was spectacular • Pro Gephart really did an outstanding job thoughtfully exploring feelings of loneliness grief and regret And I loved seeing boys who shared their emotions with each other It's so important for young men to see that it's acceptable to be in touch with their feelings • Pro I really enjoyed the way the story was told It was alternating third person omniscient with the addition of a third point of view a nosy noisy narrator who I really enjoyed • Pro This entire book tugged at my heartstrings but the ending totally snapped them It was so so sweet and unexpected and I think it could give a lot of comfort to a tween who had suffered a loss Overall An endearing story of friendship loss endings and beginnings which touched my heartARC provided in exchange for an honest review BLOG | INSTAGRAM |TWITTER | BLOGLOVIN | FRIEND ME ON GOODREADS

  4. Maura Maura says:

    I loved Lily and Dunkin and fully expected to love In Your Shoes I think grief is underrepresented in middle grade and children's fiction and given Gephart's sensitive handling of bipolar disorder in Lily and Dunkin I was looking forward to another nuanced character in Miles with anxietyMiles and Amy were both sweet Actually Miles Amy Tate and Randall were all wonderfully kind and good characters There were no bad guys here Unlike another reviewer I don't think the book needed to include many people outside their circle and I do think it was realistic that both Amy and Miles would have been left largely to their own devices in coping with anxiety Miles and grief Amy After all Miles' anxiety is not debilitating and does not interfere with his functioning It is presented as a personality uirk than an illness And Amy does have support and love in abundance from her uncle and father even if her father is not able to be present every day These circumstances are not unrealistic and I think Gephart presents them wellThe central tragic arc of the story with Miles and his grandfather is presented in a beautifully heartbreakingly totally realistic manner We all screw up similarly Miles and his Pops were both trapped in their mistakes I loved this story arc and how is played out as sad as it wasWhat didn't work for me at all was the relationship between Amy and Miles They have almost no interactions nothing that would justify the very dramatic gesture at the end of the book The friendship between Amy and Tate makes sense given their interactions in the library But the AmyMiles connection is flimsy at best and when Miles makes that really dramatic HUGE gesture no one uestions him that it's way over the top?? No one finds it actually uite wasteful frivolous and downright creepy? It really makes no sense I found myself flipping back to see if I had somehow skipped 6 or 10 chapters that would have deepened either the friendship or romance between Miles and Amy that could explain away view spoiler him spending money that he had saved for YEARS and YEARS for the most beloved people in his life on one night of extravagance for a person he barely knows on something she didn't even particularly care about hide spoiler

  5. Lesley Lesley says:

    It’s difficult to write about loss—because everyone experiences loss differently but death has become all too common and teachers need novels to help their students deal with loss and gain empathy for their peers who are coping with grief “12 million children will lose a parent to death before age 15” Dr Elizabeth Weller Dir Ohio State University Hospitals 1991; last year 400000 people under 25 suffered from the death of a loved one National Mental Health Association Sometimes especially in multi generational households the death of a grandparent affects a child as much as the loss of a parentGrieving her mother’s death Amy is torn from her best friend and her home in Chicago to live in her uncle’s funeral home in Buckington Pennsylvania Her father is learning the funeral trade and is away Monday to Friday and Amy even with her optimism is not making new friends Life hits a low when she sits down with girls in the middle school cafeteria—and they move to another table But she meets a new best friend Tate a weight lifer with interesting fashion sense in the school library and they spend their lunch hours talking stories and eating Jelly KrimpetsMeanwhile Miles is still grieving the loss of his grandmother while worrying about his grandfather dying In fact Miles worries about everything His family owns Buckington Bowl and bowling the perfect game especially while beating his best friend Randall is his goal And a bowling shoe is how Miles and Amy connect—literally both at the beginning and the end of this delightful middle grades novel In addition to Randall and Tate Amy and Miles become each others’ support system through the special bond of grief and lossA delightful novel about the power of family and friendship which features two sports uncommon for a middle grades book female weight lifting and bowling The story also conveys the power of story those we read and those we write

  6. Ms. B Ms. B says:

    Amy and Miles Randall and Tate; it made it even cuter that everyone was friends to begin with Amy has just moved to town after her mother's death Miles's family runs a bowling alley Randall who wore a bow tie to school everyday of 5th grade and Miles have been friends forever Tate whose best Perla has moved away has her own sense of style; she befriends Amy on her first day at her new school From there the story evolves into the ups and downs of lifeThis book was provided to me for free through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

  7. Stephanie Ward Stephanie Ward says:

    'In Your Shoes' is a wonderful new contemporary middle grade novel that tackles important topics such as mental illness friendship trust trying to fit in and family I don't normally read this genre but I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this book The story was sweet and definitely relevant to today's kids I also really liked how it touches on mental illness in the form of anxiety and makes it accessible to the age range of children reading the story I believe it's important to tackle ignorance at a young ageThe main characters Miles and Amy were both easy to identify with right from the beginning and easy to connect with They were both realistic with flaws and great traits alike and both saw and accepted these things in each other which made their friendship all the stronger I really identified with Miles due to his anxiety issues because I also suffer from the same affliction Amy was the new girl who hates living in her uncle's creepy funeral home I loved watching Amy and Miles meet and then seeing their friendship grow and deepen throughout the novel To me the plot was that important the story was about their friendship and how important it can be in someone's life Also the tough topics it touches on kind of take over the small details of the story but it's something that I didn't mind at all I felt this was of a character study instead of an intense plot and the ideas it talks of are relevant than the majority of the things that happen during the story I definitely recommend this book to fans of middle grade children's fiction and contemporary fictionDisclosure I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review

  8. Joanne Kelleher Joanne Kelleher says:

    I enjoyed many elements of this book the bowling alley setting which you don't see too often Amy turns to writing for solace the book is divided into ten sections the number of frames in a game of bowling and a bowling score sheet appears the beginning of each section no bullies Amy's friends from her before life don't drift away as commonly happens in MGAlthough I loved the fact that Amy was a writer I didn't enjoy the story she was writing There was a narrator that popped in throughout the book to punch up the emotional notes and hint at future events In general I don't enjoy this format but it might enhance the reading experience for young readersOverall this was a sweet story in which young people helped each other to climb out of the abyss of their grief

  9. Savannah Hendricks Savannah Hendricks says:

    Even though I'm 38 I related to Amy and her need to not spend much time in the lunch room When I was in school I used to sit in the hall on the floor to avoid the lunch room I didn't find peace in the library like Amy because I hated reading because it was hard for me at that time Again Donna doesn't disappoint Her books are a great read for all

  10. Stormi (BMReviewsohmy) Stormi (BMReviewsohmy) says:

    35 starsSo contemporary is not my usual genre but I was curious about this one because of the blurb on the back I will admit that it took me a bit to get into it but overall I did enjoy itIt's about a couple of odd middle graders and the awkwardness that goes along with meeting new people and becoming friendsMiles pretty much lives at his parent's bowling alley and is always working on getting that perfect score He is pretty much a worry wart and you can tell by that first line up above He is always thinking about death and is a little strange Amy's mother recently died and so her father moved them to Buckington from Chicago It's a huge change for her especially since she is now with her uncle who owns a funeral home Her father is gone during the week learning how to work in a funeral home and her outlet for things is to write She uses things that happens to her in real life and makes stories out of themHer first day of school starts off with a bowling shoe being thrown at her forehead Miles and his friend had been fighting and Randall throw his shoe Nice first meeting huh? The next meeting goes just as well when she goes to the bowling alley and Miles accidentally spills his rootbeer on her It's an awkward start but Amy kind of likes Miles and his clumsy ways Then she meets her first friend in a library Tate It just so happens that Tate is friends with Miles and RandallThe big thing in the story is the school dance Randall is going with Tate and they are trying to get Miles to ask Amy but he is reluctant and doesn't really want to go to the dance but Amy really does Then some sad things happen and things take a  bit a turn for Miles I really liked the characters even though they were pretty strange I think they would be relatable to middle grade readers They are at that awkward age that making new friends is a lot harder than it was when they were little The pressure of dances and seeing the opposite sex in a different way I like how the author put Amy's story writing into the story so we kind of got a little story inside a story about a prince who was harrylol You just have to read itI understand the need to help middle graders understand loss and things like that but I was not ready to read a middle grade book that made me want to  cry I don't like crying especially over a scene in a book so for me I thought the last half was a bit to sad as I like happy MG books It did redeem itself in the end So I liked it but I didn't love it I would recommend it to those who like contemporary or have young readers who are into contemporary reads

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