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Kikker is bedroefd Frog is miserable and he cannot see why Nobody has upset him and nothing has gone wrong particularly but he still feels blue Then one of his stalwart friends makes him laugh and suddenly he realises he's not sad any He still doesn't know why he was so sad in the first place but it doesn't matter A perfect book to explore emotions and mood swings with the under 5s This story is about a frog who is sad for no reason and despite many attempts of friends to cheer him up Eventually the situation resolves itself but overall the book makes you feel sad I can see the place of this book in that it shows children that you can feel sad for no apparent reason and it will likely pass but ??? My autistic son found the sad frog interesting in the beginning but he lost interest after a while 3yo likes this Read this book for a language challenge hence the language y details过的弗洛格 Nánguò de Fúluògē by Max Velthuijs is a children's book originally written in Dutch Kikker is Bedroefd and the English title is Frog is Sad I have never read it in any of the other languages though The book is about Frog who feels sad but doesn't now why His friends Little Bear and Old Rat I don't know if these are their names in other languages try to cheer him up but it's not working until Well you'll have to read for yourself hahaI was surprised how readable this book is This was my very first book in Chinese ever I had to look up a few words like 'violin' 'mood' 'duck' 'crazy' but with that new vocabulary it went well My Chinese is still uite basic but reading comprehension is my strong point and that was uite obvious while I was reading Along with my good old Pleco dictionary app I was set Pinyin pronunciation in the text was helpful too particularly when looking up wordsI'd definitely recommend Max Velthuijs' Frog series for beginners as far as children's books go The stories are aimed at children obviously but they're uite nice I believe the books have been translated into uite a few languages Kikker is bedroefd maar weet niet waarom Mooi dat een vriend zoals rat daarbij kan helpen Al is het me niet helemaal duidelijk waarom kikker opeens weer vrolijk was leuk boek om voor te lezen voor kleine kinderen

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