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  1. Saumya Mehta Saumya Mehta says:

    'In the nick of time' is a wonderful book It is about Charlotte and her best friend Pip are having a stroll in the woods Suddenly she falls down and hits her head She then travels in the nick of time1 From 2007 she reaches to 1962 where everyone think that she is a girl called Joyce Ingram So she and her new friend Jack escape from the school and try to reach the real Joyce Ingram's house Just then the teachers of the school reach them exactly at Joyce Ingram's house They enter the house and find out that Charlotte isn't actually Joyce Ingram She is taken back to the school for shelter and she keeps on trying to tell the people that she is from 2007 but the people think she has amnesia Later Jack finds a dinosaur fossil and shows it to Newberry one of the teachers and he is so fascinated People are soon coming to pick Charlotte and take her to a private home for children Newberry then makes a timeline with leaves and stones He pretends that he is moving through time At that time Jack realizes that this is the way Charlotte can go back The people are coming to collect her Then Jack tells her and she runs on the timeline and gets back home Her mother Father and the rest of her family is amazed to see her and they are uestioning her so much But just a lie as a reply I don't rememberIn the time she had been away her grandad dies and she has to go to the funeral Soon she realizes that Jack was her grandad all the time

  2. Helen Helen says:

    My daughter chose this book at the library and I read it to ensure that it would be OK for her It would be in a few years she is only 7 uick easy story sprinkled with history I really enjoyed it and think my daughter will too

  3. Jenna Jenna says:

    This book is really good and the ending is haunting

  4. Shaan Mutreja Shaan Mutreja says:

    It was another one of those time travel books but this one didn't have the same feeling I found the ending rushed and sloppy

  5. Cherie Corbett-Jones Cherie Corbett-Jones says:

    A good middle grade novel that could be used as a good introduction to the concept of time travel in fiction It's a uick read with a nice main character and a sweet story line

  6. Tariro Tariro says:

    In the nick of time is a very interesting book about how a boy goes back in time after spotting stepping stones He fins him self in the past and they have given him a name he goes to this very strange school that has no windows or roofs He tries to tell people he is from the future but no one believes him they think he is crazy and send him to a loony bi After he returns to the school a boy believes him and then tries to help him find the stepping stones so that he can go to his normal future time

  7. Aman Vasani Aman Vasani says:

    In the Nick of Time was a really nice book Its about a girl named Charlotte and she goes to Cold Tarn woods with her friend Pip As she walks she trips of stepping stones that take her all the way back to 1952 She is in an open air school which has no walls As the everybody in the school thinks she is Joyce Ingham and she tries explaining but they think she is stupid As she tries to get out she makes a new friend called Jack that's her grandfather but she doesn't know that As they have an adventure that is never to be forgotten

  8. Jordan Muzigo Jordan Muzigo says:

    its a great book about a girl named Charlotte who accidentally travels to another time and cant find a way backshe is mistaken to be a girl called Joyce Ingram and has to join the school that's when she meets a friendjackand they go on an adventure to find Joyce Ingramoverallit was an amazing bookwith alot of interesting parts

  9. Sam Sam says:

    Interesting idea but was hoping for it to be imaginative The story line seems restricted possibly because it was inspired by a piece of British history The language used is simple and is suitable for child but I'm not sure a child would have the reuired attention span

  10. Precious Precious says:

    a very toughing story of a girl who travel to another century and has an adventure with a boy named jack who tunes out to be her grandpa who dies when she gets back to the futurei know u will miss mechokengtitiktitikchokenga

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In the Nick of Time Charlotte is out in the woods on her own one day when something mysterious happens she walks along a row of stones laid like stepping stones on the forest floor and finds herself in another age She has somehow slipped back to 1955 and is now in the same woods on the site of a very uniue school an open air school for sick city children No one believes her tales of the world she's come from her mobile doesn't work and she can't see how on earth she's going to get back A friendship with another pupil proves the key is Jack than he seems

  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • In the Nick of Time
  • Robert Swindells
  • English
  • 06 January 2016
  • 9780552555852

About the Author: Robert Swindells

Robert Swindells was born in Bradford in 1939 the eldest of five children He left the local Secondary Modern School at fifteen to work as a copy holder on the local newspaper At seventeen he enlisted in the RAF and served for three years two in Germany On being discharged he worked as a clerk engineer and printer until 1969 when he entered college to train as a teacher having obtained five '