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The Princess And The Duke ONCE UPON A KISS Princess Meredith Elizabeth Penwyck had filled her fantasies with Duke Pierceson Prescott's silvery green gaze for as long as she could remember But then they shared a steamy kiss at a royal wedding and the pristine princess discovered that her feelings were much than make believe Plagued by his perilous past Duke Prescott had shielded his desire for Princess Meredith since he was a young cadet But once her lips opened the floodgates of his passion and the truth behind his dark secrets came tumbling out would he learn that the hole in his heart could only be healed by the princess's tender touch

2 thoughts on “The Princess And The Duke

  1. Salma Salma says:

    Ughhow do I begin to write thisI can't even believe I read it in the first place The storyline was great and all but those scences were just a no no for meI guess I expected it to be clean and all so I got pretty much disappointed at the turn of eventsI really can't say much only that I wouldn't recommend it to anyone Ever

  2. Freud& Freud& says:

    Modern day princess pines for a duke who secretly loves her but avoids her attention because he harbors a secret he fears will hurt her

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