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France is a Feast Beautiful photography and very well written combine to make this book a five star read This book is stunning visually and emotionally Some of the photos took my breath away and Paul's poem at the end brought tears to my eyes I've always loved Julia Child but after reading My Life In France I came to also love her relationship with her husband Paul This book is a very touching look at their lives and relationship through Paul's eyes with his words and photos he took and with his story as told by his nephew He was an extraordinary man and half of an extraordinary couple best friends lovers and partners ❤️ Beyond expectation and the photography was sensational Mostly a book of P Child’s photography which I found moderately okay If he weren’t J Child’s husband I don’t think the book would have been written or the pictures published or the NYT doing a book review which is what got me to buy the book Through intimate and compelling photographs taken by her husband Paul Child a gifted photographer France is a Feast documents how Julia Child first discovered French cooking and the French way of life Paul and Julia moved to Paris in 1948 where he was cultural attaché for the US Information Service and in this role he met Henri Cartier Bresson Robert Capa Brassai and other leading lights of the photography world As Julia recalled “Paris was wonderfully walkable and it was a natural subject for Paul”Their wanderings through the French capital and countryside freuently photographed by Paul would help lead to the classic Mastering the Art of French Cooking and Julia’s brilliant and celebrated career in books and on television Though Paul was an accomplished photographer his work is in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art his photographs remained out of the public eye until the publication of Julia’s memoir My Life in France in which several of his images were included Now with than 200 of Paul’s photographs and personal stories recounted by his great nephew Alex Prud’homme France is a Feast not only captures this magical period in Paul and Julia’s lives but also brings to light Paul Child’s own remarkable photographic achievement This is a lovely and thoughtful biography maybe tribute is a better word to Paul Child a fascinating figure in his own right A great book for either a Francophile or a French chef devotee I am always interested in Europe as it was after WWII and this is a little glance I loved being able to see A gorgeous book where Paul Child’s finally gets his place in the sun as well Some might not be aware but Julia Child's husband did most of the photography and art for her books While working chiefly for the State Department overseas and the OSS during WWII where he met Julia he had a lifelong passion for photography and this book is a homage to his work reflecting the years he and Julia lived in France starting in the late 1940's into the mid 1950's From Paris to Marseilles to Provence All pictures are in black and white and many of Paul Child's philosophies and theories about the art of picture taking are revealed Three pictures stood out the most for me Julia in her tiny Paris kitchen standing over a steaming sink Julia in nude silhouette in front of a curtained window in Florence Italy and Julia's splayed legs hidden in a nook all you see are her 6'2 legs inside a telephone nook in their home You have the horrible feeling if these two hadn't met they never would have had the marriage they did They were a true partnership that respected each other's abilities and they supported each other through thick and thin Wonderful book Photographs show just how talented Paul Child was in both his photography and art work This book compliments ‘My Life in France’ by Julia Child Alex Prud’Homme giving Paul Child his due recognition I love his photos of France and of a time we shall not possible see again in good and bad Paul was dedicated to the ‘art’ of everything around him and he understood and practiced the ‘art’ of being not just ok or good but exceptional at what he loved most Without dedication and hours of studying and learning not necessary in a class or a book but via life he believed hard work honing your skills was the only way to become great at whatever you wanted to do or felt passionate about Highly recommend This is written by the same author who co wrote along with Julia Child one of my favorite books My Life in France and it is a pictorial journey thru the years that Paul and Julia spent in France from 1948 to 1954 Most of the photographs were taken by Paul a remarkable photographer and the text tells about their life and also about Paul's upbringing and his life before meeting Julia in 1945 when he was 42 It is fitting that he should be honored with such a book that showcases his photos as he was Julia's partner working behind the scenes in her TV show later on and always encouraging her career He also took the photos for her later cookbooks

About the Author: Alex PrudHomme

Alex Prud'homme is Julia Child's grandnephew A freelance writer his journalism has appeared in The New York Times The New Yorker Vanity Fair Time and People He is the author of My Life in France with Julia Child and The Cell Game and the co author with Michael Cherkasky of Forewarned He lives in Brooklyn New York

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