The Nation's Favourite Comic Poems A Selection of Humorous

The Nation's Favourite Comic Poems A Selection of Humorous Verse This wonderful anthology contains some of the nation's all time favourite comic poetry From much loved classics such as Lewis Carroll's curious 'Jabberwocky' to lesser known and forgotten gems such as Gelett Burgess's 'The Purple Cow' Griff Rhys Jones takes us on a poetic tour of witty nonsensical and plain laugh out loud funny poems The selection brings together poets from every age and every walk of life from Shakespeare to Victoria Wood and from Keats to Benjamin Zephaniah There is Roald Dahl's cunning variation on 'Little Red Riding Hood' Spike Milligan's brilliantly ridiculous 'On the Ning Nang Nong' as well as several entries from the ever elusive Anon including one delightfully succint 'Peas' Remembered half remembered cherished or written on a tea towel here are some of the nation's favourite comic poems

10 thoughts on “The Nation's Favourite Comic Poems A Selection of Humorous Verse

  1. Sophie Crane Sophie Crane says:

    very funny but would have preferred it to have been written by spike milligan

  2. Little Red Hat Little Red Hat says:

    This was a charming collection of various humorous poems from a range of writers and historical periods with some prolific comedic poets having than one entry Allow me to pick out a few personal highlights Spike Milligan whose surreal comic writing for the Goons I greatly admire naturally made an appearance I was also very pleased to see Victoria Wood's song Saturday Night which being a Northern English woman I particularly relish and which resulted in a little acapella karaoke session An extract from Lewis Carroll's The Hunting of the Snark which I studied at university and which is often overshadowed by Alice is another treasure in mock epic formInterestingly the book also opened my eyes to how little of Edward Lear I've read which I now intend to remedy The Owl and the Pussycat has been a favourite from childhood and I've seen one or two of his distinctive limericks but here I found myself enchanted by The Courtship of the Yonghy Bonghy Bó where nonsense verse is perfectly utilised to convey a rather tragic and touching tale of loveThis book is a great introduction to comic verse in general and with such a wide range there's bound to be one or two pieces to tickle the funny bones of any reader

  3. Mark Vernon Mark Vernon says:

    A good selection of verses and glad to see John Agard if only the one included A bit wasted on myself as I could probably recite any that piued my interest already but a good start to get the weans going Is it cheating to put the Hippopotamus Song in the anthology though? Ah well

  4. Andrya Andrya says:

    I’d like to see this updated a new collection for the millennium The poetry lacks the vibrancy of new poets and there are so few women’s voices in thereEnough great humour to have me chuckling and help get over the misogynistic inclusions and omissions

  5. Alan Alan says:

    Thoroughly enjoyable read The poems were both funny and sometimes very challenging There are numerous gems to which I will return

  6. Lucy Lucy says:

    Witty poems clever poems some poems which surely are deeply serious but comic no Poetry can't be comic humorous maybe? Whatever

  7. Christopher Christopher says:

    I've had this on the shelf for years Pretty good collection Not too short Good variety Worth picking up from a charity shop if you see a copy kicking around

  8. Smita Magar Smita Magar says:

    The PigIt was an evening in NovemberAs I very well rememberI was strolling down the street in drunken prideBut my knees were all a flutterAnd I landed in the gutterAnd a pig came up and lay down by my sideYes I lay there in the gutterThinking thoughts I could not utterWhen a colleen passing by did softly say‘You can tell a man who boozesBy the company he chooses’—And the pig got up and slowly walked awaySo just to give a taste of what kind of poems to expect from the book I enjoyed some than other

  9. Maggie Maggie says:

    mostly fun a nicely bound collection of humorous poems and limericks i actually read many of these aloud even though i was the only person in the room some poems just have to be spoken out loud it was easy to imagine the various folks i know who would enjoy certain of these poems while others would enjoy still others the most fun reading from this collection was when i imagined children enjoying certain of the poems

  10. Ericthehamster Ericthehamster says:

    Not sure I can add much to Birch's review returnreturnThe selection is excellent covering old and new A great pick me up as you find yourself laughing out loud at many of the poems Although everyone's sense of humour is not the same there should be something for everyone here

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