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The String of Pearls Interesting narrativeThe book was not what I expected having seen the musical of the same name All the elements are there but the characters are vastly different I can see how this story would have worked as a weekly serial but it plods along in some places for that reason The author fails where Dickens and Dumas succeed in pulling all the people and plot points together Therefore Dickens and Dumas are famous writers and Prest is not Prest also spoke to his reader in away that felt lazy He needed to get back to a certain character so he said now going too see Todd If he had used the breaking of the fourth wall cleverly or to give the narrator character or credibility this method may have worked Not a bad read but not that great One of the few cases the rewrite Sweeny Todd The Daemon Barber of Fleet Street was better Plus there was music and Angela Landsbury wielding a rolling pin Wow Having had no prior exposure to this story aside from the 2007 Johnny Depp musical reading this was an experience and a half I came in expecting one thing and got something ENTIRELY different That said it wasn't a bad story I did enjoy it despite being thrown by how off different it was Conceptually the musical gets a lot of things right However it gets everything plot wise totally wrong I really loved how Sweeney himself is described as this visually ugly and frightening man with an unearthly laugh and a mass of hair with all his tools in it If given the opportunity I likely would not read this again but it was worth reading once For a penny dreadful this wasn't too bad Three stars may be a bit generous but the prose isn't as purple as other books of its ilk like Wagner the WerewolfYou learn early on that Sweeney Todd murders the people he shaves and that their remains are sold as pies in Mrs Lovett's shop Some of the backstory is revealed through as you know dialogue a convention that becomes annoying if you've read How Not to Write a Novel or seen one of M Night Shyamalan's movies The reader is often addressed in the narration in a much intrusive way than other Victorian novels like Jane Eyre You're even told which characters you should sympathize with Obvious techniues to lengthen the story are present including verbose letters about the secret of Mrs Lovett's pie shop that still omit the actual secret and whole chapters of filler subplotsDespite the obvious stylistic flaws The String of Pearls has entertaining action seuences a morbid sense of dramatic irony and a wonder dog too There's a surprising amount of social commentary about the poor treatment of the mentally ill and how people can be discontented regardless of the standard of living This gives the book a bit merit than other trashy crime novels It took me awhile to get into this novel it is Victorian Sweeney Todd is one of my favorite musicals and I have wanted to read this for awhile but it was rather laborious They made a lot of good cuts and changes to create the musical In the novel version Sweeney is a straight up villain no backstory is given to justify his murderous ways Johanna is simply the daughter of a spectacle maker and in love with a sailor she has not seen in two years Mr Fogg has a devious role at the mad house and the judge does not even exist I'm glad I read it but the plot was not as compelling as the musical's plot Read the book that sparked the legend Look beyond the musical to the real tale of the demon barber of Fleet Street The myth of Sweeny Todd has long been speculated to come from a true story and this novel written at the height of the legend is perhaps as close to the truth as it is possible to getThe original Sweeny Todd – A String of Pearls is a classic from 1846 that is set in the dark underbelly of London Written as a series of Penny Dreadfuls by Thomas Preskett Press the series has since been collected into a single novel that will have readers itching to find out the next dark twist See the characters as you have never seen them before the way they first appeared A String of Pearls follows Sweeny Todd as he descends deeper and deeper into madness Having murdered Johanna’s suitor Sweeny sets in motion the events that lead to his downfall Johanna sets out to track her fiancée down and in that process she will unearth a gruesome truthMeanwhile Toby Sweeny’s apprentice will be driven mad by what he finds Sweeny Todd’s dark agreement with Mrs Lovett and her sinister pie shop has stunned Victorian and modern audiences alike This classic and brilliant novel will take you back through time and show you a past filled with tragedy and beauty as Johanna goes in search of her lost loveJohanna’s loyalty and bravery stand out all the as she risks everything to find the demon barber’s secretTodd is a brilliant character – both compelling and horrifying – who has drawn people again and again into his story As suspicion grows and Todd becomes manic and terrifying and Mrs Lovett grows and desperate the two will drive each other further into darkness Through the years this timeless tale has captured the imaginationThe world over A String of Pearls is a classic that went on to spawn both a hit musical and an Oscar winning movieThomas Preskett Prest 1810 1859 was a British writer journalist and musician He was a prolific producer of penny dreadfuls He wrote under several pseudonyms including Bos a takeoff of Charles Dickens' own pen name Boz Before joining Edward Lloyd's publishing factory Prest had made a name for himself as a talented musician and composerAlbion Press is an imprint of Endeavour Press the UK's leading independent digital publisher For information on our titles please sign up to our newsletter at wwwendeavourpresscom Each week you will receive updates on free and discounted ebooks Follow us on Twitter EndeavourPress and on Facebook via We are always interested in hearing from our readers Endeavour Press believes that the future is now This has the makings of a fairly decent novella but as it is it’s a lot of drivel for a little plot I completely understand why this was only published as a novel so recently I just wish that it had been edited to remove the unnecessary and boorish characters that populate the central parts of the book To my count we have at least 4 lengthy chapters that introduce characters who have absolutely no bearing on the plot whatsoever and who never appear again The central story of Todd and Johanna just about saves this from one star The story is itself legend now but the writing is certainly very dated and not one that would catch on if tried out now The tale is certainly a good one but if a precis were written missing some of the 'flowery' over description it would still be a tale good enough to again be a best seller If you are able to read around the flowery descriptive bits it is still a good tale Only three stars because of the over flowery descriptions Good but not great the original tale of Sweeney Todd Most effective as a commentary on industrial England as cannibalistic economy as well as indictment of the condition of insane asylums at the time Overall this was a fun read I will say that the first half of the book is very slow in presenting background information and the character of Johanna is very dry and boring; though necessary to the story line and very prominent in the first half I was of course comparing the book to the moviemusical which I have seen and it is very different Maybe it was because I knew the punchline of the book because of the movie but it was very slow and didn't include as much detail as I would have liked at times The book was very well written though and utilized great descriptions and characterization that was really the driving force of this book Even if you hadn't seen the movie or musical the plot wasn't very surprising but the characters and their backgrounds and interactions were really the biggest strengths of the story in my opinion It was a fun read but I don't think that I will ever find myself picking it up again in the future Save yourself see the movie I have seen neither the movie or the musical so there were no expectations going in I was however familiar with the story as most are I hated giving this one star but there was just so much I didnt like about it There was absolutely no back story given on Todd he was already murdering people in the first chapter and we have no idea what has driven him to this point Loveitt is mentioned twice Johanna is a twitwell you get the idea Perhaps it's because it was originally written as serial with different authors over a long period of time that it just made for a very lackluster book

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