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The Fate of the Tearling In less than a year Kelsea Glynn has transformed from a gawky teenager into a powerful monarch As she has come into her own as the ueen of the Tearling the headstrong visionary leader has also transformed her realm In her uest to end corruption and restore justice she has made many enemies including the evil Red ueen her fiercest rival who has set her armies against the Tear To protect her people from a devastating invasion Kelsea did the unthinkable she surrendered herself and her magical sapphires to her enemy and named the Mace the trusted head of her personal guards Regent in her place But the Mace will not rest until he and his men rescue their sovereign from her prison in MortmesneNow the endgame begins and the fate of ueen Kelsea and the Tearling itself will finally be revealed

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  1. Anne Anne says:

    Alright I'd put off reading this for a long time because I kept reading review after review about some sort of a wonky ending I loved both of the other books and I just couldn't seem to bring myself to ruin it if Johansen decided to pull a Divergent on me you know? Ok so this was the second time I'd checked the book out from the library and I almost let it go back againbut at the 11th hour I decided to grab my nuts just go for itWHOA I'm so glad I did Talk about an interesting ride This was such a cool story I literally finished it in two days Sure I had stuff to do but you know how it is when a book is that good You're scared to see what happens next but you have to see what happens nextI gotta say that I did get the vast majority of my uestions answered Enough at least that I'm not pissed off by a ton of dangling threads And I had already figured out what the solution to all of this stuff would have to be by the halfway point so that wasn't a surprise to me eitherTHAT ENDING THOUGHIt was oddOk now I'm going to put some tagged spoilers at the end for those of you who want to get a peek but for those of you who don't want any I'll just give you a non spoilery answer about itMy BIGGEST problem with the way it ended was that it was justABRUPTI seriously sat there screwing around with my Kindle for about 15 minutes trying to see if there was an epilogue or something I missed Like shit just got cut off Where the fuck is the rest of the story?I mean I'm sure the author meant it to seem like a dramatic way for it to end Boom Screen goes blackBut damn That was just a pisser Ok ok Not that bad but the strange way the story stopped really did lessen my enjoyment for the overall trilogy Sorry I gotta knock a star off for it because the way you close something is just as important to readers as everything in between We get invested in these characters and their worlds and when they don't get what we feel is a proper send off there's some very real disappointment that churns in our tummiesStill on the whole this was a great book and I'm glad I read itAlrighty For those of you who are like me and by that I mean you occasionally read the last page first or for those of you who have already read this and want to discuss itrubs hands togetherview spoilerI usually hate it when an author kills off the main character Like hate hate it Some books are exceptions because you know going into it that it's doubtful anyone will survive think Game of Thrones but for basically everything else I draw a line in the sand with that sort of thing It's a personal preference but I absolutely refuse to invest my time in a character just to have the author murdersuicidesacrificewhatever them at the endSO I PEEKEDYeah that's right I scrolled to the back and made sure that Kelsea made it to the last page Whatever Fight me bitch PbbbbbtObviously she does survive because otherwise I wouldn't be writing this reviewOk with that out of the way I proceeded to read this sucker And like I said by the halfway point I was fairly certain that Kelsea was going to have to go back in time and try to fix things from that end Here's what did surprise me though I sort of assumed she'd stay thereIt didn't occur to me that after she 'fixed' it she'd end up back in her original time But then again I thought it was cool that you could see that her desperate attempt to save everyone workedYayLooked like everything was going well for the Tearling New London societyExcept Kelsea still had all her memories and no one remembered her which duhBut the fact that she was all miserable and depressed about all of the friends that she'd lost was a HUGE anti happy pill I thought that when Carlin began talking to her at the very end we would get than one paragraph of Kelsea taking a deep breath and suaring her shoulders to the reality of her new life The fuck?After all I'd been through with this character I wanted to hear about her life a month later a year from then 20 years down the road SOMETHINGEh it coulda been worseBut I still have a few uestions First why did Kelsea pick that moment to go back in time? I get that it was her last memory of what Katie had been doing sitting in a dungeon with Jonathan waiting for Row and the others to come back and kill themBut why not go back before all of that? Like back to the night that Row left her in the woods with that creature he made I mean if Kelsea was going to kill him that would have been the PERFECT time He was already evil at that point so it's not like she was killing an innocent and EVERYONE was STILL alive William Lily Katie's mom etcShe could have offed him and then told William that he HAD to start telling all the younger people what had really happened before the Crossing then go scare the shit out of or kill the weird religious guy and put an end to his nonsense It's not like he wouldn't have believed her if she'd told him all that stuff he's a fucking time traveler himselfOr did it only work if all of the Tearlings were dead and Katie became a ueen who with the help of Gavin and the others instituted a democracy after her death? Or why couldn't she go back to when they originally landed and just pass that info on to William years before everything went sourHey William Just popped back in time to let you know that if you don't start talking about the past this utopia won't work You may also want to institute some form of democracy or you're in for a whole bunch of your descendants f ing things up PS Row is evil and on his way to becoming a vampire You may want to deal with that sooner rather than later And speaking of dealing with something what was up with KelseaKatie hopping on Jonathan's back and then snapping his neck? That was a veeeeeeery WTF moment for meDid he have to die for some reason? If his 'goodness' was so overpowering couldn't she just have told him to leave the settlement and never come back?I meanneck snapping is so fucking final amirite?It would have also been cool to know why the Tears could use these Sapphires and why the stones were magical to start with Hey uick uestion what was the deal with the stone that appeared in the dungeon with Kelsea? It was all glowing and protective when the creepy jailer showed up and thenwhat happened to it? Did I miss something?I'm not complaining about the way the author resolved everything I'm just wondering if anyone else felt like there were a few holes in the plot andor unanswered uestions I guess one way to look at it is to say that Kelsea had no real way to know if killing Row would work and she also had no idea that New London would work because it had a constitution without a king or ueen And I am for the most part satisfied with the way it all went down hide spoiler

  2. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    For me I didn't like the ending at allI don't even know what to say I mean I loved the first two books and there were parts of this book I REALLY loved Like what went on with the Red ueen but there wasn't much of Pen or Fetch in it We do go back in time when Kelsea has her visions and see how it all started That part was kind of cool I'm just not happy with the ending that's all I got I'm just not happy but I guess we can't win them all I am glad there are many out there that loved the whole series I was hoping I would be one of them MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List

  3. Tomoe Hotaru Tomoe Hotaru says:

    14 Dec '16 blog | goodreadsThis book propped up the series for me What I would otherwise consider an okay but could've been better two star debut trilogy is now a solid three starsThe uestions I addressed in my review of the previous two books particularly concerning the powerful necklace where it came from what exactly were its powers and why it only worked for Kelsea where thankfully answered by the end of this book The answers although fairly exciting and contributive to the worldbuilding and overall plot progression unfortunately does not excuse the fact that the necklace is still a deus ex machinaAt the end of the day rather than the necklace being a tool for our heroine it was Kelsea who was the tool for her necklace This really undermines her as a character and as a driving force of the trilogy and I think this was largely what made this book and series as a whole fall flat despite all its other promising factorsOf course not all of the uestions were answered Johansen left enough mystery out there for it to still be intriguing Such as how the Tears came to be in possession of the gemstone to begin with view spoilerconsidering that the stones came from this mysterious magical alternate reality and the Tears were on earth hide spoiler

  4. Ben Alderson Ben Alderson says:

    I AM SO ANGRY AND UPSET RIGHT NOW25 starsThis series is so important to me let me put that out there I am so invested in this world and have been waiting for this finally for a whileI have really enjoyed reading 80% of this novel IT WAS BRILLIANT BUT BUT BUT The last 20% has ruined it for me personallyReason for such low score ENDING WAS A COP OUT SO MANY UESTIONS LEFT OPEN IT ALL GOT WAY TO COMPLICATED IN SUCH A SHORT SPACE OF TIME This last book was disjointedi could literally cryI LOVED BOOK ONE AND TWO WHY HAS THIS HAPPENED DONT READ ONWARDS FOR SPOLIERWHY DO AUTHORS DO THIS The book ended with the classic ' and she woke up and it was all a dream ' Why do i feel like this world got to complicated for the author and she coped out with an endingDon't get me wrong it makes sense I get that Its her book not mine and she knows this story better then mebut personally this ending is my worst nightmare I saw of this ending baddassery ALSOWHY HAVE THERE BEEN SO MANY UESTIONS LEFT OPEN I mean come one really At least answer some I really need to stop now as this will get out of hand and i will end up crying all over my keyboard

  5. Melanie Melanie says:

    1 The ueen of the Tearling ★★★2 The Invasion of the Tearling ★★★ “This I think is the crux of evil in this world Majesty those who feel entitled to anything they want anything they can grab” I honestly feel like I don't know how I feel about this series There is so much good in this series and such a strong sense of feminism which brings up a lot of important and not commonly discussed topics the need for birth control and women to be able to protect themselves rape culture child abuse human trafficking the brain washing that can happen with religion and fear body image issues and body shaming Yet this series just never enthralled me the way it did others In fact I gave The ueen of the Tearling and The Invasion of the Tearling three stars too And that's truly how I feel about this book series It's good and has some really uniue concepts that blew me away but it is also long winded has some plot holes It never grew into anything that I would cherish recommend or want to reread in the future; it was just a passable fantasy series with strong female representation that I appreciated I know this is the final installment of this series but I'll try to give a non spoiler synopsis Kingdoms are warring and kingdoms are breaking apart from their rulers Corruption and greed are at an all time high and the church is trying to seize all the power This world is set in the future of our world but everything is set back and it feels like medieval times Our main protagonist Kelsea has the ability to see different perspectives from the past while trying to make a better future for her current world even though that seems impossible People refuse to learn from the past mistakes of the world and evil always tries to triumph good in any way possible Not to self Try your hardest to not talk about the 2016 Presidential Election MelanieAs some sort of disclaimer I will say that the topic of religion in this book is going to make uite a few people upset or uncomfortable Erika Johansen doesn't shy away from one of her main protagonist's beliefs whatsoever and paints religion in a very negative light I was fine with the very negative view on religion because fear makes people do terrible things and everyone is entitled to their own feelings and opinions but it did become a little overwhelming for me There are bad evil people in every walk of life and those people will always try to manipulate others to be evil with them by using fear it isn't just in churches Obviously the author is a well educated woman and knows this but I just had to put my two cents in because I think this book could ruffle a lot of feathers with its portrayal of the two religious cults groups “And what was so important about blood anyway? She had just cut ties with the woman who’d borne her and it had been the right decision” My favorite thing about this book is that it talks about something that is somewhat rare the feeling that we as humans feel like blood makes us connected This book really touches on how you are not the sins your parents have committed and that sometimes it is truly best to cut toxic people out of your life Not to get too personal here but seeing Kelsea's inner struggle with that really touched me on a level I can't even write about For that alone this book will always have a place on my bookshelves “The tie of blood is only as strong as you want it to be Some parents are poison and it’s best to simply let them go” This book actually surprisingly enough does have a sueaky clean ending Like the reader will be left with many uestions and it leaves a lot to be desired but it is a clean cut ending that I didn't see coming That being said I really disliked the ending I actually think it will be a polarizing love it or hate it ending but my gut feeling tells me most people will dislike it This book was a lot of world building a lot of character development and just a lot of work in general to have a very anticlimactic ending I feel like the author might have bit off a little than she could chew I mean this series is very intricate and had some pretty strong villains and I think the ending she chose was almost necessary even though I very much disliked it I also know the ending made me feel very uncomfortable for Kelsea and I hate that I'm left with only being able to hope for her well being in her new and very uncertain future To end on a positive note I do believe if you're still upset about the 2016 Presidential Election I mean who isn't? this would be a very impactful book for you Even though I stated that I only liked this book and will stand by my three star rating the discussion on what people will do when they are being governed by fear is very important and very eye opening I think many people in this world would gain a great deal of insight if they picked up this book series Now I'm going to go into some MAJOR SPOILERY discussions Please DO NOT continue reading if you have not completed this book read The ueen of the Tearling and The Invasion of the Tearling and do not wish to be spoiled Okay I feel like there is way too much to discuss without mentioning some spoilers I'm just going to talk about a few key individuals and how their revealsarcs made me feel Row Finn AKA The Orphan or dude that lives in the fire Like I don't know about you all but I could see him being William Tear's kid from the start of Katie's past being told His being evil just for the sake of being evil got really old too And I'm all for girls having sex with whoever they want whenever they want but I was actually disgusted that Katie slept with him The Fetch AKA Gavin Man talk about writing a hot mystery man and completely tearing him apart and making him look like such a weak man Like I'm not even upset about his character; Erika Johansen did an amazing job destroying my previous image of him and I don't think that's easy to do so bravo My only complaint about his character destruction is that I feel like in the previous books we are to believe he will play a pivotal role in the ending since he is such a mysterious man with all these secrets but it ended up just being a flopThe Red ueen I loved her relationship with Kelsea in this book I felt like in a The ueen of the Tearling she was being written to look like an evil ueen and to make us hate her but she was pretty likable in this book I have a weak spot for helpless evil ueens I guess Asia I kept thinking that Erika Johansen was going to write a spin off about this child assassin Her devotion to do what's right her being a child victim of sexual and physical abuse and facing it to overcome it her courage in the Creche these are all such amazing things that completely hooked me and made me so excited for the possibility of a spin off in this world Unfortunately the ending of this book made that outcome look impossible Mace Um I actually hated him in this book Gasp I know I'm terrible But as soon as that plot twist with Kelsea's mother came out I was so disgusted with him Seriously he's dead to me Also Kelsea's reveal about her father was the most infuriating thing about this whole book Like I wasn't having any of that scene with Lady Chilton whatsoever Pen Pen is the other character that I feel Erika Johansen killed without killing He can't be Kelsea's guard because he loves her? Like what kind of backwards logic is going on here? Then in the new and better world Kelsea ends up achieving my heart literally wept I'm not saying that the female lead has to end up with a male to be happy but with everything Kelsea has been through in her life her ending up with Pen in this new world would have been enough for me to be happy I don't mean they had to be married with three kids but Pen or Andrew being single and willing to hang out with Kelsea would have turned this whole damn ending around in my eyes Father Tyler Or do I mean Brother Tyler now? Either way he's amazing and a perfect little cinnamon roll and saved the whole damn world I actually wanted to scream at Kelsea when she didn't want to talk to him in her new world I'm like girl if anyone is going to believe your crazy story it is going to be his ass Ewen He is the other perfect little cinnamon roll in this series I don't have much to say about him but I completely loved reading about him and his heroism and couldn't write a review without mentioning him Brenna God I loved Brenna's character arc in this book I loved reading her heartbreaking past and realizing that she grew up in the Creche absorbing the pain of others God it still hurts me to think about Like I said some parts of this series are honestly 1110 Javel As much as I freaking loved Allie Alice Javel's story line was pointless Like yeah we got to see him unhealthily cope with losing someone and coming out of alcohol addiction but this story would have been 100% fine without his arc I could touch on Kelsea Katie Jonathan Lily and William but I don't really feel like I need to The shock factor of Kelsea being able to change the past and then have to deal with numerous butterfly effects was pretty overwhelming and I'm still not sure how I feel about it and I might never know how I feel about it But I do know I wish Kelsea the best and I hope she finds the peace she deserves because she now has to live in a world where no one knows her sacrifice but herBlog | Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram | Youtube | Twitch

  6. Joni Graybill Joni Graybill says:

    Actually me upon finishing this bookAll those writings and uotes from the first book that foreshadowed the greatness of the Glynn ueen the woman who saved and revitalized the world? That was bullshit? What even was the point of this series? I've been furiously angry about the ending of books plenty of times before but at least they were endings to the same story I started reading This isn't even that This is Johansen either not knowing or not caring about figuring out how to get her story to the conclusion that was promised so instead she used time travel to push a big old reset button It literally wipes out the events of the last two and a half books as well as the relationships and personalities of her characters They're all strangers living together in a utopia if they were born at all Really? I'm so disappointed Of all the series I've been following in the last couple of years this one showed real spirit and innovation Kelsea was a wonderfully morally ambiguous heroine such a rare thing in any genre Johansen's writing was strong and her vision was so clear I was certain that this was going to have an incredible conclusion that would bring about everything that was hinted at in the first volume Instead I get whatever this is I could tell right away that something was off It never grabbed me and wouldn't let go like the first two did Characters weren't acting like themselves entire plot points were just dropped never to be heard from again and Kelsea was regulated to a supporting player in her own story but still I kept reading because maybe the ending would be worthy of the beginning HaI've been enthusiastically recommending this series to everyone I know for years but now I'm telling them to not even bother How can you ask someone to become invested in a story when none of it means a damn thing?

  7. Cece (ProblemsOfaBookNerd) Cece (ProblemsOfaBookNerd) says:

    Maybe it's a 35 but I can't decideI'm so so so deeply sad right now This has been one of my all time favorite series and I think the first two books are masterpieces but this one just stumbled and fell on the ending It could have ended any other way and I think I would have been happy but this ending is one of my ultimate pet peeves in terms of fictional worlds It frustrates me like nothing else does and I can't get over it The rest of this book stands up with the series There are still new characters that are interesting still a morally gray main character who is so flawed and fascinating and strong And it was seriously terrifying a few times If not for the ending this would have been a nearly perfect series But the ending Oh the ending I'll just be crying forever now

  8. Samantha Samantha says:

    TW brief body horror; sexual harassment w threats of assault; mentions of child abuse and pedophilia I can see why this final book is polarizing It feels so different from the first book but is a solid conclusion from what was revealed in the second book This story challenges the reader There aren’t any perfect answers and it can be frustrating at times None of the characters are perfect Kelsea as a character is striving to build a better world while obviously not knowing what the conseuences will always be for her actions It does leave a feeling of lack of fulfillment at times but that feels true to this entire series arc I will say the very very end of the book threw me for a loop There are some scenes I don’t uite feel I understood and did feel rushed I think it could have been wrapped up in a universally satisfying way but I do feel the author didn’t go that route on purpose This series will always stand out as something uniue to me I will be doing a video review and discussion on my channel

  9. Jenna Jenna says:

    I put a lot of pressure on the conclusions of series Most readers do Annnnnnnnd Erika Johansen did not disappoint and wove a beautiful 3rd book and ending to this series The Fate of the Tearling deserves 55 starsThe ending was a bit of a ?????? moment I honestly did not expect that ending There were things I wanted from the conclusion of this book that I did not get Yet I must remind myself that the book itself was astonishing It brought the best elements of the previous 2 books The ending although not what I would have preferred did not ruin this series for me If you have not read this series I urge to try it It has become one of my favourite fantasy series Erika Johansen created a world full of history and complex details To have a fantasy series dive into the world's history and how the world was developed is amazing Few books really do that For me I loved it There were so many small details in this book that all come together in the end every word she wrote had a purpose to the story I'm sure this is a series that when you re read it you catch something new every time and it makes it even betterAnother reason this series is amazing is because there are soo many life lessons One of them is to accept yourself appearances are deceiving and you should not care if you're 'pretty' or 'skinny' Another message as one of the comments on this review shared is that everything comes with a price I cannot wait to see what other books Erika Johansen writes because it will be an insta buy The rest of my review contains spoilers The ENDING Everything throughout the books was leading up to this moment and I felt like it was only partially satisfying It was a completely different worldNot completely different but everything had seemed to change for the better which is awesome But no one else remembered what Kelsea did or everything that happened in that alternate history She was alone her friends were leading other lives without the slightest notion of what had happened I was happy for Pen that he found love and a family Happy that in this alternate world Aisa probably did not have her neck snapped or who knows maybe she never existed? Her mother may have never married her terrible father It was just so surreal this ending Kelsea felt alone After all the experiences binding everyone together she was the only one who remembered It was sad Happy but sad A sacrifice for the better good I liked that Carlin was still alive and that Elyssa was present in Kelsea's life she finally had the mother she dreamed of Sure it wasn't perfect but they had a good new life and relationship Okay I'm backing it up now So Mhurn was her father? I actually really enjoyed that reveal Throughout the book we were led to think it had to be someone noble and strong and powerful I liked that Mhurn was her father because unlike some fantasy novels Erika Johansen made her father a regular guy A guy that had issues drug problems Her mother was vain and not very bright It was different unexpected and very refreshingAnother reason I was slightly disappointed with the ending was that we grew accustomed to so many characters that we didn't get to see how their new lives planned out Ewen Elston Barty Andalie Hall etc There was also the idea that was brought in earlier in the series about the importance of a printing press and the loss of innovation from the crossing Innovation that Hall's twin brother as we learned in this final book had the potential to bring to the Tearling An entire small story arc that relatively didn't have much of a conclusion We are just to assume most of them were alive and living lives that were significantly better then the ones they were living before Pen and Kelsea's reunion was very underwhelming I understood what had happened each character growing and learning about themselves in different ways Yet I still was disappointed with their amicable break up? I'm not sure if break up is the word since they were never really a couple? It was very amicable and I liked how Johansen wrote it In the aftermath Kelsea still felt for Pen that longing and hurt that most people feel after losing a friend or significant other When you see each other on the street or with friends and you no longer have the chemistry or acknowledgement of closeness that you had before It was realistic and I liked thatWhen Kelsea saw the Mace my feels were uncontainable I was really upturned by how Aisa was killed uickly and with very little reaction from the other characters The Caden killed her so they could reap the reward? After all they had been through together? Or was it a mercy killing because of her infection? We truly will never know There was so much going on in the ending there that the characters had no time to really spend thinking about her death but I still felt like perhaps we could have had a bit on thatI have read critiues on this series especially about how Kelsea views vanity and her judgemental tendencies Yet if they read the whole series they should realize that it was all part of something she had to deal with Her mother was extremely vain and beautiful yet Kelsea was extremely insecure about her beauty she knew she was plain and wasn't 'skinny' and didn't really like how she was portrayed She also didn't want to end up like her mother Her judgement came from a place of insecurity and she learns within the book that beauty is not important that appearances are deceiving and that lastly they should not hold much weight She wakes up in this new world and there is a mirror A full length mirror She had grown up differently in the other world but now that Elyssa was raising her there were mirrors around At this point she see's her original self is back and she is grateful for it She had finally accepted herself for who she was and was learning to accept others for their faults as well This story arc was complicated and I guess some people just didn't relate to it or understand it thus they criticized it Yet it all comes full circle in the end with a good message There is so much to discuss with this book and I'm sure I will add later when I think of it Happy readingITS FINALLY HERE I'm so excited omfg hype hype hype hype hype This year we have harry potter and the cursed child empire of storms AND the fate of the tearling???? WE ARE SO LUCKY GUYSThis series is so underrated like why is this not on the top 100 YA releases of 2016??? Because this is in MY top 3 most anticipated releases of the year I love this series to pieces and can't wait to read this

  10. Sophie "Beware Of The Reader" Sophie "Beware Of The Reader" says:

    2 stars Just know that I gave 5 stars to the other books of this trilogy soWHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH ERIKA JOHANSEN??????If you follow me usually you must know by now that I always try to be constructive in my reviews Even when I did not like a book Fortunately it does not happen often Either I’m pretty easy to please either I choose my reads wisely take your pickBut right now I’m so fuming mad it will be really difficult to tame my anger and try to write something that could be useful for the readers and the author Even if it’s highly unlikely she would read my reviewWhy do I write this review then? Because I loved the first two books so much that I just feel betrayed by the author and need to vent my frustrationI loved the first 70% of the book We went back and forth between present Kelsea at the hands of the Red ueen waiting in her dungeon and past No longer with Lily but with a young girl Katie Little by little we learn about William Tear his utopia his family his town How dissent slowly grew in this small community I found Katie interesting and was happy to know about the Tearling’s originsThere was so much in the book about past mistakes lessons to learn how humans maybe aren’t meant to live euals how the better intentions can lead to disastrous conseuences howit was just too much too denseI had sometimes to read sentences and passages twice and yet I did not understand everything Maybe I’m not smart enough It was like the author tried to cram as much topics concepts conflicting emotions and characters as was possible It just did not work at allNow I want to be constructive give some advice and explain what did not work at all for me personally don’t make your story so convoluted it becomes unbelievable The “genre” was so far from the first two books some passages in the last 30% were worthy of a horror book And I don’t like horror stories Just to illustrate the way Kelsea chose to “use” Katie in the last scenes was just grotesue Sorry to say it plain and simple but I did not recognize the story at all don’t write scenes staging your characters behaving erratically so far from who they are that your reader does not recognize them Stay true to them especially if it does not serve any purpose in the story The scene between Katie and Finn in the woods at the Autumn festival was just poorly executed It just came so “out of the blue” and was not Katie at all It was short barely a blink and I can still not fathom its purpose If it was to distract her it could have been achieved by a simple dance The same can be said for the scene between Jonathan and Katie under the church Nothing led us to expect it It was just cold clinical and don’t make some characters we came to love either die if it’s not absolutely essential or let them achieve their whole purpose and destiny I’m speaking about a girl I came to love and thought was meant to achieve something exceptional butno; don’t bash your characters or paint them in grey light gratuitously just to disappoint us I know people come in shades of grey I usually do prefer nuances in my characters butLearning about The Mace’s past how he behaved under Kelsea’s mother reign greatly disappointed me and did not add anything to the plot The same could be said of Pen He was mopping in the beginning and I just wanted to slap him Then suddenly he changed his mind Kelsea and Pen shook hands and wham bam madam it was set and done as if no feelings ever existed between them Sorry but you can’t just turn a switch and stop your feelings I don’t buy it if you write in crescendo with a real appalling gory frenzy by the end don’t stop with something so anticlimactic It just feels like “much ado about nothing” and I just want OK I stop here Dear author To sum it up read the first two books stay true to your characters to your story and don’t become so elated as to write something your readers will never recognize and understandAnd I don’t take gloves to write this review because I just loved your story so much I just feel betrayed In itself it’s a praise to your work because you made me feel so much for your characters and plot it just hurt me in the flesh to read this Dear readers You can consider me arrogant as I’ve never written a single book in my life and yet here I am giving advices You would be right But on the other hand I’ve read than 10000 books in my life done several beta reads so far and I know my own mind my likes and my dislikes I don’t write reviews to praise authors but to be honest and help other readers expressing my own personal opinion Now just sue meWill I stop reading Erika Johansen’s books? Certainly not as she’s previously proven she can achieve greatness

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