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The Emerald Peacock rereading this book trying to find good books to read with a class about India next termWell I won't use this with a class It was a good read although one of the heroines the tale is sort of in two parts drove me nuts This being said I suppose as a 16 year old in the 1860's we can't expect too much Hard to tell if my copy is complete as the book ends at the bottom of the page but all the stories are resolved so it's not disturbing pure escapist romance I loved it Book 1 was amazing Book 2 was like what? And also what? INDIA A LAND OF PASSION AND DANGER LOVE AND BETRAYALThey eloped to an exotic palace high in the majestic hills Bianca O'Neil a beautiful Irish girl and Sher Khan the passionate Prince of Tigers ruler of Lambagh and heir to the Peacock ThroneIt was a turbulent passion shadowed by treachery and greed consumed by the flames of rebellion that swept the country and ultimately challenged by enemies who coveted the emblem of Sher Khan's power the rare and wondrous jewels of THE EMERALD PEACOCK

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