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The End of an Era Diaries 1980 1990 Tony Benn's final instalment of diaries centres on a decade which saw the disintegration of Eastern Europe an unprecedented assault on the labour movement at home the fall of Margaret Thatcher and the tragic war in the Gulf It is a period which marks the peak of Tony Benn's reputation as a brilliant parliamentarian This final volume of diaries gives us insight into an era of extraordinary international and domestic political life making it one of the most important political writings of our time

About the Author: Tony Benn

Anthony Neil Wedgwood Tony Benn PC 3 April 1925 – 14 March 2014 formerly 2nd Viscount Stansgate was a British Labour Party politician He served as a Member of Parliament from 1951 until 2001 and was a Cabinet Minister under Harold Wilson and James Callaghan in the 1960s and 1970s After his retirement from the House of Commons he continued his activism and served as president of the Stop

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  1. L. L. says:

    As with all diaries and autobiographies the opinions and perceptions of people and events contained within should be taken with a grain of saltbut the book is still an interesting and valuable insider's look at the internal turmoil of the Labour party in the 1980s as well as the various campaigns of the far left in Britain and abroad during the same era Benn pulls no punches he generally seems much crueler to members of his own party than to Conservatives and he is also very swift to overplay his own importance as much as possible again not unusual among diarists but the end result is still very readable and full of lots of interesting details covering everything from disastrous party policy meetings under Callaghan Foot and Kinnock to an encounter with Saddam Hussein in an attempt to prevent the outbreak of the Gulf War in 1990 You may find yourself inventing drinking games to play as you read along with the book though given the repetitiveness of some of his rhetoric and arguments

  2. Helen Helen says:

    Covers the 1980s not a happy time for the author apart from all the new grandchildren Obviously the printed diary is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the whole so there are places where you read the beginning of something but don't find out what happened next There are so many parallels here with some aspects of political life today particularly the attitude of the BBC and the split personality of the Labour Party Tony Benn while mainly on the losing side drops in some very astute analyses of people and situations and forecasts of what might happen in the future some of which are very prescient Essential reading for understanding what happened to Britain in the 1980s the seuel is being played out now

  3. Sue Sue says:

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