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Seizure This is a medical thriller and although I like it the characters are flat in the way House is flat They all play specific parts without going out of those roles For an entertaining medical thriller without high expectations it will do At first the book was decent and some what captivating however after the first hundred pages it was completely boring and entirely annoying The plot is dragged out much longer than necessary and the worst part is the CHARACTORS They are EXTREMELY unlikable and stereotypical Daniel was the man who's solely focused on saving his company that like in most plots he forgets about other people's feelings but still tries to keep himself and his partnerlover Stephanie together Which brings me to possibly the most irritating and highly stereotyped character in the book Stephanie is portrayed very beautiful woman who like Daniel is very intelligent However like most stereotypical female characters she cannot keep herself out of trouble despite many warnings and is always the damsel in distress She always seemed to have her nose up and was easily offended To make matters even worse she is Italian and is related to the Boston mob who has funded Daniel's company I can continue to go on and on about how stereotypical all these characters are the political leader is arrogant the mob members are taken right from old 40s gangster movies etcAnother aspect that really made this book cringe worthy and not in a good way was the fact that it was longer than what it really could have been There were so many situations and details that didn't contribute anything to the general plot For example Cook goes into detail about Stephanie's whole family life how her mother has cancer how her father doesn't accept her etc and it was just a waste if space Besides the situation with her brother none of the other family members mattered Cook was trying to put in too many things at once it was like 100 things pushed into one book at times you totally forget what the couple is trying to accomplish in the first place I would have stopped half way through the book however I had to pick one book to read by Robin Cook for my AP Biology class to read over the summer I usually enjoy my assigned reading for the summer but this book by far was the worst book I have read I am truly considering the idea of burning the book with fire so that I never have to see it again I am only giving this book 2 stars because there are educational aspects in it but other than that I would have given it 0 In a novel as timely as it is terrifying New York Times bestselling author Robin Cook explores the controversial clash of politics and biotechnologyWhen Dr Daniel Lowell and his partner Dr Stephanie D'Agostino discover a new cloning procedure that utilizes stem cells to treat otherwise incurable and degenerative diseases they know they've hit the medical jackpot But with their cutting edge method pending approval they run into a roadblock by the name of Senator Ashley Butler who views their techniue as an attack on traditional American values Then Butler is diagnosed with rapidly progressing Parkinson's disease and he must make a Faustian pact with the very doctors whose groundbreaking technology he is trying to destroy treatment in exchange for unwavering supportBut the DNA transference procedure has never been tested before and working under less than favorable conditions to keep the premature trial under wraps the doctors place their careers and their patient's life at risk all in the name of scientific progress Once they hit the point of no return they feel invincible but when Butler starts experiencing violent horrifying seizures they realize their luck may have run out Typical Robin Cook book combining medical technology human greed and ego Lots of unbelievable connections between politics organized crime the Catholic church and cutting edge and stem cell research A good distraction during commute into town I think that my brain checked out somewhere in the middle of this book The beginning concept of the book embryonic transplant cells to cure or alleviate Parkinson’s disease is in itself an interesting concept That is where the good part of the story ended Why Dr Cook needed to throw in the Mafia and a religious angle made no sense Neither of them was fully explained and neither of them added to the overall storyline In what is purported to be a collision of power religion and bioscience Dr Cook takes the reader down the road with Dr Daniel Lowell who is trying to develop the HTSR techniue that involves replacing damaged DNA with replacement healthy cells Where and how they get these cells might make a reader angry but that is what biomedical controversies are built on When Dr Lowell runs into a roadblock by the name of Senator Ashley Butler he thinks that his medical advancements are doomed That is until Senator Butler covertly asks to be his human guinea pigSomewhere in this long drawn out book is an interesting plot Unfortunately Dr Cook throws too much in and dilutes all the interesting parts I suggest that you pass on this particular book and check out some of his others He seems to run hot and cold in his reviews but there are good ones out there DNF at 73% General Overview This book is about two doctors who have developed a way of curing cell and genetic diseases by cell differentiation and therapeutic cloning But there are political hurdles in the way and this book is an attempt to overcome those hurdles and save their company I am not gonna lie This book started out fine thus the two stars but the and the plot thickens never really was there for me I didn't feel like the story was worth a 400 pager I mean the plot wasn't something captivating or thrilling I have only read one other book by Robin Cook that is Critical this book had me on the edge of my seat and had my attention throughout So I went into Seizure with high expectations The writing was a bunch of big words thrown together in a fancy way You enjoy reading this book in the beginning drawn in by the medical theories and big words that Cook uses But then about a uarter of a way through you realize the words are just a beautiful disguise for a completely mehhh plot I had major issues with the characters and how they were written I hated Daniel not going to hide that fact I hated Stephanie too for sticking with this troll I mean what kind of a naive person was she? Couldn't she see that Daniel was a self centered bastard? Something else that was totally unnecessary were their fights I got so tired by their fights that I wanted to to shout at them to stop bickering and get on with the story Okay I admit I did that a couple of timesI try not to rate DNF ed books because I want to go back into them with a fresh and open mind another time But no nobody is convincing me to finish this Even though I have less than 30% to finish I AM DONE unabridged audiobook read by George Guidall Dr Daniel Lowell has discovered a new stem cell procedure to cure many currently terminal diseases Senator Ashley Butler publicly opposes all such research but secretly offers to become Lowell's guinea pig to cure his Parkinson's Disease before his illness is discovered by the public The rest of the book is a tangle of intrigue involving the mafia the Catholic Church the Shroud of Turin organ harvesting and US politics It's a great set up read by a truly talented voice actor but about halfway through I realized that horrible truth there's no way it could end satisfyingly And it doesn't Most of the issues raised are never resolved and the so called climax is very well anti climatic I could deal with it if it was just the social ethical and political uestions that were left open ended but even much of the plot just sort of fizzles out I've enjoyed the other books I've read by Robin Cook but this one felt like it bit off than it could chew Normally I love Robin Cook novels but I just couldn't get into it this time Weirdly the thing that annoyed me most was the fact that the dialogue was written like a narrative and sounded nothing like what an average conversation would sound like And the ending seemed underwhelming and rushed the opposite of how a good novel should end Great Cook story gripping suspense humor ethics issuesWe've read all of Cook's medical thrillers even his Egyptian mystery the Sphinx and would argue that some are a lot better than others But along comes Seizure just possibly his best ever A current affairs type premise finds two intellectual doctors trying to save from impending financial ruin their stem cell research company with a promising technology to grow disease curing cells They approach a US Senator to help stop a bill to outlaw their procedures only to learn he has Parkinson's disease and proposes using himself as an experiment completely illegal of course To add an incredible twist to the idea he wants the DNA necessary to come from the Shroud of Turin implications to use Christ's DNA What happens therafter is a roller coaster ride of trials and tribulations for our leading characters with finally the operation on the senator at first glance a success As yet another interesting touch Cook reprises the evil doctors from Shock who fled the US to re open the Wingate Clinic from that story in the Bahamas to skirt federal medical lawsThere's much than a fun story to captivate readers with this novel The discussions of the Shroud apparently proven years ago to be a fraud were intriguing and will probably stimulate new interest in just where and how the famous relic came to be The scene where the senator meets with a Cardinal to negotiate getting a sample of the shroud was one of the most humorous we've read in a long time Lastly the ongoing ethics of the human experiment and whether the type of research described in the story should be banned or not is a central theme for which the author has serious positions to unfold even elaborating on what he thinks is right in an author's note at the end Cook also admitted his fascination with learning so much about the Shroud and refers us to other books on that subject should we care to pursue itRobin Cook often grabs us with a provocative premise but then sometimes peters out In this book the action the interaction of the characters and the entertaining and amusing side issues all wrap up into a fine summertime read don't miss it I think this is the worst Robin Cook book I've read so far I have always enjoyed his thrillers but Seizure is definitely one from an off day The story was all to predictable and character development was minimal The ending was very anticlimactic and the story ends with one of the characters actually defining what the story is about You'll know what I mean if you make it to the end of this book It's definitely not one in the worst books ever written category but not a thrilling thriller either