Liaisons dangereuses Sex Law and Diplomacy in the Age of

Liaisons dangereuses Sex Law and Diplomacy in the Age of Frederick the Great Liaisons dangereuses examines the local and international repercussions of a notorious episode in eighteenth century Hamburg Historian Mary Lindemann recounts the mysterious circumstances surrounding the violent death of a counterfeit Milanese count Joseph Visconti at the hands of an erstwhile Prussian lieutenant the Baron von KesslitzReconstructing the drama from the perspectives of four principal players—the count the baron an ItalianFrench courtesan Anna Maria Romellini and Antoine Ventura de Sanpelayo the Spanish consul in Hamburg—Lindemann explores the historical currents that swept these individuals together and the effects of their encounter on Hamburg's public its government and its diplomatic and economic relationships with European courts and states Lindemann profiles each person involved in the crime exploring their lives as uniue sets of circumstances while analyzing them as eighteenth century typesWhat actually took place on that fateful night in October 1775 All Hamburg buzzed with rumors but it is impossible to determine without doubt the motives of those involved or even to know what really happened Nevertheless the case that developed around the killing of Visconti provides fascinating insights into the diplomatic cultural legal social and political history of the last third of the eighteenth century

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