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Let's Weigh the Evidence Comparing the King James Version of the Bible with all other versions Asks the uestion Which Bible is the real Word of God? A high school level no nonsense book I recommend when you read it take any English translation and compare the verses that he gives in the book Highly recommended A uick read that answers lots of uestions and does what ANY good book SHOULD dogives you the desire to continue to study the subject even further Lots of other Authors go deeper and cover on the subject This is an excellent start if you are exploring the subject of bible versions So what version of the Bible is the true Word of God? Read this book and you'll come away with some facts you'll never forget Mr Burton's book is a poorly written polemic on the newer English translations of the Bible His book in trying to advocate for the King James Bible in fact does serious damage to his cause His book is neither well written nor honest in it criticism of the newer translations His errors are so onerous that one must believe that the writer was trying to deceive and not interested in honestly exploring the strengths and weaknesses of the different translation Three examples that come to mind1 KJV was never copyrighted Half truth The word copyright did not exist in 1611 but the concept did and the writers of the KJV used it2 The writer uses scripture as if it was speaking of the KJV This is an outright misuse of scripture3 The writer talks extensively of the removal of the word Lord or Christ in the new versions but never mentions were it was added let alone why these change happened Oops The best he can muster is that Satan is trying to corrupt our Bible This is a terrible book and I can not recommend it to anyone who wishes to understand the different translations of the Bible The Bible version issue made simple In simple layman's language Barry Burton explains the basic issues in the Bible version controversyand makes it easy to understand why the King James is the only Bible you can trust

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