New Game Epub Ò Kindle Edition

New Game Mostly good advice but there were moments I felt like I was looking at aliens courting as the hypothetical scenarios were so unlike anything I've ever experienced Living in a rural area and probably being autistic might explain this Ever wish dating came with an instruction manual Now it does New Game is the book that every geeky guy wishes he had If you've been struggling with dating then it's time to start again and get it right this time Whether you're looking for that one special relationship something casual or simply want to get better at meeting incredible women dating and relationship expert Harris O'Malley AKA Dr NerdLove shows you the way from the first hello to the knock out kiss New Game helps you break through the anxiety of meeting new amazing women helps demystify the rules of relationships teaches you what to say and when and helps you generate the chemistry that makes you irresistible No tricks No cheesy gimmicks No creepy manipulative tactics New Game is your guide to becoming the man you always wished you could be

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