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Souls of Darkness Do you remember The Worlds of Power They were trashy little kids books based on Nintendo games They had plots like What if a kid got sucked into Castlevania and watched Dracula drink cherry soda 'Souls of Darkness' is parody of these books based on Dark Souls It follows a young Souls scholar as she's sucked into her favorite video game world Koledran where she embarks on a harrowing journey and encounters incredible figures like Lunarious Moonlit Knight and Lounging Carl seated man

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  1. Brian Brian says:

    If you were a Nintendo kid in the 80s or have ever been to a garage sale you might remember the Worlds of Power series I picked up Before Shadowgate at a garage sale because I was eager for any kind of incidental gaming material at a time where I got a new game maybe once ever few months or so but even in elementary school I could tell that the uality is lacking Before Shadowgate was a transparent ripoff of The Sword of Shannara which itself is um heavily inspired by The Lord of the Rings The serial number hadn't been filed off it was taped over and the tape had ripped off a big chunk of the paint Or something Hey I'm just trying to match my metaphor to the uality of the text there Souls of Darkness is written and illustrated; compare the cover to an actual Worlds of Power book from that perspective as a parody of those dashed off works of old The writing is simultaneously turgid and juvenile in the way that only an author trying to be hip with the kids these days while still slipping in under Nintendo of America's draconician censorship laws can be and while you might think this sounds insufferably annoying I liked it a lot There's a precipice that parodies of bad writing walk along where they have to obviously reflect the work that they're parodying but not be so badly written that they themselves cause suffering This book managed to walk that line exactly for me Here's a sampleThe village was a depressing sight The houses sagged with moist rotting wood and the walkways were narrow and cramped and also moist Elevated paths between houses were made from dusty planks of wood that had been reclaimed from haunted orphanages One man was casually kicking week old offal at a cat while the cat contemplated suicide It was super bleak The group mostly kept their heads down and the rest of their bodies down to avoid detection by the cursed villagers They made their way down back alleys side alleys and front alleys Also alleys that are on the other side from the first side alleys They ducked in and out of houses with no respect for property rights let alone The Castle Doctrine Maya was ecstatic It really felt like a video gameIt's that It really felt like a video game line that does it I think Both in the aesthetics I'm sure you can think of games where the color palette is done in black and brown and grey and charcoal and slate and tan and in the typical gameplay You may insert a comic of Link smashing pots in people's houses here if you wishIt's minor but I loved how all of Maya's curses are all based on fruit What the raspberries? for example It's exactly the kind of thing that adults do because it's age appropriate that children see through immediately The plot is the deliberately generic one where a kid from the real world gets sucked into their favorite game and has to use their knowledge of the plot and systems to metagame their way to victory It's hard for me to say how interesting this would be for someone who came to Souls of Darkness knowing nothing about Dark Souls because I've beaten the game and expansion and so I got all of the in jokes Some of the jokes extend to the community and memes around it as well like the section in Bloodroot Wood where Maya Lunarious the Moon Knight The Moon shines even in daylight and Lounging Carl fight The Legend This is a problem both because The Legend spends the whole fight making incredibly bad jokes and because the The Legend has never been defeated in battle because the legend never dies When fighting Pevley the Stomper Lounging Carl marvels at how protective his armor is and wonders why everyone doesn't wear a set Artos the Void Saunterer is a vaping fedoralord Maya kills the Marrowlord by convincing her to commit suicide which warmed my Fallout loving heart The beginning of the book also suggests that you check out other Power Worlds SuperStation books like Atomic A Post Nuclear SuperStation Adventure SigilScape Torture and God From the Machine I really hope that Butterfield writes all of those He's managed to capture the silliness inherent in early video game books as well as the modern culture that surrounds the work he's parodying all in a uick narrative that I read in an hour or so I'd gladly read any other Power Worlds books that came out

  2. Luke Palmer Luke Palmer says:

    I absolutely loved Souls of Darkness It was like revisiting my childhood as an adult eerily familiar however a completely uniue experience just as hilarious and terrifying as childhood tends to be I really enjoyed all the cameos and nods to DS community personalities I would definitely recommend this to people who enjoy fantasy as well as anyone who is a fan of the game series this was inspired by or the book series that inspired the format Whoa now that's cyclical You don't have to be a DS fan to love this book Gary Butterfield FX truly has a uniue command of the English and Koledran languages Nick's illustrations were wonderful and they thoroughly complimented a truly engaging experience

  3. Jacob Strohmaier Jacob Strohmaier says:

    Souls of Darkness is a great uick fun and funny book I laughed out load several times and have uoted several lines from the book to my friends I highly recommend anyone a fan of Dark Souls World of Nintendo books or someone just looking for a light funny book read Souls of Darkness

  4. Tomtheoptimist Tomtheoptimist says:

    I admit I am biased here To be completely honest this book is not for everyone But honestly it is very much for me and like minded peopleI once heard someone say I want to be successful at something so complicated I never have to explain it to people and this book encompasses that feeling On one hand it is an exemplary parody of the old Nintendo novelizations of video games but on the other it is a parody of the fandom of Dark Souls To understand the humor you probably need to be versed in at least one To recognize the sheer amount of cleverness you have to be in both This book was made for me but I don't presume it was made for you

  5. Axel Bonard Axel Bonard says:

    Even without knowing too much about the Dark Souls series having only played Bloodborne and listened to a handful of Bonfireside Chat episodes I still had tons of fun diving into that super cute little book A real breeze to read very cleverly written I had a smile on my face whenever I picked it up Highly recommended

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