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The Mill Girls of Albion Lane On the cobbled streets of a Yorkshire mill town in 1931 Lily Briggs does all she can to keep trouble at bay for her and her familyShe works hard at Calvert Mill to make ends meet and take care of her parents and younger siblings Saturday nights at the dance hall and dressmaking with her two best friends keep Lily upbeat and now there’s a blossoming romance with childhood friend Harry Bainbridge to put an extra spring in her step tooBut then a run of misfortune threatens Lily’s work home and personal life and she has to rely on the community at the mill to rally together for support With so many others to worry about will Lily always put them first or can she find her own happy ending A heart warming nostalgic tale of triumph over adversity that readers of Katie Flynn Donna Douglas and Call the Midwife will adore he Mill Girls of Albion Lane was a captivating tale of life in the 1930’s and the Mill Industry Fans of Margaret Dickson and Call the Midwife will definitely enjoy this bookSet in the Bradford Mill Industry of the 1930’s we meet Lily the eldest daughter of the Briggs family Lily has worked in the Mill since she was 14 and is the middle daughter of a mother who tries her best and a drunken father As well as learning about life during this period and specifically the industry we follow Lily and her family through some serious adversity involving health betrayal love fear and the criminal justice system When things get tough we see how the mill community comes together to offer supportI was captivated to the story throughout crying on many occasion I highly recommend a big box of tissues toward the later half of the book At one point I cried so much I had to stop reading To me that is the sign of a great story tellerAll the characters are well developed making it easier to imagine them and to develop a kind of relationship You believe everyone you see to be real feeling anger and hatred to some and love toward others Each and everyone of the characters could be someone you know I especially enjoyed the relationship between Lily and Billy although that was where most of my tears came from The not so likable characters like her uncle and cousin really got my hackles upI feel the story itself is well enough paced Although I found the first part of the book a little slow the pace picks up nicely as you move on passed the preliminaries The history is well researched and accurateOverall I think just about anyone would enjoy this book EnjoyNB I Reveived this book free for an honest review I really love historical sagas this one is set in the 1930’s It is set around the Mill works We follow Lily and her family exploits and the misfortunes that happen There is a real sense of community surrounding themI loved the characters who are all drawn really well You are taken on an emotional journey with them Some characters you really love others provoke different reactions from you A lovely romance element runs through which pulls you into the story lineThe cover really invites you in to join the Mill Girls of Albion Lane I love the use of the street signWith many thanks to Net Galley for the chance to read this one I uite like reading sagas now and again and this one did not disappointSet in the 1930's and around the Mill Works Lily Briggs works at Calvert Mill to make ends meet and looks after her younger siblingsLily and her two best friends spend their Saturday night at the dance hall and now she has a bit of a romance with Harry who was her childhood friendJust when things had been looking misfortune threatens Lily's work home and personal life Will Lily be able to find a happy ending with so many others to worry overA bit slow to start but don't let that put you off finishing the novelI would like to thank Net Galley Random House UK Transworld Publishing and the author Jenny Holmes for my ARC in exchange for an honest review I uite enjoyed thisThe romance was light but lovely the story was excellent except in places where it was obvious what was going to happen but overall it sucked me into the story and I felt I was in it which is what I always look for in a historical novel I will definitely keep an eye on this author's future work

  • Kindle Edition
  • 464 pages
  • The Mill Girls of Albion Lane
  • Jenny Holmes
  • English
  • 15 November 2015

About the Author: Jenny Holmes

Jenny Holmes lives in a beautiful part of Yorkshire and sets her sagas in the industrial heartland nearby She enjoys horse riding gardening and walking her dog in the dales She also writes children's books as Jenny Oldfield

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