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Tips for Your Breadmaker More of us than ever before own a breadmaker but where do we turn when we need advice Karen Saunders is the breadmaker expert and in this handy book she gives you the inside tips on what every breadmaker owner needs to know from getting started—knowing how your machine works and where and how to use it; to basic ingredients—flour yeast fat sugar and liuid and how they combine to make the bread and how to know it's cooked correctly Breadmaker programs are also covered including finding your way round the cycles Expanding your repertoire is easy with recipes for white soft grain wholemeal rye country malted French onion and garlic bread and blended flours Making dough is also explored with helpful hints and tips and recipes for focaccia pitta naan pizza and calzone This book also covers making cakes; catering for special diets; and care and cleaning And most useful of all Karen answers the top ten most freuently asked uestions about breadmakers with a general troubleshooting guide to cover every eventuality You'll wonder how you managed without it