Lifers Kindle Ò Hardcover

Lifers A pretty standard true crime book that examines the concept of whole life terms in England and Wales and critically if they are ever justified There are plenty of notable cases discussed within this book and several others that for whatever reason didn’t generate as much public attention I can only attribute that to the brutality of the crimes particularly if they involved children hence the media silence Some passages of the book appeared as if written by a college student taking a criminology course it’s very A plus B euals C without much depth to the cases discussed Also there are a few lines generated by the authors own opinion that may raise a few eyebrows Overall not a terrible read for those interested in true crime and prison lifestyle It’s a large book so only those truly invested in the subject will enjoy I’m glad I read it however because the concept of life imprisonment with a minimum term versus a whole life tariff is intriguing and promotes healthy debate Excellent and informative true crime book although I didn't entirely agree with the author's conclusions regarding whole life tariffs It was really interesting and well written with uite in depth profiles of some of the people who have been sentenced to a whole life order The author doesn't shy away from some of the heinous crimes that have been committed and indeed spends 90% of the book detailing these crimes It was a bit odd therefore that at the very end of the book he then argues that the people he has been writing about should not have a whole life tariff and that we should develop an alternative method of sentencingIt just jars with the rest of the book although his position is well argued Overall a very good true crime book and a great exploration of the current sentencing powers of the UK judiciary Very very interesting look at the meaning of the 'whole life tariff' that is applied to some uniuely wicked people This book makes you think and opened my eyes to the sheer volume of murders that have taken place in this country and the punishments that they receive Highly recommend Very repetitious It was ok but not what I expected There will always be disparity in sentencing and left wing socialists will always defeat mandatory sentencing A human legal system will always have human issues fraught with decisions that never please all I could not finish this book There were a few things that just annoyed me into stopping the first being the writing This is the second book I've read by this author the first I actually own and didn't really have a problem with however the writing in this one was so opinionated that it frustrated me I feel like when writing a book like this or anything with such a heavy two sided argument you should make your writing unopinionated at least until the very end It annoyed me where he seemed to be hating the life tariffs and making that clear whenever he got the chance It just came across so strong in his writing I could not copeThe second thing would be the fact that he's using a mentally ill serial killer as his reasoning for trying to abolish the life tariffs Okay that's fine Except his example was that of John Straffen his victims were a five year old and a nine year old So you think this child killer should serve his time and be let free as you're implying? Well what about the time he broke out of Broadmoor for four hours and murdered another five years old? Does he really seem like the kind of person that could and should be released? The author just seemed annoyed by the justice system because Straffen didn't get sentenced to a life tariff but died after being the longest serving prisoner in Britain well I don't feel like there was any other option for him besides the death penalty and since the author mentioned a few times Britain abolished that seemed like he's dying inside prison walls whether he likes it or notOf the 13 percent that I read it was than I could take I just could not face continuing on with the rest of the book it was that bad uite a depressing and sad book that mainly sets out horrible horrible crimes but does try to uestion what a life sentence really means and whether it's justified found it hard going Geoffrey Wansell's Lifers is a chilling and fascinating look inside the minds of some of the world's most notorious criminals and serial killersIn this ground breaking book Wansell brings together interviews and original first hand accounts from some of the most feared and dangerous criminals on the planet Lifers offers a glimpse inside the minds of murderers as well as a chance to understand what it really means when 'life means life'Having observed lifers over than twenty years often up close and very personal

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