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The Need to Touch A really good story A bit emotional at times I had my cry moments; A country boy going to college outside his realm for the first time a broken boy for his roommate sparks fly immediately beautiful love story This was a very good read I didn't want to put the book down Dang cliffhangers Can't wait for book 2 For YA Cowboy LoversThis was very nicely done Two young men finding themselves together is a plot that is common but when the read is entertaining enough to halt me from putting it down for even a minute means that this was a story I was unwilling to let go ofWe have Bentley Carter a proud and out gay young man in college about to graduate and welcoming freshmen into the dorm when in walks cowboy straight looking tobacco chewing Ryder Harrison Of all the men he had been with somehow it is Ryder who strikes the chord he left untouched forever Although it was difficult to comprehend or to even admit Ben was falling hard It does not help that Ryder is one awesome character who is loyal as loyal could beThis is a beautiful and awesomely sweet love story about falling in love maturation and decision making Ben's past is not a fairy tale well not compared to Ryder's happy family Yes both had their own tragedies but Ben felt that he should not ever let go of his heart or lose it forever to pain Ryder was tough to resist though and just kept on with his decision to love and slowly his walls came crumbling down The drama of the story comes in Pops and Landon For Ryder he owed his whole being to Pops and only wanted to work the farm Landon his best friend since forever was his one weakness and falling in love with him was too easy Getting rejected by Landon however was not a good thing and the rift seems bad enough to set them incommunicado with each other When he fell in love with Ben Ryder saw the difference of first flush love versus true love and thought and decided he would not leave the Ben's side and made a decision For Pops Landon and Ben that decision was enough to make or break whatever bonds they had developedThen there was the endingHolen that came out of the blue but it was perfect somehow and it just kept this story alive for me and longing for what comes next You can only win someone’s heart once you’ve captured itNineteen year old Ryder Harrison grew up near a small town in Montana working on the family’s ranch and in love with his best friend Landon Pennington That was until his Grandfather decided he needed to go to college in California Ryder promised his Mom before she died that he would finish his education Staying true to his word Ryder packs his clothes and heads to California confident that it would all be one big disaster The only thing he hadn’t planned on was meeting Bentley CarterTwenty year old Bentley Carter has enough emotional issues to write his own ‘How to Cope’ manual Surviving an abusive childhood he made a personal promise to always stay true to himself and never let emotions overrule his common sense Content with his current life and friend with ‘benefits’ Ben is determined to not let his new roommate affect himUncertain about their places in the world and with each other Ryder and Ben struggle to understand the person who is not what they thought they wanted yet who they are unable to live without Living in a sometimes cruel and unforgiving world they are determined to embrace the reality of falling in love and the challenges that follow 25 StarsThis read like a daytime soap opera and even though it had several tropes I love it was so contrived as to be over the top and unbelievable It also needed a good editor Even still I felt compelled to finish it and then it ended in a cliffhanger smdh I'm guessing so people will feel the need to read the next one I'm gonna pass on that one though Ryder has been content with his life being raised by his mom and Grandfather He loves ranching in Montana and hopes to take over the ranch someday He is gay and his Grandfather knows and seems to accept this After his mother’s death his grandfather decides to send Ryder to college in California so he can experience life outside the ranch and not have to be so grown up so fast Ryder isn’t happy about this decision at all and didn’t want to leave Montana and his best friend Landon whom he is in love with even though Landon claims to not be gayBentley has been through a lot in his 20 years He has faced abuse but shields his heart He finds his new cowboy room mate pushes buttons in him he would rather not be pushed I thought this was a very beautiful story The characters are so interesting and you just want to hug these boys I loved that each young man is dealing with his own issues and both are very different men I loved Bentley and his exuberance and flamboyance Also other characters are intriguing There is a lot of sex but I didn’t feel it overshadowed the story and also shows the dynamic between the two without sounding like porn or making them seem they are only after sex Well done The ending really took me by surprise and I cannot wait for the next book If you like broken men coming of age finding love friends with benefits college stories new adult sweet romance with some very hot man sex this is for you I received a copy of this book free of charge from MMgoodbookreviews in exchange for an honest review All opinions expressed are my own synopsisryder has been in love with his best friend landon forever but landon isn't willing to come out of the closet and is in fact engaged his grandfather has decreed that ryder needs to go to college in california and since ryder promised his dying mother that he would continue his education he does they drive from montana and ryder is introduced to his roommate ben ben was abused by his father and then was drugged and maybe? sexually assaulted within his first couple of years in college the only person he has let be close to him is his friend with benefits but ryder and ben strike sparks so both of them have to learn to let go of the pastwhat i liked the premise i liked the idea of a country cowboy and a city slicker learning about each otherwhat i didn't like welli didn't like how all of a sudden ben's father popped up when he shouldn't have even been in the picture and ryder's grandfather didn't really have a problem with ryder being gay although he said he did but was mad because he was losing ryder after they both lost ryder's mother? and ben's friend with benefits hooks up with landon? and even though they aren't talking to each other ryder agrees to go to landon's wedding? and ben and ryder agree to move in together after TWO MONTHS of being together? and by move in i mean they BUY A HOUSE TOGETHER and then after living together for TWO WEEKS they get married? and then ben's father shows up in a rage? and there's a hint that he may have had something to do with ben's assault? agggghhhh plus the writing style just didn't click for me; i was rolling my eyes often than not on this one i really shouldn't have finished it but it was like i could see headlights coming and i just couldn't move out of the way Ryder and Bentley Ben are great characters who learn to come in to their own throughout this story It was a refreshing read with true life complications past hurts that both characters have to come to terms with and a few past lovers who may or may not have created jealousy amongst Ryder and Ben However in the end each character learns something new about themselvesI enjoyed the relationships throughout the book that were outside of Ryder and Ben's I thought that it helped in the character development of each individual character and then helped in their relationship with each other as well With Ryder's reluctance to leave his home in Montana and Ben's reluctance to devlope than a simple friendly connection they each take a journey that will break down what they think they want and rebuild them into who they were always been meant to beI enjoyed the relationship between Ryder and Pop a lot I thought it went a long way for Ryder to be able to leave MT even though he might not have wanted to It was at Pop's insistance that Ryder attend school and even though Pop is slightly rough around the edges I couldn't help but love Pop's support of RyderEthan was another character that I learned to really like despite his somewhat odd relationship with Ben I came to realize that even though Ben would never love Ethan the way that he loved Ryder Ethan was an important support for both characters in the endI wish I would have known this book ended with a slight cliff hanger now I want to know what is going to happen in the futureThere were a few different formatting issues but I loved the nail polish spacersAvidReader Much better than I expected this coming to terms book is about a relationship that begins very uickly but somehow finds that perfect foothold to gain strength Ryder and Ben are both unsure of themselves for various reasons but they find solace in each other even while uestioning what's happening between them A whirlwind romance that's refreshingly light on angst but still carries enough conflict to keep the reader entertained A solid 45 stars from me Ryder leaves his home the farm his not do much best friend any and his Grandfather in Montana for the first time to attend college in California He meets his gorgeous somewhat flamboyant roommate Bently Ben and there is an immediate spark On the surface Ben is very confident and put together but as the relationship takes a serious turn and heats up we see just how broken Ben really is Will he let Ryder in or push him away?I loved Ryder and Ben's story It moved kind of fast at first They go on their 1st date then suddenly it's 3 months later and they are a serious couple I would have liked to have seen of the courtingdating stage but I can live with what these ladies gave me What they gave me was a smoking hot heartbreaking yet heartwarming somewhat angsty romance I so enjoyed seeing Ryder and especially Ben open up and help heal old wounds The sex was hot and plentiful but not overwhelming It took a turn at the end I wasn't expecting and has now left me sitting on the edge of my seat waiting and wondering when book 2 will be here and also if there will be a book to take us on Ethan and Landon's journey? I sure hope so Can't wait for from these ladies in the future Okay I was asked by a friend to review this story written by these two ladies and I said sure I adore reading And I know I may not be proficient as an editor so I will not go into depth about the very limited mistakes I saw no one is perfect But as a reader I spend of my time on the story and not discriminating if Mt should really be Mountain when referring to the label of a product Any hoo back to my thoughts on this storyI absolutely adored it It is funnyOmg the fainting goat I laughed about that part picturing it in my head like I was there I read this story non stop and I was sucked right in It made me smile it made me sad at certain points It also made me say aww and it made me want to slap some people As a writer especially when you are writing a book introducing a series of stories I understand the necessity of leaving a cliffhanger so to speak You need to have your readers looking forward to the next installment But again as a reader I was like NOOOOOOO And yes the authors have me waiting impatiently for the next story I enjoyed the story and I fully recommend this book