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If the Raindrops United A book of hilarious and ingenious comic drawings from the popular 30 Rock star and World Champion comedian Judah Friedlander hailed by Tina Fey as one of the all time great weirdos Most Americans know Judah Friedlander from his role as Frank Rossitano on 30 Rock and from appearances in films like American Splendor and The Wrestler But long before he became a film and TV star and stand up comic Friedlander drew stuff Now in this uirky hilarious and surprisingly profound collection of drawings Friedlander shows a new side to his terrifically entertaining New York Times comedy Whether imagining George Washington in Las Vegas plastic surgery for imperfect triangles and the Keystone Pipeline as a sex act Friedlander's Joodles push boundaries as they explore the absurdities of American life sex and even history and human rights If the Raindrops United is a milestone in the career of one of America's most inventive comedians Praise for If the Raindrops United Judah has drawn a weird and funny book in the grand '70s tradition of B Kliban I think this book will probably fix the world Tina Fey Some people meditate Some people masturbate But if you don't have the time or patience for either of those I recommend reading If the Raindrops United to calm down have a little laugh or a big think Susan Sarandon I've known Judah for many years and I still don't understand how his mind works but it sure works Seriously strange Seriously funny A National Treasure Sadly I need to get a restraining order against him Paul Giamatti Judah thank you for writing a funny twisted book It is such an easy read Even dum dums like me can enjoy it Buy this book Dave Attell Judah's drawings are deceptively simple yet they become compelling with every page His talent as an actorwritercomedian is further conveyed in ANOTHER medium He's a uadruple Threat He wears many hats Literally Janeane Garofalo Reading Judah Friedlander's new book is a lot like hanging out with Judah himself occasionally baffling freuently thought provoking but most of all consistently hilarious Mick Foley To compare Judah Friedlander to a great cartoonist like Jim Davis would be a compliment to Jim Davis Wyatt Cenac Another hit from The World Champ tackling the signs and symbols you freuently uestion while dropping hot lava in your American Standard VorMax Eddie Huang

10 thoughts on “If the Raindrops United

  1. Ali Alhasan Ali Alhasan says:

    Great coffee table book Always puts a smile on my face

  2. Robert Robert says:

    Cute for what it is essentially a vanity pressing but certainly not groundbreaking

  3. James Park James Park says:

    where is my lighter fluid

  4. Adna Adna says:

    The stuff nightmares are made of

  5. Christopher Christopher says:

    I see what you did there

  6. Daniel A. Daniel A. says:

    Goodness knows I tried to enjoy If the Raindrops United Drawings and Cartoons by Judah Friedlander; unfortunately Friedlander's reputation as a weirdo preceded him and many if not most of the cartoons in this book were weird to the point of being disturbing

  7. Asma Asma says:

    I'm not sure how one reviews a book of drawings and cartoons There weren't necessarily many words a few pages at most but the doodles were enough to make readers think of what's important to Judah Much of it is relevant to what's happening in the US from social issues to environmental issues And some varies from being uickly understood to taking some time to sink in mostly because I wasn't familiar with the references Much like how he is on television Friedlander inserts intelligent humor in his doodles which I adoredOverall though this is a uaint book of doodles that packs a lot of messages with deep thoughts sometimes bordering controversial but it was a delight to sift throughFor book reviews check out my blog A Reading Kabocha

  8. Becki Iverson Becki Iverson says:

    I have to be totally honest about Judah Frielander I've always thought of him as a total weirdo and never found him very funny That being said I became intrigued with this book after he did a bizarre interview on The Daily Show and I'm glad I picked it up An obsession with nipples and penises aside most of his drawings are surprisingly insightful and than a few definitely make you pause to think This is great for any fans of the Far Side comics easy sketch style illustration liberal political leanings and off the wall humor

  9. Christa Van Christa Van says:

    This collection of drawings and cartoons has some hits and some misses Judah Friedlander is a comedian who also stared in 30 Rock but we librarians know him best from his FIRST book which was highly successful How to beat up anybodyI think my favorite is his self portrait that appears on the cover It gives me hope for my future as an artist

  10. Christine Ott Christine Ott says:

    Meh I loved Judah Friedlander on 30 Rock so I was excited to stumble across this book at the library yesterday Some of it is uite clever and some drawings are even funny A couple pages offer biting commentary on our culture But nearly 90% of the book is so so When I got to the last page my first thought was Whew I'm glad I didn't spend money on THAT

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