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Barnaby Grimes Legion of the Dead Barnaby Grimes is a tick tock lad high stacking his way across the rooftops of his city in search of adventure and mystery In each tale he encounters a supernatural force and must battle the horrors that await himIn LEGION OF THE DEAD Barnaby finds himself embroiled in a plot that includes a legion of zombies raised from the dead In Dickensian times people were terrified of being buried alive and so were left in their coffin with a wire attached to a bell running from above the ground down through the earth and the lid of the coffin and tied to the little finger of the buried body Those who found themselves awake in the darkness of their coffin could wiggle their finger and summon help And so one night Barnaby makes a shortcut through a graveyard and is horrified to hear the tinkling of dozens of little bells CharactersBarnaby The main character he is a tic toc lad in other words an errand boy He makes his living doing this and it leads him into all sorts of troubleBlindside Bailey An old war veteran who now sells newspapers and lives penny to penny he has uite the tale to tellProfessor Pinkerton Barnes Barnaby's friend who asks him to try out all his zany experiementsIllustration One of the best parts of this series is Paul Riddell's amazing graphic dark illustrations Writing I LOVE Paul Stewart's dark brooding characters with terrible pasts who partake in terrible actions these books are lighter than The Edge Chronicles but still pretty macabreEndingCute succinct and nicely wrapped upPlotThis book was pretty simple since it is a Middle Grade for the younger audience but the plot follows a clear concise line that is easy to followBelievability of WorldA very well put together world where all of the events that occur are plausibleOverall Grade B it was entertaining but a little slow at points Scary skin hanging from skulls cemetery Dead rise surprises especially at end I forgot how gruesome are the exuisitely detailed drawings so I may wait for Edge Chronicles Victorian London tick tock hurry up delivery boy Barnaby runs across rooftops highstacker into gang leader zombie His protégé Will may feature in seuel undoubtedly another 5 Does this website mean I'm not allowed to read the actual bookI'm so stupid😐😞 Language PG 2 swears 0 f Sexual Content G; Violence PGBarnaby Grimes is a successful tick tock lad earning him regular customers one of which is Professor Pinkerton Barnes He has another theory and wants Barnaby to help him discover whether or not it's correct They aren't prepared for the answer though or the mystery that is accidentally uncoveredThough entertaining I still think these books are too young for high schoolers I also think the authors get too carried away with the details Some specifics are appreciated but there are just too many and it's distracting Reviewed for 4 and a half starsthis little book setting calmly in a shelf of used books caught my attention and glad I picked it up it had adventures and originality than any than 400P YA book I read lately loved it soo much it appears like a diary of Barnaby Grimes a Tick Tock lad with too many stories that made me think it might be one of those books just narrating the many adventures of the protagonist in one bookbut I was WRONG all the stories are connected and cleverly too narrated in a way to say ONLY what needs to be said without just filling lines and pagesenjoyable for all ages and it didn't do much harm to start with the third so if you dont have the first one in the series dont worry you can read what you have for nowI think you will get the rest anyway I know I will Yet again a fantastic story in this series I was a little disappointed that the girl that changed Barnaby's life wasn't mentioned in this book and another girl was introduced I thought in the previous book that the girl had been central to Barnaby's life and to his development and growth as a character but in this story he was reverted back to the way he was in the first book It saddened me However these stories are imaginative full of adventure but still appropriate for a younger audience ie not TOO scary It was a lot of fun to read I entered the giveaway for this book without realizing that this was a series That said I did enjoy this book and I didn't feel extremely lost The illustrations are nice in a horrific kind of way I think this might be best suited for an older kid starting around 9 maybe 10 because of the semi graphic descriptions of the Legion of the Dead There are also some words and phrases that would fly right over most younger kid's heads Overall I enjoyed the uick pace of the mystery and the action that accompanied it I received this from a Goodreadscom giveaway I like the way the blurb describes these as horrorthriller because it's a perfect fit to describe the tension danger and gore that these books encompass Barnaby is once again working his magic highstacking across the city while solving gruesome mysteries and saving the day One thing that I love about these adventures is that the author sows them with casual mentions of past cases that we've never seen playing up how proficient and daring Barnaby is at this kind of thing The focus this time is an old wrong coming back to haunt its perpetrator someone the reader may feel sorry for by this time The story also incorporates some Dickensenian elements working in the way that the dockside gangs of the day would have worked and the mayhem that they could cause Barnaby and his young highstacking hopeful friend Will get accidentally embroiled in some of these conflicts The creep factor was not as high to me in this book partially for the reason that it would be so popular for kids zombies The zombies don't actually make much of an appearance until the climactic end As usual the ending is very dramatic and involves a last minute save with a bloody finale Once again Barnaby does not disappoint Starts with a gruesome scene legions of the dead and all and ends with the same scene but in between there is lots of fun Barnaby Grimes is a Tick Tock lad delivering messages and solving mysteries all over London by scrambling over the rooftops Victorian style alterna universe complete with gang land funerals a seas serpent in the Thames and zombie think voodoo kind soldiers Fun a little horror a little magic a lot of adventure good for grades 3 5

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